For a trial period I am amending My rule on deposits.  They WILL still apply for longer bookings from 1.5 (90 mins) hours plus.

ALL New clients can book for ONE hour without a deposit, you WILL have to follow My instructions exactly and confirm a FULL 24 hours in advance that you are able to come and on the day ring Me two hours before you are due to attend.  This will enable you to be a jolly decent person and cancel with good manners rather than end up going into My banned list and being circulated to other Mistress via forums for being a time waster.

Those that turn up for their ONE hour of play time, if you then desire more time then simply have the correct tribute for length of time on you and if I am able to extend our session I shall consider it.

I look forward to NOT being disappointed and for those who are terrified of bank transfers being given this amazing opportunity to meet at last!

I look forward to hearing from you

Mistress Helen