08Dec 2017

DIS Magazine

Merry Christmas 2017 to you all and thanks for all those lovely people who came to see me for sessions over the year and to the wonderful Mistress’s  I’ve worked alongside with for double dommes It’s been lots of fun!

I did take advantage of the Black Friday offers and purchased a few new gadgets for my dungeon, a variety of bits no bobs for EStim and ElectraStim with new cock plugs, helmet wrap and my favorite purchase being a ribbed electric cock (this gives amazing results and is a wonderful new toy for my ever growing collection) A few months back I got lots of new impact play items, canes, tawses etc.

My leather sleep sack hasn’t arrived yet, hope it will be here very soon.  But meanwhile I do have my floating suspension board for pallet wrapping you.  As well as leather straight jacket to keep you fully restrained.

I have availability next week and a little the week after, flying off somewhere sunny for a short break from 20th to 28th December.  Book in now before I go and I’m back in sessions from Saturday 30th December.

Much love to you all

Be good and if you can’t be good then come here and I will sort you out 😉

Mistress Helen XxX

23Nov 2017

Dear subs/slaves/kinksters and all

I am taking a break from 20th Dec through to 28th December inclusive, if you were thinking of booking a session as your Christmas treat then I strongly suggest you book in soon.

Other than 4 nights away in May this year I have not taken any time off and a week will do me the world of good with some time for myself.

19Nov 2017

I had a fantastic day when I went to visit Mistress Miranda at her amazing facilities in Hanwell, a superb very well respected and international known Dominatrix with many years of experience.  It was lots of fun assisting in a double domination as well as having a tour around her premises and meeting her slave C who attended as an extra victim for some filming.


Mistress Miranda has superb premises with several different rooms all kitted out with bespoke equipment, so many toys and wonderful items for play!  Lots of fun, laughter and we went out for a lovely lunch after making use of the slaves.

A big thank you to Mistress Miranda for a brilliant day and lots of fab pics (some of which are below) XxX

It’s always great fun to team up with other ladies and work in other dungeons on occasions, so watch this space.  I am always available in West Sussex at my own premises each week, so if you see a double advertised advertised elsewhere, please do not assume I am too busy to see you.  Always get in touch with me and ask.

The Hanwell Clinic

The Hanwell Clinic

The Hanwell Clinic

28Oct 2017

Good day kinksters subs/slaves and all

My website banner in top right hand corner states NO TEXT MESSAGES REPLIED TO! and yet I still receive text messages.

The main reason I won’t engage a conversation through text is that it may not be an actual adult on the other end.

It is important that an introduction email and a brief phone call to find out what somebody is like in order to progress to a session.  A lot can be said for a friendly polite conversation, I can tell if I want to session with someone that they sound nice and the potential client if they like the sound of the Mistress.  It’s a two way exchange.

Mainly TW’s send text messages, looking for some form of wank fodder and any engagement will have one of their hands busy the other end.

Prime examples of silly texts are:

“Is that Mistress Helen”  well the number is on the site so simply call Me

“Can I call” Simply call until you reach Me

“I’m in a meeting and can’t talk, can we set up a session” Well ring when you are NOT in a meeting, surely you should be paying attention to THAT meeting!

“I can’t read or write” Yet you can send a text, hmmmmmmmmm that’s rather suspicious & surely you would not understand a reply.

“want book tomo” “wan strapon now” and anything else inane gets immediately blocked.

“How far are you from Dorking” Use Google maps or AA route planner and put your location in and destination as advertised on my site if you have bothered to read it of course.

There are many more examples I could give but I really have better things to do with My time, so over and out and hope some of the gorgeous lovely fun playmates clients that I do see found this blog amusing.  The others I know your game!

Best regards

Mistress Helen X

19Oct 2017

Ten facts about Me

I love smelling gorgeous so have a perfume collection going on, currently it’s Tom Ford after nuzzling into Miss Firefly’s neck at The Femdom Ball I love Velvet Orchid and Black Orchid, would love to hunt down some Violet Blonde………hint hint

I have no ACL in my right leg, I ripped through it doing Artemi Rye Ju-Jitsu a few years ago, I hold a purple belt in another form of Ju-Jitsu.  I’ve had my Meniscus trimmed back as that was also a mess but have left the ACL as it’s not guaranteed surgery and I don’t want to take the time off.  I don’t limp but can’t wear high heels for much more than an hour or two.

I used to play scenario paintball a few years ago but no longer play, the last *gun I fired was out in Arizona with my fab cousin and her ex hubby who taught firearms in the military.  The bike gang all come out into the dessert onto some private land and gave this “nice English lady” lots of ammo and many guns to shoot up targets.  *In paintball they are called markers.

I love Animals and have tried being vegetarian over the years, the smell of sizzling bacon beckons though and I had a rather scrumptious juicy steak out with one of my slaves only recently.

I love dressing up and always had a dressing up box as a child or raid my mums wardrobe of beautiful party dress’s. I invest a lot of thought and energy into my sessions that I hate receiving emails with the likes of: I’ve seen dress A in your gallery and want you to wear that with thigh length boots, red lipstick, matching nail polish, hair styled in X, wearing a feather boa and blah blah blah.  Please buy a Cindy doll to dress up!  A grown woman can dress herself and may consider your polite fetish requests.

I’ve undertaken charity and voluntary work over the years for reasons that were close to my heart and helped fulfil a gap at the time.  I’ve only recently given one of them up due to not having the time to spare, this lady needs to get her butt back in the gym on a regular basis.

I’ve not really been into alcohol very much in my younger years and it was only about 5 years ago I was at a private BDSM party and a lady was drinking some infused Gin, which I tried and have developed a taste for it along with Champagne.

My family know that I am a Pro Domme, some of them are interested by it and others would rather talk about the weather.

I know how to tattoo and have an interest in various forms of art, when I have spare time I like to draw; ink pen and watercolors are my favorite medium.  Botanical art is the main area that interests me and I have done some adult art classes.  I’m not so experienced at tattooing that I would/could give up my day job or even want to.   I love being a “Professional Mistress” I really love the art by “Kukula” and have come close to having a tattoo in that style.

I can bake a mean cake and don’t need to follow a set recipe as I can remember exactly what’s required and can tell by looking at a mixture before popping it in the oven.  I once spent two days baking for one of the charities I volunteered for and they went down a treat.  “Domestic Goddess”



Pink Frosting Butterfly cake

Kracken Rum M&M’s cupcakes

Tattoo on latex

Tattoo on skin! haha

Doing a tattoo a bout 10 yrs ago in friends studio

The Player & The Instrument by Kukula

Inside my knee

Ink pen

Needle art ribbon corset

Needle art patten

Botanical ink & pencil


13Oct 2017

Over my time working as a Mistress I have seen clients who visit other Mistress’s and sometimes mention names.

I have always greatly admired Mistress Miranda Middleton. It’s always great to network and meet other ladies so I am delighted to announce that I will be going to visit Hanwell on Thursday 2nd November 2017.  Four theme playroom dungeons wow! I’m really excited.

Please contact Mistress Miranda to book





Double Domination Ad as per MMM’s website

November 2nd Double day with Mistress Helen Ryder and Mistress Miranda £350 for 1 hour (longer on request
Mistress Helen Ryder has decided to make her first trip to Hanwell for a double day with yours truly and as always when two domes are interested in kinky fun and frolics we need victims, I mean volunteers. MHR is a versatile dome with a full range of specialities so I know she and I will work some serious mischief together. If you are feeling brave enough to submit to two kinkster’s please register your interest asap.
13Oct 2017

Good day slaves/subs/kinksters

What a whirlwind last week! It was bloody good though 🙂 Having caught the beginnings of a cold at the start of the week I dosed myself up on EmergencyC (good stuff) and Day Nurse etc

It was a fun Friday night at Circle of O https://twitter.com/CircleOfO where I got to play alongside the amazing Rebekka Rayner http://www.rebekkaraynor.co.uk/home.html her style of caning is fantastic to watch.

Always fab to catch up with Miss Kitty Bliss (don’t forget our double event 20/21st Nov)  https://www.misskittybliss.co.uk/  

I also met https://www.missharpsichord.co.uk/about-miss-h  a lovely lady whom I connected again with at The Femdom Ball

So FOUR Mistress’s and 6 willing victims to play with, also a sissy maid in attendance to fetch/carry/serve our every need.  I had a really great night and I’m looking forward to the Jan event when I am next in attendance.  If you like to play hard and are comfy being in a group I highly recommend attending a CofO party!

CofO Boot Worship










Saturday on to The Femdom Ball http://www.femdomball.com/ it was a manic run up to it with little time to get ready, somehow I managed to shower/wash & style hair/make-up/dress in under an hour!  I dread to think what the pictures look like!  Anyway we got there, met up with slavva Rodda and I had my personal slave A with me, two boys on leashes for the evening (greedy Me)   The venue was fantastic and it was super to network with other Mistress’s I follow on Twitter, some super entertainment, sweet sissy maids in attendance wearing the most delightful red lace dress’s.  I missed out on modelling a hat as we were almost late arriving due to London roadworks/traffic but I did try on a T Mistress’s hat that I rather liked. I’m not going to give too much away but what a night!

All hosted by the dynamic http://www.madamecaramel.com/


A grand celebration of female supremacy and I won a prize in the raffle (3 months membership for House of Sinn) I will be rather busy perusing the site 😉  The raffle raised just over £600 for https://twitter.com/backlashuk 

I’m already looking forward to next years Ball.

I spent Sunday/Monday/Tuesday recovering and shaking off my cold, all better now and back in sessions.  My voice has also fully returned.

Taxi journey to The Ball



26Sep 2017

I’m delighted to announce that Miss Kitty Bliss is back in Sussex on 20th and 21st November 2017, this time we have our scrubs, our sexy latex as well as traditional medical wear ready for medical roleplay appointments at the Sussex Kinky Klinic.

Sessions start from £200 for one hour, longer sessions are possible.

If medical isn’t your thing then no problem as we love variety and will still be dishing out the CP, Spanking, we are both the ultimate disciplinarians as well as Pegging/Spit Roasting, EStim/Violet Wand and Venus2000 and many other deviant fun activities.


We both excel in roleplay and enjoy being headmistress, school prefects, school bullies, school teachers, sexy strict aunties, bitch boss and more…..

We offer limited appointments so strongly suggest you book now, all appointments require a non refundable deposit and details will be given when you email/book.

Whilst we both love to play hard we do take your play levels into consideration, a full pre session chat to discuss types of play/levels etc is essential.



25Sep 2017

Book Now to secure your treat time on Tuesday 31st October 2017 with moi and Tiffany TMistress

Been naughty and need two strict Mistress’s to take you in check

Spit roasted between us

A jolly good spanking

Hard CP

EStim, Violet Wand

Roleplay, we excel in this!

The possibilities are endless

All bookings through Mistress Helen Ryder with a deposit to secure your session as bookings are strictly limited.

One hour £190

We look forward to seeing you soon