30Sep 2015

Haha bless 🙂 I think some one is in trouble re next session!

Dear Mistress Helen

Hi. This is Pansy Penny. I have just enjoyed reading your blog about our session last week. Thank you very much for posting it. You made it sound very exciting and lots of fun, which of course is exactly what it was.
It was lovely to meet you; and I really appreciated you dressing up. You looked gorgeous. I was nervous about the start (I did it mainly so you would be more severe with me), but loved the play-acting and the spanking more than I expected. I also loved the way you humiliated and teased me and got me into more and more trouble.
MJ is awesome, and you two together were great. I hope we’ll be able to do a similar session before too long.
By the way, I didn’t spill any water because I braced the tray against the cupboard. At least I got away with something!
Thank you again.
best wishes
Pansy Penny
28Sep 2015

I was bent over dusting busily away in Madams bedroom and thinking that I had a very busy day ahead of and thank god that pervert handyman has left me alone for a while!  I was suddenly aware of breath on the back of my neck and oh heck guess who!

“Hello Helen, having a fine morning I see dusting away & bending over showing off those lovely legs of yours”

“Huh, you shouldn’t be looking!  What are you doing in madams room, haven’t you any of your own work to be getting on with?”

“I’m only being friendly Helen”

“A bit too friendly for my liking with perving up my skirts when I’m bending down and trying to brush past me rubbing yourself over me as you do, you’re just a pervert!”

“Now now Helen I think you need to do as your told, you’ve got me into trouble enough times with that bitch and if you don’t do as I say I’m going to get you into trouble”

The handy man raised his voice “Get over against that wall and hands on your head”

I had heard madam’s car coming back on the drive and thought yes play long as hopefully madam would overhear whatever was going on and I wondered what the perv had in mind.

I gasped as I felt my maids uniform being pulled up at the back and my panties (small silky black pair) and my stockings and suspender belt were all on show, then suddenly whack down came the handy mans hand on my bottom spanking me again and again.

“Take that you little trouble maker, telling tales on me and running to madam every 5 mins just because I’m being friendly”  “Anyway all you are good for is a lowly housemaid, women’s work & women belong in the kitchen”

I scoffed at that remark and it was the wrong thing to do as he spanked me more and more!

“I got caned the other day because of you and then had my night ruined because that bitch put me in chastity!  She ruined my evening as I had a date and knew I would be getting into her knickers”

I laughed and then received another wallop “No way!  Madam wouldn’t do that”

“Oh yes she does all the time, it’s alright for you, you haven’t been working here long and she seems to like you Helen.  Jane the Cane they call her”

Just as I was being spanked some more Madam appeared in the doorway (haha that old goat would be in a lot of trouble now) I thought with madam seeing me pressed up against the wall and my knickers all exposed and I’m sure she saw the last spanking.

“What’s going on here?”

The handyman started spluttering pathetic excuses for why he was spanking me and I spoke up “madam he has been calling you a right bitch and complaining about me running to you and telling tales and he said all I’m good for is housework”

“So you think being a housemaid is a lowly position, you best come downstairs and you too Helen”

I wondered what madam was going to do and followed her down to the parlour

“How would you like the day off Helen and have the handyman do all your chores and serve tea and cake to us both?”

Wow I couldn’t believe it and thought haha serves that old goat for being such a pervert and trying to put me down.  “I would love that madam”

“Right better had you dress the part, c’mon get those clothes off”

He stripped off looking down rather ashamed and embarrassed and I relished in his uncomfortable predicament and had a big smile on my face, especially when I saw he was wearing a chastity device on his little cock.  Haha I wasn’t in any real danger then from what I could see and obviously madam kept a very tight rein on him (what an unusual household and not like my previous employers) I could see working here could me a real eye opener.

Madam produced a maid’s outfit with stockings, a girdle that was crotchless, frilly panties and little pinny and hat and even a wig and asked me to help dress the handyman.  She then gave me some nipple clamps and told me to pin them onto PP’s niplles over the dress. I had the giggles at first but then felt very powerful and superior watching him squirm and his humiliation of being turned into a maid.

Madam then linked up chains to ankle and wrist cuffs and stuffed a pair of panties in his mouth with some sort of head harness to hold it in place.  I couldn’t stop laughing and poked my tongue out when madam wasn’t looking and whispering “haha just look at you now Mr pervert”

Madam instructed PP to get down on the floor and polish her very shiny skirt, madam always dressed in very sexy clothing like corsets and leather too, no Laura Ashley like my last household!

“Now stay on your knees and kneel up facing me” Madam had a sign and camera in her hand.

Madam stuffed the sign in his hands and it read: Pansy Penny frilly panted pervert please punish me severely.  She told me to stand next to him and to call him Pansy Penny for the rest of the day and that the photos were to ensure he didn’t try to put a complaint in about his employment so madam would have them to blackmail him with for the future.

“Get over here and bend over” Madam had a cane in her hand and she started caning PP’s bottom and I couldn’t help but grin.  “Watch me closely Helen as it’s your turn next, want to get your own back on your spanking earlier”

“Hell yes I do madam” I was given the cane and I started hitting PP’s bottom ignoring the cries of pain and laughing as I did it.

Madam looked at the clock and announced it was afternoon tea time and that PP should do my tea errands and not forget to curtsey.

PP did a half curtsey in my direction and madam made him do it again I laughed and poked my tongue out doing a proper curtsey back and taking the mickey.

“Go and sit down Helen and put your feet up”

Well I didn’t need to be told that twice, laying back on madams comfy sofa and flashing my stockings at PP poking my tongue out again.  “PP hissed just you wait you little bitch it will be pay back at some point”

“What did you mutter” asked madam

“PP called you a bitch madam” Madam pulled him by the chains into the kitchen and fastened a tea tray with two slices of fresh cream Victoria sponge (the very cake that the handyman was going to take around to his new fancy piece later) haha that spoilt those plans!

“I’m just popping upstairs Helen so keep an eye on Pansy Penny and make sure she makes tea to your liking”

“Yes madam”

PP carried on making the tea and I thought to myself right time to get him/her into more trouble!

“I liked what you did earlier, that spanking made me a bit horny, want to do it again?”

I bent over the kitchen sink and raised my satin uniform and even pulled my panties up some more so my bottom was exposed.  Well PP was over like a flash and started spanking me again and I was encouraging more spanking with telling PP to spank me more in the middle right over both cheeks.

Madam walked back into the kitchen “I leave you alone for a few minutes and this happens, what’s going on?”

“As soon as you went upstairs PP pushed me against the sink and lifted my dress up madam and said I need punishing for getting him into trouble”

“Pansy Penny you are to continue making tea and afterwards it’s time for the cane, Helen go and sit down and have your tea and cake with me”

Mmmm I bit into the slice of cake looking right at PP with a cheeky glint in my eye as I suggestively licked the cream off my fingers and lips and drank my tea.

After we had finished and PP had to curtsy lots and made to stand in the corner whilst madam and I were chatting about my new role working for her household (I don’t think I could be happier elsewhere) she said if PP was muttering that I had to count them and that would be how many he would get……….well I might have miscounted and made a few up!   Madam  announced it was time to cane PP.

I had to choose two different canes and to pose with them so that PP could be blackmailed by me to do anything I asked of him in the future!  But I couldn’t believe it that when madam told me to crush his head between my thighs whilst she caned him he only started trying to feel my legs up.

“The dirty pervert is feeling my legs up”

Madam made PP get up and go to the kitchen, she stood a full to the brim glass of water on the tea tray. “If you spill one single drop then we start from the very beginning”

Madam caned PP and then it was my turn, I was a tad disappointed that Pansy Penny hadn’t spilt any water and had received all the 70 strokes of the cane.

“A lesson learnt I think and time to go and do Helens chores off you go” PP was dismissed giving me a withering stare as he/she departed.  Rubbing a very sore welted red bottom.

What would tomorrow bring in this unusual household I thought to myself as I skipped off to go and have a nosey around madams potting shed, I had heard some strange noises coming from there the other day and wondered what might be inside……………………….


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19Sep 2015


I’ve had several of My recent bookings state I am too cheap!  Smiling at that comment and I have reassured them that they really mean very reasonable compared to many other professional Mistress’s.  I have set my rates for the reason that I know many of you NEED and DESIRE sessions on a more regular basis and setting my rates as they are makes it achievable for you to fulfil those urges and build a better rapport with Me your Mistress over time.

I invest in My equipment and have spent many thousands on high quality toys/furniture/website/photos/clothing/advertising as well as the usual sundries of good quality lube, gloves, enemas, medical grade cleaners etc.  I care about my clients and there well being.  If I were running my sessions from another location I would of course have to increase my fee to cover renting industrial premises or buy another property.  I work from my own establishment legally.

I have turned over two dedicated rooms for play and feel this reflects in my tribute fairly.

I do not see more than 2 to 3 clients max on any one day and being as I get booked for longer sessions of 2 to 3 hours this also would not be possible.  Some days I do not see anyone so it is not high volume traffic at my premises and is very discreet.

I offer affordable quality/experienced domination sessions with a lifestyle background going back to 1996 when I first starting attending fetish events.  I have  also worked alongside several other Mistress’s who have the same ethos of BDSM being available for the average gentleman and not just those with deep pockets.  Reasonable rates does not indicate a poor quality Mistress and it is down to the individual to charge what she likes and feels happy charging based on her establishment/session interests after setting aside her tax/outgoings that the individual is still making a wage.

I can be available to session at the Gatwick Dungeon location in Horley but again keeping my rates REAL it will be a higher tribute then what I ask for staying at my base due to hire charges and travel costs/time.  A one hour booking in the dungeon will be from 1£60!

So what does the average week bring me in my world I am often asked, looking back over the last week it has been #FootWorship #Pegging #StrapOn #Humiliation #UrethalSounds #RolePlay #Hogtie and #Bondage #MedicalPlay #Nettles #CBT #CP #Electrics not ALL in one session as some people may only have one particular activity that they enjoy and it’s perfectly fine to have as many activities as you like or as little with time permitting of course.

The more complex the session the more time is required, otherwise the session is too rushed and if it’s a very intense session you will need time to unwind at the end. A hot shower, cuppa and a biscuit a little unwinding is sometimes what’s needed after an intense experience.

See you soon

Mistress Helen xXx

30Aug 2015

I recently had a lovely couple approach me for a session where I was invited to take the females strap-on cherry, after several phone calls to become at ease with each other we arranged the date and it was really a very special occasion which I will treasure in my memory 🙂 and certainly would love to explore more with this amazing lovely couple.  The session was to be about sensation and the senses a very sensual experience before leading on to more carnal pleasures of the flesh!

The lady wrote up a beautiful piece of erotic lit which I have approval to share with you the reader, please enjoy 🙂

I am surrounded by thick, velvety blackness.
The mask blocks my vision in totality, not even the slightest silver of light penetrates the dark.
I am lightly restrained. Just enough to keep me in place. It is enough.
I hear voices, muted discussions. The sound of toys being moved, arranged. I pay surprisingly little heed to the distractions. In the words of Doris Day, what will be, will be. I am under no illusion, but wait with nervous anticipation nonetheless.

My senses are drawn to my back, as hands move lightly over my skin, swiftly joined by another pair.
My skin is caressed, explored like never before. No part of me is sacred, nor would I wish it to be.

The light touches give way to gentle scratching. I hear the unmistakable sound of my twin blades being drawn against each other and shiver with pleasure.
Cold hard steel against my skin is something that can thrust me into subspace surprisingly quickly.

Claws and knives. My senses are aflame, my arousal growing with every passing moment.
Fingers graze my inner thighs, taunting me with the promise of more.
I squirm, wanting the fingers to touch me far more intimately. I am teased for what seems like hours. My frustration and my arousal increasing to epic proportions.
My mind knows no logic. I am caught entirely in the moment, a moment of promise that the pleasures to follow will be of levels never previously experienced.

I feel a sudden coldness on my clit, as a lubricant is liberally applied. Fingers explore me, teasing, bringing me to the edge, over and over. Each time I reach the edge of the precipice, I am cruelly denied.
I beg, plead, just allow me this release.
But Master knows me too well. One would be a drop in the ocean of my capacity and desire, and to allow it too soon , would curtail a significantly bigger orgasm.

They toyed with me for what felt an age. My body wracked with desire. Shaking with need. I slip deep into my head to try to gain some focus, some control, but even this escape is denied when my torment takes the forming of a wand.

When the orgasm finally breaks from me, all control is gone. My body bucks against the restraints, and a tsunami erupts from me.
This is the start of many hours of play.

I am on a wave of pleasure.
Hands constantly touching, stroking, probing, pinching, spanking, caressing.
My senses in joyful confusion as they become overloaded with input.

My Master and my beautiful tormentor take it in turns to use me then they both use me together, simultaneously entering me. I am there to be used and enjoyed, yet i know my enjoyment is also paramount.
I strain to see their faces, gauge their expressions, but alas this is impossible when they are behind me.
My joy is to see Masters face during play. It allows me to read his desires and to see his pleasure.
I take reassurance that the sounds I hear are those of pleasure.

By the time I reach my final, massive, orgasm. I have been fucked by fingers and hands, cocks and dildos. I have soaked the floor more times than I could possibly remember. I have been swept away on a tidal wave of emotion and sensation.
The experience surpassing my wildest imagination.
My gratitude to Master and Mistress for something that has completely changed my perspective.


Credits to D a very special lady and her Master who gave me the privilege to share her and this wonderful experience.


10Aug 2015

Booking Procedures

Please ensure that you send a polite concise email after our brief chat with a selection of dates/times you can commit to a wonderful play time.  A chat is an absolute essential, I  look forward to speaking with you soon.

My time is most productive plotting/planning sessions so that we both get the best experience, genuine sincere clients NEVER quibble about paying a non returnable deposit and understand the reasons.

  • The more complex the session the more time is required to book, think about what you wish to experience
  • A 50% non returnable deposit is required for ALL first time appointments and sessions over two hours for repeat visitors.   I will create a unique ref number for when you pay into my account once we have agreed to session. You can make on-line transfer or attend your own bank with My details and ask them to send the deposit over,  Or I can post you a paying in slip with MY printed details to attend any branch of Barclays bank, cash payments changed on 24th Jan 2018 to prevent money laundering.  In some cases I am happy to take an Amazon gift voucher.
  • Deposits are a vetting & security process as you are coming to my well equipped playspace in my home.
  • Provided 24 hours notice given to reschedule your session, the deposit will be moved on one occasion only, after that you deposit again, there are NO exceptions!
  • With the deposit in place we can have a good chat in much more detail and start building on a great rapport
  • I prefer ALL My new clients to pay a deposit 24 hours in advance.  If you want an urgent same day booking (if I am able to) the deposit still applies and I require THREE hours notice required from your call to session, the deposit MUST be paid in a FULL  TWO hours before you are due to attend.  If you then have a change of heart/cancel/car breaks down etc you forfeit your deposit.

The location will only be given after the booking/deposit is all confirmed. There is free parking close by, come and go discreetly and quietly.  I do not have an open door or revolving door policy here.

On the day of your session please ensure you call at the time of your appointment and not 30 mins etc earlier . Small deposits were put in place so that I am attracting lovely genuine playthings to torment and control, yes domination starts at the point of contact with Me!

The other good thing about you paying a deposit is that your none of the following ever seems to happen on the day of your session and spoil the fun for us both!  Car’s wheel came off on the A23, car crash, fell off a horse/donkey/elephant mother/granny/other family member died, including dog/cat/budgie etc, got run over on a pavement, slipped on a banana skin & twisted ankle etc.  The deposit does indeed appear to be full of positives and a life saver.

Having spent thousands on fetish furniture/ equipment, clothing, My website and advertising etc I won’t be skipping town with your “deposit” I also hold a high regard for My reputation in this industry.

I look forward to speaking with you and meeting you soon.

Mistress Helen


Attention time wasters only***If after engaging in a phone call, an email, agreement to session after being sent this booking blog link and taking my bank details I do not receive a deposit.  I will circulate your details on the Time Waster forums to warn others of you! If you get cold feet & state this but wish to be considered for a future appointment once you are over your nerves then PAY a minimum £40 Goodwill gesture “gift” IMMEDIATELY this will enable you to have one opportunity to contact Me and commit in the future and have your email, phone number and name kept off the naughty list!

** I never use Paypal as it’s a breach of their terms and far too easy for the TW’s to raise a dispute or get a refund!  So don’t ask.

29Jul 2015

Hello all

27th and 28th August I will be heading off to Berkshire to spend some time with my fab friend Mistress Jane, we met quite a few years ago on the Fetish scene and stayed in touch over the years so we often reminisce on the good ole days as well as going out for nice country walks and our love of veggy food, red wine and vintage fashion.

There will be limited space so it’s best to book soon, priority given to those we have double dommed with previously, as well as existing clients previously seen with either of us on a 121 booking, new bookings are welcome and a deposit may be asked for in advance due to the limited availability depending on time and duration of an appointment. You are most welcome to get in touch with either me or Mistress Jane.

Due to the warm spell we have been enjoying I have been buying some new latex, consisting of short tight form fitting bodies, knickers and bras and corselettes as well as some What Katie did and Kiss Me Deadly vintage style lingerie to show off my ample curves to tease you in sessions so I will be packing a selection for my Berkshire visit.

Fancy being spit roasted, electrics, strap-on, humiliation, role plays, sissy wear, TV/Cross Dressing, make-overs, Corporal Punishment, Edge play, Medical play, foot worship, Fetish Nurse, 4 hands massage with 2 dominant therapists! Alternative massage and much more…….

See you soon!

Mistress Helen X



17Jul 2015

How time flies, it was only last week that I was visiting my friend Mistress Jane to catch up on all the news and go out for a nice walk in the area and in between help assist with some very errant boys!

I always have great fun lending a helping hand and received this email from Mr Groper afterwards:

Dear Head Teacher and School Inspector

Thank you both for an enjoyable session Saturday am. For limp-wristed females, you certainly made your mark. I was not scared of you to begin with, but soon learnt my lesson.
Until the next time.
Mr Groper

You can read all about it here at http://mistressjane.co.uk/category/my-blog/sessions/

Watch this space for more of my own news and stories very soon and I’m in West Sussex for all your spanking desires, bondage, alternative massage, CBT, Role play, Corporal Punishment, Strap-on play, Electrics, Violet Wand, Estim, Anal inspections, Foot worship, foot fetish fun etc

Mistress Helen XX





16Jun 2015







Duo Domination day in Berkshire with Mistress Jane

I am off to visit my friend Mistress Jane to catch up on all the news, take in some country walks, some good wine etc and gang up together on you naughty boys whilst I am there.

Duo Domination is £200 for the hour.

You can email your date/time of preference and outline of previous experience and the style of session that interests you.

Deposits being taken now for ALL new first timers, refunds are not offered if you cancel but will be held for another date.  If for any reason myself or Mistress Jane have to reschedule then you would be offered a refund of the deposit or offered an alternate date (which ever you prefer) contact me for details.

If you have seen either myself or Mistress Jane before then a deposit may not be necessary.

Duo Domination for double the fun and great scope for all sorts of role plays!

15Jun 2015
Caning By Sussex Mistress Helen Ryder
Always so gratifying to receive a thank you message after a session and know that the sub/slave enjoyed his caning as much as I did, thank you dd……….any time 😉
Serenity 1334_7786
Wonderful Mistress Helen,
A big thank you for our time together this afternoon. You really are a very clever lady. I am looking forward to continuing my training in the near future.
As you instructed I bought Lady Julia some flowers on the way home. She say they are very nice but I shouldn’t have needed to be told to get them. She says that next time I see you I must beg for twelve nice stingers with the cane for not doing it off my own bat.
I can see I am going to need lots of training and more caning before I reach an acceptable standard.
Your eager and adoring novice
Well I certainly enjoy giving a good caning to all your naughty boys, are you ready to bend over my bench to receive the cane?
10Jun 2015



This role play idea is from slave m which was played out today in a session (lots of fun for me and I know he enjoyed it too)

In Fantasyland Elite Ladies are entitled to a slave. Boys from “worker” families are taken away in their late teens and sent to a Training Facility.  Here they are toughened up for a life which will be harsh and probably short. Very few reach old age. When provided to a Lady Mistress they serve naked, owe her complete instantaneous obedience and suffer if they displease her, or even just for her amusement!
M was unique. Very luckily for him he was sent to a Lady who defied the system. He was well fed, fully dressed, made conversation at will and never-yes never- punished. He spent a life time in her service until now. She has passed away. Her wish that he should be released is denied. There is a waiting list.
He is now sent to Mistress Helen Ryder as a replacement slave and she is not pleased to be allocated this old man. There is a shortage.  So take him or wait longer. His history with a completely lenient mistress does not please her. Mistress Helen decides to accept the challenge. She will make him serve as a slave, and to the high standards that she requires. He must try to remember things he learnt at the Training school but that was a long time ago.

The session begins as he is delivered to Mistress Helen.

Come in boy, or “old man” I should say and you’re late!  Mistress Helen slaps slave m across the face.

Slave m stutters and stammers excuses for being late, Mistress Helen hisses “be quiet slave, I’m not interested in your poor excuse, you will speak when I give you permission or if you ask to speak I might grant it”

Slave m went very quiet, “well get in then slave, shoes off in the hall and strip off in here” Mistress Helen indicted the lounge “fold those clothes neatly and pop them in that corner” Mistress Helen walked around slave m watching him strip off, she had a riding crop in her hand which every so often she bought down on slave m’s rump to spur him on!

“Hurry up slave, don’t take all day about it”

“Now that you are naked slave, stand up straight! Don’t slouch boy”

Slave m was short in statue and quite hunched over at age 83!

“Kneel on the floor slave whilst I fit your only means of accessories, leather wrist cuffs and a leather collar” Mistress Helen made sure the collar was a snug fit around his neck!  “Now stand up straight, hands on your head”

He looked a little shocked to be ordered about so much within minutes of being in Mistress Helens presence, “Stand up straight whilst I read this little card the slave control centre have sent along with your little dowry further to the deposit I received”

Mistress Helen laughed as she read the note which actually offered sympathy for being the only slave available.

“slave m, think back to your days of training long ago as to how you present yourself and greet your Mistress”

Slave m gave a blank stare and started making excuses that he couldn’t really remember.

“Down on the floor on your belly and crawl to me, when you reach my boots kiss them.  Slither over like a snake or wriggle like a worm over to me” Mistress Helen deliberately took a few steps back.

With much enthusiasm as slave could muster he made it to Mistress’s boots.  “Too slow slave” Mistress Helen raised the riding crop and bought it down on his rump several times.

She explained to slave how she would be greeted in future and what was expected including the correct way to make her Tea and providing drinking water in a bowl on the floor for slave.

“Time for some domestic chores, there are boots to clean” Mistress Helen indicated a pile of boots on the floor along with boot polish and cleaning rags and clothes.  Slave was instructed to select one pair to clean which happened to be the highest heels with shiny patent leather.  She suspected he would choose those.  After some boot cleaning along with the ones she wore, which slave had to use his tongue on Ms Helen announced it was time to play a fun game and simple test of balance and skill.  Slave was instructed to stand very still with his hands on his head with a 50p coin balanced with his nose on the door frame and if it was not held perfectly in place or fell to the floor he would be taken upstairs for 6 strikes of the cane and whatever else she felt like doing.  Needless to say despite slaves efforts he failed the test and the coin was not flat to the frame but sticking over it.

“Stop, hand me the coin and kneel” Ms Helen used the riding crop again, some pretty marks were starting to appear on slaves rump.

“Crawl to the bottom of the stairs slave, you may then stand and walk up them to the punishment room”

Slave M walked slowly up the stairs with Mistress Helen encouraging him with the riding crop, he entered the room and his eyes took in all the canes, crops and other implements that his new Mistress had close to a bench in the room.

“Kneel up on that bench slave” Ms Helen secured rope through the leather cuffs and tied him securely to the bench.  “Open wide slave” she said as placing a large ball gag in his mouth.

It was punishment time and Ms Helen used her bare hands, floggers, crops and finally the cane over slave’s very hot pink striped and welted buttocks.  Ms Helen smiled taking in her handy work as she smoothed her hand over slave’s tender rump and then raking her nails down the hot flesh.

Ms Helen untied slave m and instructed him to get up onto the bed in the room, he was instructed to lie on his stomach and then hog tied and left for a while.  He strained against the ropes feeling his limbs stretched behind him.

Mistress Helen told him to wriggle onto his side thus presenting his buttocks easily and Ms Helen took full advantage of the position in spanking slave some more.

“Get back on to your stomach slave in your first position” Ms Helen then untied slave and instructed him to turn over onto his back and lie across the bed.  She retied the ropes so that he was stretched out and tied down and clearly could not go anywhere!

Ms Helen plugged a device into the wall socket and slipped a condom over the top of it, slave was beginning to question what on earth she was now going to do to him!

He was really missing his easy going Mistress (more of a companion really) but this new Mistress also excited him in ways he had not felt for many years.  He liked her shapely form and long legs and was starting to feel rather pleased he had not been granted retirement.

Mistress Helen eased up her tight skirt exposing her stocking tops and pushed both of his legs together and then climbed up on the bed and sat across his legs.  She smiled wickedly with her face just above his and said “slave it’s time for your final test today, let’s see how long you can last with my vibration wand on that sleeping slug of yours”

Ms Helen snapped on a glove and squirted lube onto slave’s cock and eased the vibration wand along the length of it watching with amusement as it grew harder with every teasing stroke.  Every so often her hand would grip it and squeeze and finally she gripped it in one hand with holding the wand over the tip and moved it up and down, slave m couldn’t last any longer and gave a cry out as he released himself all over his stomach.

Mistress Helen turned the wand off and undid the ropes “Well slave that’s all for right now, time for Tea!”

Until next time……………………………