08Jan 2019

My gorgeous friend Miss Ruby Vixen has had an interest in BDSM for a while, she sells some of her hot used heels on a website already and loves to tease and torment men that she is now taking it to the next level.  Miss RV will be coming along on request to sessions as a voyeur as well as assisting with spankings, wearing a strap-on for spit roasting and general assisting.  Very useful to have an extra pair of tormenting hands to turn the electrics up in the dungeon!  She is really looking forward to coming along and watching you writhe, wriggle and moan whilst we do delightfully wicked evil things to you!

It’s just an extra £50 for the first hour she joins a session and then £40 every hour thereafter.  Deposits will apply due to her travel to Burgess Hill.  There will not be solo sessions with Miss RV and certainly no sexual services so do not make a complete pillock of yourself by asking!

Miss Ruby Vixen is available with advance notice and usually Thursday’s

Miss Ruby Vixen

Miss Ruby Vixen

07Jan 2019

Good news that I have had My operation and both lens replaced in eyes and I am healing well.  I am actually back in sessions today onwards with My regulars and seeing new play mates from Friday 11th Jan when back in full glamour mode of wearing make-up.  If you are new and want to come play before Friday just be aware I will be the kinky strict girl next door look!

Up and coming events are 12th Femdom Tea Party

25th Queen Bee’s with the gorgeous Miss Kim in London

31st Jan Miss Kitty Bliss here for sessions and Pedestal that night so we are pondering on if to go along for a few hours.

1st Feb Miss Kitty Bliss here for doubles from 12 midday as we will need some sleep if we attend Pedestal.

I’m teaming up with Joanna Armstrong for The Burgess Hill Sissy Academy Days, make-overs/photos and play at various dates throughout the year and also by special request.

One of My friends is very interested in coming to assist and be a voyeur on sessions, some extra pocket money for her and lots of fun.  She is 28, slim, totally gorgeous and a lovely lady, watch this space for an announcement!

I have one place available for Malaga, send an email if you would love to come and have lots of fun in the sun.  It’s more reasonable for the 3 nights fully inclusive bed/board/food that you would have thought with a tribute to Moi and your flight on top for you to book/pay. Transfers from the airport to the villa can be arranged.  We haven’t set the dates yet but it will be late May/June/July/August for a THREE night stay.  I will need to have met you and played a couple of times between now and going away.

Happy healthy 2019 everyone

Mistress Helen xXx

30Dec 2018

In 2019 I will hold My multi slave events as well as attending Malaga with THREE slaves in tow for fun in the sun. I have THREE slaves/subs attending now.  It will be 3 nights away with board/food/all beverages included in your booking for the villa and you are responsible for booking your flights, pick up from the airport can be arranged. Serious enquiry’s are welcomed and we need to have met and played together a couple of times before the Malaga mini fetish holiday. There will be a set daily rate for Moi divided up equally between the THREE slaves. POA with 50% deposit at time of booking and balance in full 48 hours before we depart.


This blog was updated 12th March 2019 to reflect the 3 attending, another trip to BDSM Villa will be arranged in the near future. 

The multi slave event will take place on Monday 4th March from 11:30am to 2:30pm with time set aside afterwards to wind down, have some light food and refreshments.  £230 with 50% deposit taken at time of booking, balance on the day.

The nature of play will include some small periods of confinement, sensory dep, interaction with other slaves if desired. Spanking, CP, EStim, Venus2000 and much more! All boundaries and interests discussed in advance.


13Dec 2018

I won’t be available 2-12th Jan as I will be having eye surgery, book now if you’ve been thinking of coming to see Me! I should be all seeing again & ready and raring to kick arse from 12th Jan and the double domination date of 31st Jan and 1st Feb with Miss Kitty Bliss is 100% happening in regards My eyes!  In fact if things are still blurry by then Miss KB will be My eyes and it will be a bit like pin the tail on the donkey!  Mwhahahahaha just joking 🤣 🤣 🤣 I will honestly be fine and available again from 12th Jan if not before!


It may well be the end of any prescription specs, I will have some plain glass ones for specs fetish.

One of My chaps was asking what/why so an edit here:

I have the early stages of a slightly more rare type of cataract in My right eye (caused by trauma) and with a high prescription for long distance and now reading I need a multifocial lens and both eyes having lens replacement cost £6,836.00 and that is with 10% discount given, Ouch………………………

Rather than join the NHS waiting list and (possibly go blind in one eye whilst waiting) and not get the full treatment required for My eyes I have booked this private.  The NHS will only do My right eye and then only cut My eye open, remove My lens and replace with a monofocial lens. Which will not 100% correct My vision and then I will still need reading specs for close work.  Going private also covers any top up laser treatment.  The NHS won’t do this.  My left eye is also a very high prescription of -7 so it’s not feasible to wear lop sided specs with one heavy prescription and a plain lens with reading varifocial one side or wearing only one contact lens.  The level of My prescription and other complications is making it more complex.  At the end of the day I am having MY eye cut open and lens taken out and replaced so I want it done once only and have the best treatment possible!

Whilst I’m a real time Dominatrix rather than online Findom, kind donations would be greatly appreciated with the high cost of this operation.  Please email if you would like to contribute to My eyes and help Me pay back the finance loan and deposit which are hitting My pockets extremely hard!  Especially with the loss of income whilst I am unable to work.  Another 1K hit to My self employment!

It is after all something very essential to living/My wellbeing and not some daft high end pair of shoes or handbag!

New eyes for 2019 All the better for seeing you with! 😘😘

Mistress Helen xXx


29Nov 2018

I am available from 1st December to 7th December

Away 8/9th December up North to see Mistress Tess

I am available 10th to 22nd December for sessions in My well equipped private play spaces in Burgess Hill, as well as travel to other dungeons if booked ahead.

Away 23rd to 27th December inclusive

I am available for sessions from 28th December

Photo credit DIS Magazine

29Nov 2018

Due to another spate of text messages received both from newbs and also the occasional person who has seen Me, be aware I never use texting for arranging sessions or to answer questions.

  • Anyone can hide behind texting (if you were a parent would you be happy your child was texting a Dominatrix)
  • Texting costs ME, having other contract phones for My personal and other business I use a PAYG for this
  • I loathe text ping pong with short pointless messages!

Please call for a brief chat





Send a clear polite, concise email to include a minimum of THREE  dates/times YOU can commit, it’s not for ME to give you the timing/dates as I can guarantee you will reply with not being able to do that due to A B C………………………

Emails without dates are NOT helpful.


I look forward to receiving your communications through the correct channels soon and having a superb time playing in My fantastic well equipped play spaces!

17Nov 2018


Before dinner Mistress ordered me to strip, i was then dressed in a very skimpy, bright pink apron, pink frilly knickers, stockings, suspenders and high heels.  A heavy metal collar was placed around my neck and locked into place, before a leash was attached.  i was now appropriately dressed as Mistress’s slave and felt very privileged.


Now we were ready for dinner.  Mistress, dressed in a fantastic smoky grey latex dress which emphasised Her beauty, power and superiority, led me out to the dinner table which was outside, under the stars.  We joined other Mistresses with their slaves and enjoyed fabulous food served by the house maid April, and wonderful company with new friends.


After dinner i was dragged through to the dungeon in the Atrium of the house and my wrists and ankles attached to the St Andrews cross.  my back and bottom were exposed and the skimpy apron and frilly knickers would afford no protection once Mistress got to work with Her implements of choice.  Before she got started a gag was placed in my mouth, after all the other guests would not want to hear the screams of a pathetic little bitch.


Then Mistress selected Her first weapon of choice, a rubber tawse.  Starting gently to warm me up (Mistress cares for the welfare of Her slaves) Mistress gradually increased the force and tempo of Her strikes as She warmed to her task.  She upped the ante, selecting a variety of whips and paddles before working up to the cane.  The sting of this felt amazing, excruciating and exhilarating all at the same time, the sensations made all the more extreme by Mistress gently running Her nails all over my skin causing a tickling sensation and fits of uncontrollable laughter.


Eventually i was released from the cross and secured on my back to a bondage bed in the middle of the room.  My wrists and ankles were secured but this time I was also blindfolded and left to contemplate my fate.  my sense of hearing was heightened by the loss of sight, and i was able to take in the sounds of the dungeon with other Mistresses playing with their slaves and having fun at their expense.  Then, unexpectedly, i became aware of my cock being sucked by another slave at the instruction of my Mistress, this amazing sensation was tempered by the voice of my Mistress in my ear warning that if i dared to have an accident i would be punished most severely.  Although i have complete trust in my Mistress, and She is a wonderful, caring, human being, i knew this was no idle threat.


After what seemed like an eternity i was released from the bondage bed and led, still blindfolded, to another piece of apparatus in the dungeon.  Again i was secured on my back with my wrists and ankles in restraints, but this time i was being stretched, almost as if i was on a medieval torture rack.  Clamps were attached to my nipples with a chain between, and then this chain was pulled upwards and secured to a fixing so that any movement at all pulled severely.  Then my arms were stretched again, by this time any movement was impossible and my whole body was rigid.  i was fearful and excited.


The dungeon seemed to have gone eerily quiet and it became clear the other Mistresses had had their fun for now and were watching my Mistress and how She wanted to use Her slave.  Mistress was boasting of what She was going to do with Her bitch which made me immensely proud to serve my beautiful Mistress.  This went on for what seemed like ages, Mistress chatting away happily and plotting Her next move, me excitedly apprehensive and wondering what was coming next.

14Nov 2018
“Suck my cock and toes you Sissy Slut.”
I feel the gentle nails, of my Mistress, slide over my silk bloomers, feeling for my hard clitty. I feel her sweet breath on the back of my neck as Mistress pinches my nipples through my blue, satin frock.
Mistress then straps me over her whipping stool. My bloomers slide down my thighs and my bottom is spanked….cropped and caned ( Mistress likes to see the cane stripes when she sinks her strap-on into me ).
Mistress puts a rubber into my mouth and I have to glide it up her strap-on.  I must now suck it to show what a “Sissy Whore” I really am.
I’m released and told to worship the feet of Mistress.   I suck her toes for ages and she seems very pleased. Then she offers her bottom for me to kiss all over.
I’m ordered to lay on my back, on the bed. My ankles are strapped high and wide exposing my sissy hole for a long, energetic fucking.
Your devoted Sissy Slut R
An extract written by Sissy Slut R on a recent visit to The Burgess Hill Academy for Sissies
Come and explore your inner “Gurl” come and be feminised, which can include removal of body hair and be expertly made up.  Imagine the soft caress and feel of nylons as they slide up your legs then attached to a pretty suspender belt, some cute little panties and then dressed as My willing maid or other (slutty or demure) attire before stepping into a pair of high heels and then………………………………….
Well to find out what could happen next you best get in touch hadn’t you!  Book a session today don’t delay your fun at The Burgess Hill Academy for Sissies ….
Some of what you may experience here subject to a discussion to where your BDSM interest’s and limits lie are:
Full make over with wig and clothing provided
Maid training
Violet wand
Pegging  just a few ideas to wet your appetite and there is a fully comprehensive list on My main website
See you soon MY little sluts in waiting
Mistress Helen xXx
26Oct 2018

Hello subs/slaves/kinksters

Every month I will be holding one hour specials at £100 in Burgess Hill in My own well equipped premises owned by Me.

The type of play will be:

Spanking & all impact play



Foot Worship

Massage with vibration wand as a finale

Maid duties to clean my home, some spankings.

What isn’t included in the above is everything else on My website, all other sessions with electrics such as EStim/Violet Wand, confinement,  leather straight jacket or sleep sack, Venus 2000, medical play etc.  Sessions which include more complex activities, sterilisation of equipment and wear and tear on very expensive items are at the usual rate of £130 an hour.

* This also does not include filming, audio recording or taking photos on your own phone for your top up wanking fodder at home (should be charging extra for this) AND you should be a generous plaything,  either bringing Me bottles of Tom Ford perfume or tipping Me a min of £30 extra) to show your appreciation of this so please be aware.

Dates for your diary:

31st October

21st November

18th December

2019 dates will be released in December.

See you soon my kinky play things

Mistress Helen xx