West Sussex Mistress Helen Ryder


DOMINATION & ROLE PLAY with Professional Sussex Mistress Helen Ryder

I have My OWN well equipped domestic dungeon so My pricing reflects the fact I am not paying dungeon rent to a third party!

All new clients to pay a 50% deposit (non refundable, movable to one new date with 24hrs notice) repeat bookings of 90 mins+ to pay a 50% deposit.  No exceptions!

Bringing a lovely gift along with your tribute will be appreciated, see further below for My suggestions.

Tributes below are during my “normal hours” See further below for sessions out of hours.

  • 30 mins £100  CP session or foot worship ONLY I do NOT conduct sessions of less duration in time/tribute
  • 1 hour special on dates advertised for limited activities/kinks http://www.mistress-helen-ryder.co.uk/25th-and-26th-september-100-one-hour-special-sessions/
  • 1 Hour £120
  • 90 Minutes £180
  • 2 Hours £220
  • 3 Hous £320
  • 4 Hours £470
  • 1 hour double domination with visiting established Mistress Miss Kitty Bliss from £220
  • 1 hour double domination/kinky play time with TGirl Ms Joanna Armstrong from £180 https://twitter.com/JoannaArmstro18
  • 1 Hour with voyeur/assistant present £180 (1 person male or female watching only) please state which sex and I will surprise you with whom watches
  • My gorgeous new assistant Miss Ruby Vixen http://www.mistress-helen-ryder.co.uk/my-new-assistant-miss-ruby-vixen/
  • Solo, double, triple, quadruple or more possible, you need to be flexi on dates/times and a large budget to play with
  • Couples 1 hour £200, each additional hour after that £150 both of you to call Me when able to chat together, no surprise bookings for another party as it’s not consenting!

If you struggle to save money for play then you can enter a saving contract with me where you send over an agreed amount each week or each month until you have paid enough to come and see me.

Sessions out of hours:

Between 6am to 9am one hour is £250

Two hours is £350 Deposit 80% non returnable and not moved to a new date, outstanding balance expected by bank transfer that day.


  • Enema £10
  • Golden Shower £20
  • Caging only as per details on session page £60 per hour (play not included)
  • Splosh sessions POA depending on items and duration of play

** I do not profit from other adult providers, we are simply playing together and helping each other out in sessions**

My ethos is to keep session rates as affordable treats for you all and to build a great rapport with repeat visits from clients, thus building working relationships and professional friendships.  Great sessions thrive from repeat visits, building trust and getting to know exactly what buttons to press!


My preferred method is an online bank transfer and details will be provided once we have set up a session. If you do not have online banking you can attend your OWN bank with details I give you to pay across to mine or cash drop off 48 hours before your booking at a location of MY choice in Burgess Hill if I feel it will work after we have spoken on the phone**  In some cases an Amazon gift voucher is acceptable sent to My Mistress email address.

Booking Procedures blog: click here


My availability for play times:

Monday to Friday 11:30am to 9:00pm finish

Saturday and Sunday 11am to 9pm

Same day appointments are sometimes available to existing clientele or those who have an open holding deposit already paid.  I am a well established, well respected and  very competent Dominatrix with many regular attendees so it’s best to book ahead where possible if you have limited time constraints.  I will always insist on a deposit if you haven’t been 100% reliable!

Extended Sessions

  • £400 Special 4 hour package of maid/butler for the day or extended sessions to include confinement bondage etc this session includes full professional make-up and basic chores if and waiting upon Me as a maid/butler.  Otherwise confinement bondage or cage time/seclusion for a period of time.  Full interaction over four hours is at my FULL regular rate above (not this special rate)  There will be a short refreshment/comfort break as required
  • Overnight caging £450 to include 2 hours play on arrival, refreshments, overnight caging, depart by 9am. Available to existing clients.
  • £750 Overnight package starts at either 6pm/7pm (time to be agreed) to include a two hour session, light meal, some down time together chatting/social only, then retire at 11pm (you sleep in the playroom on the padded suspension bondage bed)  Up at 7:30/8am  a refreshing morning shower, light breakfast/tea/coffee and then a 2  hour session, time to unwind with a beverage and finishing by midday (time pre agreed) ONLY available to known existing clients.
  • Weekend Special consists of two overnights in the bondage room either on top of the bed or in the cage, 2.5 hours of full play each day, out to have lunch or dinner (expenses covered by you) Fri eve through to Sunday lunch from £900.

Phone & Cam Sessions

I direct you to my Adult Work profile, when I am logged in for phone or cam you will see a little green icon lit up.  http://www.adultwork.com/1248241

Multi Slave Events

On occasions I will be holding a multi slave day subject to interest (having already received some requests)

£160 per slave.

The event will commence at 11:30am and playtime will finish at 2:30pm with an hours winding down and refreshments/snacks after.  There will be 2 to 3 slaves attending with a variety of play to include confinement, spanking, CP, EStim, Venus2000 etc as well as possible interaction between slaves as boundaries/prior discussion agreed.

Social Events, advice and mentor

Coffee Meets: £80 either a coffee shop or at My premises

Lunch £120

Dinner £145

The above is payment in full beforehand and will include you treating Me to the beverages/food of My choice at a mutually agreed local venue.  This is ideal for very nervous first timers and is your opportunity to meet and get to know Me prior to embarking on play times in a relaxed setting or for those who desire those little top ups outside of play time spending time with Mistress.

Social events such as The Femdom Ball or Fetish Clubs: are available to slaves/subs with impeccable manners, generous nature and when attending a Femdom event understand that you will speak when allowed to, not monopolise conversation or become jealous if I am interacting with others at events.  you are here to make My life enjoyable, fun and enhance it without ANY negativity!

I have amended My social rates to POA, this is because there is a sliding scale of tributes based on your regular attendance and each social event will be based on those merits.

  • Attendance to fetish events/munches this is only available to those who have attended sessions with Me.
  • Dinner social dates available to those who have just had a session of two hours+ , the expenses of food etc covered by you, along with a £50 tip presented in a nice card before we go out.
  • New to BDSM and want advice/mentor, whilst I love to share My knowledge, My time needs to be covered POA basis depending on duration and meeting place, £180 1st hour.
  • Shopping trips £80 per hour with 2 hour min booking. £100 min spend from you on My items. Lets go shopping for new frilly’s/stockings etc for you and Me.

Gatwick, Brighton or Hoxton Dungeon

I require a 80% non returnable deposit to book the below locations.

On occasions I session in a larger play space, sessions at either the Brighton or Gatwick Dungeon start from £250 for one hour,this is inclusive of dungeon hire and my time/travel.  Longer sessions are available on a POA basis. 48 hours notice is required to book this location.

The Hoxton dungeon requires 4 days notice to book, a one hour session is £350 to cover all hire/train travel & cabs/My time.  Longer play times are possible and a scale of fees are provided on application.

Hotel Visit

A visit to your QUALITY 4* hotel within East/West Sussex. The latest appointment time will be 8pm. My kit will consist of sensory play, tie and tease, alternative massage, pegging, impact play/CP/Spanking, breath play, CBT equipment.  Trample and foot worship sessions also suitable.

  • 1 hour £250
  • 1.5hrs £300
  • 2 hrs £350 this is the max time unless you wish to book Me for dinner with My approval before/after the domination session depending on timings.
  • London hotels are £300 per hour with a min two hour booking.

Alternate Massage

60 minute  £120 at My premises in Burgess Hill

Contact Details

Mobile: 07510 698761   Call between 11:00am to 9:00pm     

I will NOT reply to ANY text messages, a conversation is essential
Email: helen-ryder@hotmail.com I reply to all polite well constructed emails within  48 hours, emails that are lewd are deleted.  Reminder when making first contact with a stranger that first impressions really count!

Gifts, spoil ME

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Follow Me on Twitter and re-tweet my events and almost daily uploads https://twitter.com/MsHelenRyder

I really love receiving gifts and it makes a great impression.

Suitable Gifts:

Monetary Tip in a nice handwritten note or card.

I love receiving perfume and it’s wonderful smelling divine!

Portrait of a Lady the perfume and any of the other products of same fragrance https://www.fredericmalle.co.uk/product/19566/50241/perfume/portrait-of-a-lady/by-dominique-ropion

Jo Malone Perfume, Velvet Rose & Oud https://www.jomalone.co.uk/product/21082/46817/fragrances/cologne-intense/velvet-rose-oud-cologne-intense-50ml

Tom Ford Perfume:  Private Blend Tabacco Vanille  http://www.allbeauty.com/9035-tom-ford-private-blend-tobacco-vanille-eau-de-parfum-spray-50ml  


I regularly wear Black Orchid.  http://www.allbeauty.com/101945-tom-ford-black-orchid-eau-de-parfum-spray-50ml

Juliette Has a Gun – Lady Vengeance


Gift card for Debenhams, House of Fraser,  Selfridges or Havery Nichols

Wolford or Falke hosiery size L

What Katie Did seamed stockings size M/L

Amazon gift vouchers, very useful and great for spending as I see fit

Anything from my Amazon gift list: Mistress Gifts

Unsuitable Gifts: Alcohol of your own choice (note only from my wishlist) chocolates or any other food items of your choice, take a look at my Amazon list for ideas, NO flowers or indoor plants.

Charity Donations:

I regularly donate items to Cancer Research and Marie Curie and have raised lots for them over the years, it would be super if you made a donation to this particular charity on my behalf https://ernestosanctuary.org/donation/