Hello slaves/subs/kinksters/sissies and all

Some of you may have noticed I no longer have My Twitter linked to My website, My webslave took it down the other day as new laws are coming into effect re having to age verify with a credit card on adult sites, which many people will not want to do!

By removing any videos/images linked to this site through blogs, Twitter etc this enables My site to still be viewed as it will be considered safe and lawful to do so.

This is also a reason I have always refused to engage in ANY detail via email about what may/may not happen in a session.  Anyone can hide behind a keyboard and I don’t want to be chatting with someone under age!

For those who know Me and want to have a look on Twitter, ask Me My Twitter name or do a search and then you can see My latest pics and news etc.  I am going to be posting less images that show any detail of play in the future so many will have a big smiley face or some amusing image to cover up what’s really going on!  The only way you will find out what happens in My playrooms is to come and PLAY!  Fun times…………