Exciting news that I will be working with the lovely Domina Sara aka The Medical Mistress at her state of the art well equipped premises known as “The Practice” in Milton Keynes on Friday 28th July.

All bookings to go direct to

We carry out various procedures from light/basic medicals to more invasive procedures, which Domina Sara excels in.

Visit this link for a tour of the facilities

I’m really looking forward to this date, it’s great to network and team up and work alongside and support and grow with other Mistress’s!

See you soon “LabRats” as DS would say 😉



You know what they say “double trouble” “the more the merrier” well the good news is that my lovely TGirl friend Tiffany Aching is coming back on Thursday 3rd August 2017 to team up with me for the day.

For those who have seen Tiffany before, you are most welcome to re-book (one gent has already) and for those who have only dreamed about a TGirl, spit roasted and forced Bi then what on earth are you waiting for?!  Life is too short to not live out a fantasy or two!  What better way to do it in a safe.sane clean discreet environment.

ALL appointments require a deposit, the sooner you book the better for you as we only offer limited sessions for doubles.

My booking blog (read it)

Having met the very lovely Miss Kitty Bliss at  we got talking,  laughing ,plotting and planning!  We have set a date of Thursday 29th June to double domme in Sussex.

Fancy being spit roasted between two feisty redheads?

Two deviant Nurses to carry out a medical inspection!

Been a bad boy and need correction?

We both excel in roleplay as well as traditional everyday discipline and both love having our feet worshipped.

So many possibilities to explore……………….

One of my CP enthusiasts has already booked in for the evening session, there is currently availability in the morning and afternoon.  Contact myself Mistress Helen Ryder to book in.  Ensure you peruse Miss Kitty Bliss’s own website too.  We both look forward to teaming up on you soon!

The Ladies

I am delighted to announce that I will be joining the Circle of O party on the above date.  If you have been thinking of coming for a session to Sussex for some time and not had time to travel then this may be the perfect solution to not just meet Me but also several other fantastic Mistress’s on the night.

Looking forward to this event very much, maybe see you there 😉

A reminder that my friend Mistress Jane will be visiting me on Friday 24th Feb and we have limited space late afternoon that day for a double domination session.

Two strict head mistress’s or aunts to deal with a wayward boi, Perhaps you are a slutty little tranny needing to be spit roasted, or something more sedate a four hands sensual massage.  Due for a medical then come to the Ryder Klinic for a full medical inspection.  Lots of other possibilities involving |EStim, Venus 2000 and a whole array of toys and role playing.

Book Now!


Double Domination fun, do you dare to indulge with two strict demanding Mistresses?!   Please contact Mistress Jane as she is taking appointments for doubles on the above dates advertised, book Now!

We can play Doctors/Nurses and you the willing victim, Oops I meant patient in the medical white room with prostate examination, medical style procedures, EStim, sounds and more…..

Taken into the dungeon for a jolly good spit roast, pegging being used by us both

Mistress Jane has a great selection of rubber, satin dress’s and lingerie etc if you enjoy dressing up as well as make-up supplied and applied.

Into CP, then lets play a game………a roll of the dice or a spelling test, strict Aunties, teachers, headmistress or even the school bully carrying out their special brand of punishment.

Appetite starting to wet by now 😉  Maybe you need to be restrained, that cock under our complete control and in tight leather straps whilst I face sit you in a silky pair of panties.  Very naughty slaves may even get water boarding style panty pissing if you request ever so respectfully.

Or are you a domestic style sissy or butler, we might have you in the main house dressed up and waiting upon us. Every click of our fingers to do our bidding, you lucky little slut.

New to all of this and rather daunted by what to ask for then perhaps try the alternate massage, four hands stroking soothing/coaxing/teasing with some light flogging and other sensation delights mixed in as well as warmed oils massaged in, your limits respected at all times.

Want to know more?  Have a good read around both of our websites, read our blogs, our testimonials on Mistress Review site and the activties we both offer.


Mistress Helen

** Note we are like minded friends helping each other out and do not profit from each other, both self employed and responsible for our own tax.


Fetish Club night out with slave R.

We were checked in to a hotel not very far from our evenings fetish venue, slave had gone off to fetch the rest of the luggage and I was busy in the hotel room bathroom with my evenings outfit a hot little latex number from Honour and a bottle of vivishine my favourite latex shiner!  I wanted my outfit to be super slick and shiny this evening.

Slave returned with the essential luggage, some cold mixed G&T’s and a bottle of Champagne for later (it was a BYOB) but I wouldn’t be drinking much as I would be dominating slave later.

We had a delicious light poached salmon meal in the hotel restaurant, overlooking the runway (some of you may guess now where we were off to) all will be revealed.   Nothing too heavy for play later on and I would be able to slither/slide into my tight latex.

Back in the hotel room I nipped off for a shower and dressed in my outfit, with ruby red lips and smouldering smokey eye make-up I walked into the room.  Slave was blown away with my appearance and couldn’t wait to be walking by my side in the club with all eyes on us.

A short taxi ride later we were checking in and stashing our bits in a locker.  I had been before but not for a couple of years so we took up the offer of a tour.  A bubbly blonde lady walked us around showing us into each of the areas.  It was quite busy by now and lots of couples were looking over at us probably thinking “mmmmm fresh meat” haha little did they know!

Slave was quite nervous about playing in public (understandable) so he asked permission to watch others play and to wander around the venue.  I was most happy to do this as people watching, especially fetish play as well as some of the swingers there is always fun to observe.

We were a couple of hours in to our visit and slave felt more comfortable about starting a scene but not too public.  There was a room with a two way mirror and a lockable door so I took him in there.  I made him lay down on the platform bed and started to tease his skin with my soft suede floggers, then the cat claws came out tickling, striking and teasing him.  Nipple clamps which are too hard core for this particular slave but great to tease with so I straddled him and pinned his legs together with mine either side of him.  Wrapping the chain around his very stiff cock I eased the chain up and down teasing him that I needed to be careful he wasn’t going to pop his lid at this stage!  Well you can’t have too much of a good thing when there is more fun to explore, so off out the room with more scenes to watch and I had popped on my strap-on harness with a nice sturdy thick cock from Babes n horny.  Well that cock got rather a lot of verbal attention and admiring glances in the dungeon.

After some time we decided to grab a taxi back to the hotel and wind down with a G&T in the room and time for the finale on slave so out came my magic wands with much more teasing before he was drained and sleepy.  I had the big double bed all to myself and slave was on a portable extra bed in the room not too far away if I wanted to flick my flogger if he snored!  Haha thankfully he didn’t.

Well what a great night out for us both, slave had come to me for an alternate massage sometime last year and has been slowly stretching his boundaries and exploring other forms of play over time.  A night out to a fetish event was a big step for him and the particular club I selected I knew would be a more gentle introduction with plenty of stimulating visuals that he would enjoy.

So where did we go I hear you ask J it was The Heathrow Dungeon Zone, a superb venue with lots of different areas, pool, hot tub, dungeon, cinema room, private rooms, social areas etc.

Fetish nights out are only offered to established existing clients that I have built a great rapport and trust over time with.

Sorry no pics of the night out with slave appearing as discretion is always taken into account.


I will be lending my whip hand at the R.A.C.K event Brighton this coming Saturday 🙂 however saying that if I am aching from sessions and decorating I may be looking at pamper submissives for a foot massage and sissy maids or slaves to fetch my drinks!

If you are on Fetlife then do check out and pre purchase your ticket for this event

See you on the dark side.


Mistress Helen X


I will be one of the House Mistress’s and Dungeon Monitor’s at this event.  Come and say hello.

Saturday, 21 November 2015 at 21:00 Sunday, 22 November 2015 at 02:00 (GMT)



£15 in advance, or £17 on the door.Dress code:Fetish wear – no full nudity.Description:

R.A.C.K – presented by ‘BB Chamber’

Welcome all to our new event!

We are very excited to be able to offer a new fetish club night.
Those of you who came to our Barn Party will know what to expect, for those who couldn’t make it… you can expect lots of play, plenty of equipment to use, in a friendly and safe environment.. maybe even some alternative party games!

Please note, this is a different venue as originally planned

We will have a fully stocked bar, a cloakroom, and plenty of space to swing a flogger.

With the majority of the play equipment being supplied by Brighton Twisted Market, and a few extra pieces being supplied by some very lovely friends, we will have no shortage of beautiful dungeon equipment to use. This includes;
Multiple St Andrews Crosses
Multiple spanking benches
Whipping post
Suspension Frame
And much more…

Dungeon monitors will be in place to ensure safe play. Please do not interrupt scenes for any reason, approach the DM’s if you have any questions instead.

Because the venue will be using their own bar staff we ask you to respect the following rules;

No full nudity (ie undercarriage must remain covered)
No sexual intercourse
No pictures – photographers will be at the event but will only photograph you with permission.

R.A.C.K = Risk Aware Consensual Kink.

We are a drug free event, anyone found to be taking drugs will be removed.

New to the area? Ask us about a meet and greet service.

9pm – 2am.
Fetish Wear.
Private parking.

(Password: Contact me for details)

See you there!