Humiliated and forced into panties by Sussex Mistress Helen Ryder

A very recent role play session which was lots of fun, bear in mind I am very versatile and don’t only do role plays!

The background story line: C was one of those rather boisterous types a proper “jack the lad” at work always fooling around and thinking he had women wrapped around his finger.  Since the introduction of new gym at work and onsite showers he had been taking advantage of leering at the ladies working out in the gym.  Watching them perspire as they ran on the treadmill, watching that sheen of sweat trickle down into their breasts.  It made him rock hard and angry at some of them being a bit stuck up and not falling for his charms.

He was on his fifth visit over the last two weeks into the ladies changing room and spotted a pair of black knickers that looked expensive to add to his little growing collection of worn used knickers he had been selling online, “haha” that will teach those bitches he sniggered to himself as he lifted the black panties and stuffed them into his pocket.  Not before holding them up to his nose and having a good lingering sniff of them.  Some of the ladies working at the firm had got very well paid jobs and they wore very expansive lingerie and Agent Provocateur was a very popular label.

Meanwhile……Ms Ryder was sitting in the security CCTV lounge in a big leather chair casually observing the new security system which had been installed recently.  Lots of the female employees had reported items going astray namely very personal items.

Ms Ryder observed C entering the ladies changing rooms and then sneak out looking rather shifty with something protruding from his pocket.  She panned the camera and watched him enter the foyer to the car park and remove an item from his trousers and panning in for a close view she spotted it was black knickers!

Hmmmmm C had his uses to a degree in the company and had clinched some great deals recently as one of the head sales team.  Ms Ryder had a choice or reporting him to the police and C ending up with a criminal record and a police caution or using the situation to her advantage.  Being high up in the company and overseeing the new security procedures she decided it would be more beneficial to keep matters in house ……… and also a whole lot of fun for her!

Looking up C’s mobile phone she rang him just before he got into his car giving very specific instructions to pay a security deposit into the following account and to report the next day to a specific location and time, to phone and receive further instructions or the police would be involved.  Just  before hanging up she said and wear those black panties you have just stolen or their will be very serious consequences.

On the day C text 18 mins early, Ms Ryder read the text and smiled as she applied glossy red lipstick and took one last glance over the room with everything in plce that she would need and left the room slipping her shiny patent heels on.  Time passed and the phone rang “Hello Ms Ryder it’s me I’m where you told me to be”

Ms Ryder replied “You’re early, ring me back at exactly 12:30”

12:30 ring ring ring ring Ms Ryder answered “come to the following address”

A car pulled up outside and Ms Ryder answered the door “come in C”

C entered the room and looked rather apprehensive.  Ms Ryder walked over just inches from C and pulled his trousers forward looking him directly in the face and stating “excellent the underwear thief did as he was told” C nodded and looked down at his feet rather ashamed.

“Hand over the £70 balance C that you have received from selling expensive lingerie on-line you filthy pervert” C handed a small wad of cash over.  Ms Ryder took it and said “well that will do for starters, you will be reporting here regularly with more cash or I’m reporting you and you don’t want a criminal record”

“No miss” stammered C, “its Mistress to you, my new little sissy slut in training” and being as you have such a low opinion of woman and treat most of the ladies you see like sluts then I’m going to make you into My personal slut!

“Strip down to just those black knickers”, C did as he was told!

“I have decided you look rather fetching in ladies knickers and I see you have the white tennis skirt that Mrs Andrews reported as missing too”!  “Get down on the floor and start showing whose boss around here and who owns your balls C, worship these shiny patent heels”

C dropped to the floor and looking up Mistress Ryders long shapely legs he shuddered inwardly as he used his tongue on the shiny patent leather and heels.  Feeling his cock stiffen in the black knickers he felt elated that he was being punished on such a personal level.

Mistress Ryder stated “that’s enough of that, get up and walk ahead of me up those stairs” In her hands was a leather riding crop which she bought down on each of his cheeks encouraging him up the stairs.

Once they were in the room Mistress Ryder sat on the edge of her bed, “worship these some more little slut” pointing down at her shiny heels with the riding crop, but it didn’t please her “Get up across my knee you little whore thief” C was given a very sound spanking which left his bottom with a fetching red rosy glow.

Mistress Ryder stood up and reached for a harness and jutting out was a large pink cock, she stepped into it and taking a condom expertly rolled it on to her Mistress cock, “Get on your knees slut and worship my cock, she walked backwards slowly with C licking and sucking on the cock until they were in front of the fall length mirrors.  “Just look at yourself C, what a cock sucking whore you have become, your new name is Clarrisa the cock sucking whore cum bucket”

C thanked Mistress and carried on sucking the cock jutting out from the harness strapped securely between Mistress’s string thighs and shapely bottom.

“Get across that bed slut and raise that arse in the air, show me that sissy hole I’m going to violate and abuse it”  Mistress Ryder snapped on a glove and lubed her fingers up.  Clarrisa moaned in a mixture of desire, appreciation and humiliation as the sissy slut hole was stretched around Mistress’s fingers, easing one then two fingers in before Mistress said I’m going to just slip the head of my cock into you today Clarissa and when you leave later you are going to wish I had just pinned you down and buggered you hard”

Clarissa was face down and arse up as she felt the head of the cock just slipping in and feeling so full she moaned as Mistress turned the vibration unit on.  Writhing and wriggling and bucking like a whore so desperate to get more Mistress cock stuffed into her tight little hole (C was not feeling at all alpha male or manly any more, all power had been relinquished and he knew Mistress was in charge, she owned his balls and every part of him)  “Tell me your name” Mistress laughed out as she was thrusting gently into the sissy hole “Clarissa the cum slut knicker thief whore” C cried out with pleasure.

After a while Mistress eased her cock out, “Oh poor little sissy whore, is your bottom sore?” It wasn’t actually a question of course as Clarissa dare not reply, “Get on your back, I’m going to pop some special soothing cream and baby powder on you and a soft soothing nappy for a while”

Clarissa was totally humiliated and begged and pleaded for Mistress not to, Mistress just laughed and eased a nappy under Clarissa bottom and popped on a glove easing some cold cream into the abused hole, sprinkling some baby powder into the very full sissy balls and gently soothing and rubbing it in, Clarissa was almost ready to explode and Mistress Helen could sense this.

“Being as you love ladies knickers so much you can kiss my shapely bottom” Ms H lowered her bottom over Clarissa’s face and lent forward remarking at what a very stiff clitty cock Clarissa had and how it was rubbing across the nappy “fuck that nappy slut, thrust that cock upwards”  Clarissa bucked and fucked the nappy enjoying the very stimulating rubbing sensation of the diaper against her clitty cock.  Mistress Helen moved her rubber gloved hand faster up and down the clitty cocks shaft massaging lots of juicy gooey lube into it, Clarissas breath becoming more and more ragged before she cried out and spurted hot sticky cum all over herself.

Mistress Helen smiled “Oh Clarissa, what a fine sticky mess you got yourself into”

To be continued…………………………………

Written for C (thank you) also for my own memoirs, and to share with you the reader, thank you for reading my blogs and I trust they stir something deep inside you!

**copyright Mistress Helen Ryder**



How to book a session with West Sussex Mistress Helen Ryder.

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and make a booking with a “Dominatrix” which may even me Me! Thank you.

To ring or email?  Well you are always welcome to call but being “New” I am not going to go into graphic detail in a phone call over what may or may not happen in a booking.  A phone call is essential to act as an “ice breaker” at an early stage and the best form of contact is a polite friendly email such as:

Hello my name is ………….. I’ve not done this before/don’t have much experience/or I’ve seen other Mistress’s etc and I am looking to make an appointment for date/time for X duration.  I’m interested/curious in the following….. Pegging, Strap-on, Butt Plugs, Cross Dressing, Spanking, Sensual Domination, Tie and Tease etc.  I do NOT reqire a step by step guide of how the session will go, I decide that!

  • Let me know how long a session you would like to book for
  • Provide an idea of dates and times that you can commit to a session
  • Do not attach photos or any other files unless after speaking I ask you for anything myself

I will reply with hello…..yes those dates/times are possible and let’s have a chat on the phone and the best time to call is…..but if you can’t reach me straight away then please try again.  Please be aware NEW clients are required to pay a deposit & I will explain when we chat.

Good things come to those who wait (and plan ahead) and you will get the very best from your Mistress by showing your respect for her time and her booking procedures.

My booking system works for me and I see some really jolly nice people whom I connect with and that always makes for a great session.

I do love a good role play and have been seeing slave S for some time now that it’s always fun to add an extra twist to a session and keep him on his toes.

Well the session was arranged a week ago subject to the usual confirmation on the day, which was received first thing with a little note about reporting to the heads study for some private PE tuition instead of his usual detention!

I dressed in my slinky skirt and black satin Hawes and Curtis blouse with black hosiery, shiny patent heels, hot pink lipstick and my black framed specs (really looking the Headmistress) and greeted my pupil S.

In the role play he was stripping off for the PE lesson and I walked in to confront him whilst he was naked about the lewd disgusting notes I had found under his chair in the chemistry lab class between S and Robson.  Clearly the boys had been watching BDSM porn after the 50 Shades had sparked their interest.

S denied writing the notes and said he couldn’t read them as the writing was difficult, “filthy little liar” I said as I pulled him by his ear.  I read out the content of the little notes, watching his face go redder and see him splutter flimsy excuses.

“I know your hand writing S, and this is clearly you!  “Well I’m going to train and punish you today and maybe give you exactly what you crave, a good arse fucking” I instructed S to stand up straight, hands behind his back whilst I put on a pair of Nitrile gloves and trussed his cock up in bondage and smeared the Tiger Balm all around the head, blowing on it to activate it even more.  He started to squirm so on with the bondage rope and push him down onto the bed, instructing him to be on all fours with head down and arse up.  “Best I wipe this excess balm all into your filthy little hole” I pushed a finger into his puckered rosy hole and then followed by a generous squirt of lube I eased my finger in deeper.  “Filthy whore, you can take another finger” as I eased in a second finger and massaged his prostrate.

His grunts and squirming soon became noises of pleasure as he bucked and squirmed with my fingers fucking his hole.  Time for my Mistress cock, getting into my strap-on and popping a condom just into his mouth.  “Come on slut rubber my cock up and get it wet and ready for your filthy hole” He rolled the condom onto my cock with his mouth and was sucking on it like a pro, “looks like you’ve done that before boy” I wouldn’t be surprised if the head master has had to keep s behind after hours!?

Spreading lube on my cock up I slowly started to push the tip in, S pushed back onto it quickly gobbling up my big Mistress cock like a filthy whore.  Several good thrusts later and much teasing and easing my cock in and out I then pulled it out and told him to get on his back.

I tied him securely and said “Time to wire up that little worm cock” as I placed ElactraStim pads on his cock and balls.  Looking right into his eyes (I think mine were glinting very mischievously) I started to turn the power up.  “Miss looks so happy” exclaimed S as I turned it up some more “Yes I’m enjoying administering your punishment you naughty boy”

After I felt S had received enough I turned the controls down and removed the pads.  Donning a glove I got some “Liquid Silk” lube which looks like cum in a bottle.  I told him how I had a load of men wanking into bottles and cups to pour into this bottle and I was going to spread cum all over his cock and balls, he quivered in excitement at the dirty thought of it (but knowing he was safe in clean lube) I peeled off my hosiery and pinned him down sitting on his face with my full back black satin panties on.  Letting him have gasps of air before moving away and putting my hosiery just under his cock.  “wank that pathetic little worm cock, I want your cum all into mingled into the pile of stale cum” I told him as I squirted more liquid silk onto him.  A torrent of depraved filth was spoken as I told him what was in the bottle and how I had collected in, lewd and dirty filth that took him closer and closer to the edge, until I spoke the trigger phrase that set him over the edge.  Oh dear all over my hosiery, well he will have to take the item away and suck it clean!

Slave S looked very happy and sated from his session, a glass of water, plenty of wipes and clean up in the bathroom before I sent him on his merry way until next time…………….





Hello it’s your West Sussex Mistress here to give details with slaves agreement of his latest session with me.

PVC Slave came along for a session recently and his wife Goddess to PVC Slave as she is known on Twitter usually emails a few requests for me to consider in a session, which is always fun!

On this occasion I was asked to not leave any transient marking as they were off on a spa holiday, with this consideration on board I would administer lots of CBT instead, and a jolly good pegging towards the end of the session so he would go on his merry way thoroughly used!

PVC slave arrived and seemed a little nervous (mmmmmmm I like that) he produced his letter from Mrs PVC and inside was a key to let him out of his chastity device.  He also had some super new ankle boots, which Mrs PVC had sent on to me.  On went slave’s leather collar and cuffs and well new boots I just had to try them on and what a perfect fit so I left them on for the whole session and started slave off with some boot and foot worship.  After I felt he had kissed and licked every inch of the boots to my satisfaction I instructed him to get up on my massage couch.  No not for a relaxing massage slave I told him as I have other plans for you!

I secured the cuffs and his ankles with rope so he was immobilised and thoroughly secured for the next part.  I popped up my disposable gloves and thoroughly cleaned slaves cock with the hospital wipes I order on-line.  I opened a sterile pack of Optilube and popped a good dollop of it right on the head of his cock.  Time for the first Urethral sound to tease that little clittly cock slut hole.  In the sound went so easily with me holding on to it with only just the head in I took a photo.  He liked the unusual sensation and I know he was very nervous as he had only had a sound used on him once before connected up to my Electrastim box.  I then went up to two sizes bigger as his slut hole was greedy, what a greedy little hole I told him as the bigger size also entered with ease.  Slave started to relax a bit more now as he felt confident in my administration of gently inserting each sound and letting each one find its way easily with no force.  I wouldn’t want to damage his parts as his Mistress may choose to make use of them later 😉 in which ever way Mrs PVC feels fit.

On with some nipple clamps and a hood next for some breath play, PVC slave has his own very extensive collection of hoods and he brings them all along for me to select the ones I wish to use.  I enjoy pushing his limits on breath play, feeling him start to struggle and tire and counting down until I give him his next breath of air.  I selected the “Fetish Zippy” hood 🙂

I had wanted to administer some Nettles on slaves cock and balls but after a recent allergic reaction to them sadly he can’t have them.  Knowing how he is NOT allergic to Tiger Balm or Deep Heat I got a cotton bud and took out some of the White Tiger Balm and wiped it all over the head of his cock.  Teasing the slut hole with a little and covering the whole of his glans, using my gloved finger tips to massage it in.  He could feel the sensation starting to work and was clearly enjoying it.

Next was to have him dress in a tacky little purple PVC thong he had bought for his wife and have him model it for me.  He does enjoy the humiliation factor of me giggling and laughing in our sessions.  Then on to securing him on my bench, starting off with his hateful bright pink PVC mac!  He hates the colour and Mrs PVC made him buy it!  I put it on back to front and pulled the hood up over his face, and pulled out the butt plug he had been wearing the whole time and replace it with a fairly large anal hook that I had sent him the link to add to his personal collection.

I secured the anal hook to rope which I then bound to his collar and gave some further breath play whilst pulling on the rope.  Each time pushing him a little further to his limits.  Then on to the dice game with selecting just four different instruments, two impact play, one zip line of pegs and a white candle.  Rolling the dice it landed on one so impact play item 1 and the next roll of the dice was 5 so 5 strikes across the middle of his buttocks, being careful re the level so not to mark him.  After several dice rolls the pegs and candle came into play with pegging his dangly testicles and then hot dripping wax on his buttocks.

Time to step up the action again, removing the anal hook and replacing it with my Mistress cock after tying his hands up behind his back and pinning him down and giving him a good pegging. Mmmmmm this happens to be one of my favourite activities!  After I had thoroughly used slave I then realised him from my Mistress cock and untied him.

Having him lie down on the floor and onto more breath play and some face sitting.  PVC slave got spoiled today with not one but TWO PVC outfits!  A new pencil skirt worn with a gorgeous fitted jacket and underneath a sleeveless hot pants style cat suit with a zip to show off my lovely breasts if I desire  or for over underwear  breast worship.  I had worn the entire outfit for the first hour and then stripping down to the cat suit for the second hour. It only seemed right to smother him with my shiny PVC clad bottom!

I had the urge to torture his cock and balls some more so I gave him a lovely wax coating all over his cock, hearing his sharp intakes of breath and seeing him squirm on the floor excited me.

I threatened to whip it all off and he begged and begged me not to, I removed some of the wax and left him some to pick off later with Mrs PVC.  I’m very thoughtful like that, then I decided as we were now at the very end of his two hour session to fit him into his other chastity device with a good smothering of Tiger Balm again on the head and then had him lie on the floor and insert the “Ginger Root” butt plug (known as figging) and also for some extra humiliation a disposable nappy.  I also gave him instructions to stop off on the way home to purchase some nice bubble bath for his wife and hearing later from her that he had in fact excelled himself and also bought her some Champagne to sip in her luxury bubble bath.

I have known PVC slave for some time and I am also really delighted when he gets in touch or his wife gets in touch to arrange a session.  Roll on the next one after their spa holiday!


Strap-on fun or pegging as it’s also known

I love the many facets of domination from spanking, corporal punishment cross dressing, adult baby and role plays but it just so happens that donning my strap-on and giving a man a good pegging over my bench or one leg cocked up on my bed just happens to be one of my favourite things!

To start off such a session it’s vital that the sub/slave has prepared and is clean, there are various douching kits on the market to do this as well as special shower attachments too.  If you are not sure then email to ask but a Google search will bring up sites such as “Love Honey” “Uber Kinky” to just name a couple and a douche kit starts from around £10.

If you don’t have a kit then usually as long as you have emptied out and popped your own finger in soaped up to check inside and washed externally then all should be good to proceed.

I always warm up my willing victim with lots of lube, my gloved fingers and small toys before going for my Mistress cock!  I have different shapes and sizes from small beginner “cherry popper” I fondly call it to my bigger, ribbed, and wider and full on rampant beasts.

It’s thrilling and exciting to have a grown man to submit to my Mistress cock, having him on his knees sucking it and bent over receiving it!  It’s a great way to keep fit too!  Don’t forget if you happen to visit the seaside in Brighton to book an appointment ahead with me too!  I am situated only ten miles from Brighton.  Seaside, rock, a pebble beach for you masochists to enjoy and a domination session.  I can always insert that stick of rock to save you consuming all that sugar!


I work within a domestic setting with all manner of instruments and equipment for various scenarios.

I am an experienced Mistress from being a pure hobbyist for many years before embarking on offering professional sessions.  I am friendly caring and approachable but do not wrongly assume this makes me any less “Dominant” ALL scenes are “Safe Sane and Consensual” and also “Risk Aware Consensual Kink”

Click here to book a session with Me