If you do not pay the deposit as verbal/email agreement and FAIL to notify me or reply to My polite email reminder then your details will be circulated.

If your personal life or work is too hectic at present then simply wait until you can give your full attention to serving Me or coming out to play!

If you have no intention at all of ever actually committing to a session then simply don’t contact Me or any other sex worker.  Karma can be a real bitch & you will only be proving to yourself that you are a complete bellend!


Teaming up with My little sis of deviance Miss Kitty Bliss for all manner of BDSM fun, book your play times ASAP!  We are offering sessions to the nervous newbie as well as experienced players.

Miss Kitty Bliss is available for some hypno sessions 121 and you will need to contact her direct in advance regarding the style of hypno script along with a deposit to her.

Send over an email with an outline of your particular interests and then follow up with a phone call.

Imagine waiting in line hearing the boy before you receive his spankings and canings, hear the cane and watch as it swishes through the air and lands right across his rump.  Watch his bottom (or her) get redder and redder, in the knowledge that you will be next!

I am looking at running a small event with just me or depending on attendees with my good friend Miss Kitty Bliss or Miss Ophelia, express your interest to my email account and I will start a list for a small intimate gathering of like minded souls.  OTK spankings, slipperings, the tawse, the cane etc

Tribute will be around £150 for a 3 hour party and some social time after for a cuppa and a biscuit.

Wednesday 25th September 1:30pm to 4:30pm as well as double domme events that day for those who desire.

Happy CP thoughts

Mistress Helen


I will be attending Club Pedestal in July and Club Sanctum in August.

Being a lifestyle Mistress I hail from a lifetime background of experimenting and starting out at fetish clubs.  I was always curious about latex, leather etc and where would anyone be able to wear such outfits outside of the bedroom.

Some history about how I got into kink properly.  I was 26 yrs old and my friend said come out with us to the Rubber Nipple Club, throwing together some black and skimpy ensemble I attended my first ever club and I was hooked.  It was such a friendly club and whilst I got attention it was very respectful and a safe place to be.  I was soon attending lots of different parties and out almost every weekend.

I’ve always been assertive and been strong willed I resent taking orders from others, despite being one of the “quiet ones” Well I’m not so quiet these days and I have found my tribe of people and friends over the years.  Having met all sorts of interesting people in clubs and dated submissive men as well as two who liked to switch.  I have discovered a lot about myself, whilst I can enjoy sensation play and once took a heavy CP style scene just to feel what it was like (not my cuppa tea) I honestly do not have a submissive bone in Me!  I do like to use the Estim pads from time to time and highly recommend them 😉

Having a change of career from the vanilla world to kink I’ve attended fetish clubs much less, simply because I have the pleasure of dressing up and playing on a weekly basis and don’t feel the same urge to go clubbing every month.  I think it’s a healthy balance to have other past times too in a non kink environment.

Attending a recent fet event it was amusing to experience  being treated as a newbie (people were really friendly) but many hadn’t seen my face about at certain events.  I tend to just simply introduce myself as Helen at clubs as I feel my character and personality are clear enough without needing to add the title of Mistress.  It was also amusing having someone ask if I was dominant or submissive, a simple smile and raised eyebrow from Me before heading off into the arena to give someone a good flogging said it all!

If you would like to come and serve me at either Club Sanctum or Club Pedestal then send a polite email.

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen xXx

Club Pedestal with Miss Kitty Bliss & Joanna Armstrong

I have a couple of projects that I would love to fulfil soon perhaps you would love to come and help a Mistress out……

1)Book/pay for a two hour session and be with me for 3 to 4 hours to include a full make-over and you will need to show your face for photos and filming as well as bring id and sign a model release form so that I can upload your pics into my various galleries on the web.

2)Book/pay for a 1.5 hour session and also sign a model release and bring photo id (driving licence or passport) for photos/filming. Be available on a Saturday (only) and be part of three sissy maids in a row decorating your cup cakes on the “Great British Wank Off” I have two sissy maids sorted for this, you will need to be comfy in the presence of others and close proximity 😉 this one could be masked or wearing a tight latex made up face mask or full make-up application.


Kinky thoughts

Mistress Helen xXx

I am currently away at BDSM Villa in Malaga from 5th June to 10th June inclusive and I am available for sessions from 11th June in West Sussex in my privately owned fully equipped play spaces. Emails will be checked periodically and my phone will be switched back on in the evening of 10th June. I look forward to seeing all my favourite kinksters and meeting new ones on my return.

Wicked thoughts
Mistress Helen

Hi everyone

A reminder that if you want a bank holiday booking to come and play and have some fun then you need to be getting in touch by tomorrow Friday the latest and deposits in by 7pm, any emails sent after that will be looked at late Monday afternoon from 4pm.

My phone will be ignored and I will only possibly answer calls from established clients over the bank holiday weekend to book in from Tuesday.

This is due to the EIGHT time wasting enqs over the last bank holiday, I’m not dealing with this again.  If no one makes a confirmed booking by tomorrow eve I am taking the bank holiday off, like many other Mistress’s.

I have some availability next week and as mentioned it’s double domination 29th/30th with Miss Kitty Bliss (see other blog for info)

Keep it kinky

Mistress Helen XX


Not long to go until My amazing friend Miss Kitty Bliss is here to team up for all manner of fun on our willing victims, just SIX more sleeps in fact from today! 29th and 30th MAY

We always receive lots of interest and have people book in quite early and then closer to the time sadly not able to commit so space has become available, book now to reserve your wonderful play time, come serve TWO feisty Alpha females!

Although our promo poster is a medical theme, we are offering all styles of sessions and NOT purely medical.  Pegging, sensory deprivation, CP, Spanking, Sissies, maid duties, EStim, Venus 2000, Bondage, Shibari and much more!!

Miss Kitty Bliss is also available for hypnosis sessions solo, you can email Me and I will direct you to contact Mistress Kitty to discuss a hypno session and script.

We are also offering short sharp shock sessions of CP for £100 for 30 minutes!

Foot worship solo £60 for 30 mins or double feet fix at £100 for 30 mins!

We are also considering a maid to assist us for the day, making our refreshments, some tidying up and at our beck and call for either a half day or full day, tribute will be from £150 depending on hours.  Email or call Me to discuss, you will also be starring in some photos and can have the option of your face being omitted or wear a mask.  A maids uniform will be supplied.

Double Domination with Miss Kitty Bliss in May

Someone to paint my lounge: who is experienced at painting walls, a job well done with attention to detail.  No mess, no patchy walls, no paint on light switches etc, using white matt paint over existing pale colour, no filling required first, just a wash over with sugar soap.  It will take 2 days max.
Refs required from other Mistress’s preferred.
27th/28th June, 28th/29th June OR 29th/30th June are the date options, ONLY over TWO consecutive days!
I require £100 deposit from you, if you turn up and do the work you receive it back on completion.  If you cancel with less than 4 days notice I will keep it and no reschedule or refunds given.  If you fail to complete the work over two consecutive days, you also forfeit the deposit, due to previous time wasting and the time spent in correspondence.
I will give you an amazing TWO hour BDSM session consisting of the likes listed on My website with your boundaries and favourite play taken into account.  This is a solo session with ME.
ONLY apply if you fully meet the above and agree to the conditions.
Whilst I will be present I do expect you to work unsupervised and crack on with the job.
I will supply the paint, dust sheets, paint rollers and brush to cut in, as well as light refreshments and snacks.
Anyone who feels the above is unfair or not achievable need NOT apply or bother to comment on Twitter!  Stay away Trolls.
I painted this room Myself 3 1/2 years ago in two days on My own to a very high standard so I know it can be done.
Email Me to apply and follow up with a phone call, looking forward to hearing from someone who knows what they are doing!