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West Sussex Mistress Helen Ryder


Welcome to the site of West Sussex Mistress Helen Ryder.   Come and visit me in my beautifully equipped private playroom.  I have personally created one of the best safe/kink spaces for you to visit and leave the outside world behind.  On occasions I work from commercial dungeons, this is pre agreed with the hire covered by you.  My local dungeons are Gatwick and Brighton.

I am a multi faceted Mistress with many fetish areas of interest.  I am passionate about domestic discipline as well as sissy transformations, come along to the gender reassignment Klinic for full feminisation, release your inner “Gurl”  some maid training, deportment and much more.  I am interested in ALL genders.

When you write to Me simply provide the bare bones of an idea or list of interests along with dates . We will have a good chat once the session date is secure and on the day, you will see your fantasy come to life in a naturally evolving organic way and not from a script.

All new clients are to book with a minimum of 24 hours notice in order to communicate openly as well as process the mandatory 50% non refundable deposit to secure your playtime.

I am a natural born leader, feisty fun alpha female.  I see many new players with the right attitude and that we have mutual interests.   I expect you to be respectful in all manner of approach and that you will have read My website in full.

Please read this blog for FAQ’s that often come up! https://www.mistress-helen-ryder.co.uk/faqs/

For ALL My links see here Mistress Helen Ryder The Ultimate Sussex Mistress’s links (allmylinks.com)

Fetish Furniture:

  • Bathroom splosh/food play sessions (extra fee to cover the sundries)
  • Bondage Chair
  • Bondage Bed with floating swing or board, Not full suspension
  • Suspended Floating Board for sensory deprivation or pallet wrapping
  • Fetters Bondage Board
  • Full Length Cage (lay down)
  • Strait Jacket & Body Bag
  • Spanking Bench
  • Smother Box
  • Domestic Scenarios: Such as OTK spanking on my comfy chaise lounge sofa for those who don’t like dungeon style equipment. In my FAQ’s you will find a list of the activities that I thoroughly enjoy.
  • Various exciting adult toys for your pleasure


I am situated approximately under 2 miles from the A23 exit Burgess Hill.  7 mins by car from Starbucks/Burger King services. If coming by taxi I’m just 5 minutes from Burgess Hill train station, approx 20 minutes by car from Gatwick Airport or Brighton. Just ONE hour from London Victoria/London Bridge via fast train.  Burgess Hill is between Gatwick and Brighton, where I can book either of the commercial dungeons if preferred.  If walking from Burgess Hill or Wivelsfield train station I am approx 20 mins.

All sessions are strictly by appointment.

My Background:

From early days tying boys up to lamp posts and laughing with my girlfriends, exerting that special power over them.   Dressing my male friend in a bridesmaid dress and full make up and making him parade around for my amusement and then in my twenties attending Fetish parties and clubs, having had relationships and a small stable of personal slaves that I am a lifestyle Mistress and became a professional dominatrix as a natural progression.

Newbies & The Experienced

I welcome new players having first spoken with you about where your interests lie, any concerns that you may have and what it is that you would like to experience from a session.   I am very warm and approachable and very firm when the situation/session calls for!  BDSM and seeing a professional Mistress is not all about receiving pain or most certainly not about being abused, it’s about having fun whilst exploring your kinks and delivering a fantasy in a safe, sane and consensual  environment.

I see lots of seasoned players too, all session are bespoke to your particular interests and within MY boundaries and yours.  Simply get in touch to discuss a session or a fantasy you may have and have it tailored to your desires, fitting ultimately into MY own interests listed.  For those who can take hard CP and other extreme delights, be aware I especially love to release My inner sadist to those that can take it!  Please let Me know if you are a loud screamer so we can session in a commercial dungeon and not domestic.

I set a little extra time aside after your session for a cuppa, it’s great to unwind and become grounded again after a play time, if you prefer to have a bash/dash session with time constraints then that is fine too.


My premises and all equipment are sanitised to very high standards.  I use medical supply equipment and use strict cross contamination measures with any equipment used. There are times through out the session where I wear nitrile gloves for specific procedures.   Rest assured you are in safe capable hands.  I only use sterile lube for sounds/urethral play.

For make-overs I use one use mascara wands, decant products from the main bottles including lipsticks so there is no risk of facial herpes.  All make-up brushes are then fully cleaned in anti bac soap and sprayed before using on others.  There are lots of infections, especially conjunctivitis and facial herpes that can be passed on (they are not always visible) so I take every care not to put you at risk.  Wiping a make-up brush on a tissue before using on another is utterly disgraceful!  I’ve witnessed this elsewhere.  I have many make-up brushes as one would expect from visiting a professional!

Please ensure you have showered before attending.  You may bring your own wash bag or use the products provided as well as a fresh fluffy towel for your use only.  *anal play (come thoroughly cleansed) otherwise a quick acting enema  (small cost) can be administered at the start of the session if you are not able to prepare yourself.

*Please note this is a domestic environment with a Feline in residence,  My pet will  not enter the playrooms whilst in session and all surfaces are wiped down and disinfected daily.  There is no odour of cat as they are scrupulously clean as well as everywhere else.  The only carpeted area is the stairs, all other flooring is laminate.

I only offer  two sessions a day strictly by appointment.

Mistress clothing:

I make great choices in my own attire and prefer to dress to please myself in a way which will create an air of mystery to the session and surprise you.

I have a variety of “Mistress attire” and you will see some of this in my gallery. It is fine to express that you have a liking for a type of look, which I may take into consideration if I feel it works for the nature of play!

I only wear high heels for sitting down for foot/heel worship due to having torn through My ACL/Meniscus some years ago, which certainly won’t effect the fun you will experience.  I am more likely to be wearing low heels,  boots/DM’s and suchlike.

Be aware I  do not tolerate topping from the bottom.

I do NOT offer nude sessions EVER!