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West Sussex Mistress Helen Ryder

All of the sessions or play times as I like to call them are tailored that they include mutual interests, taking into account any boundaries, hard limits, health and allergies.  Please always be honest about your experience & any health conditions when attending a session.

I enjoy a vast range of activities from bondage/encasement, pegging, EStim, many exciting gadgets for edging, sissy make overs, spanking & hard CP I’m quite the domestic disciplinarian and it is one of My favourites!  I have invested heavily into ALL My equipment, only the best will do here.

*** There is a list of activities I do NOT provide at the bottom of this page.  Ensure you read them!***

Booking Procedures blog:   click here   Please read these before you email.

For Domination Phone Chat bookings, please refer to my online domination webpage for full information.

Activities I enjoy available for sessions:

  • Anal Training : Stretching, toys/plugs, prostrate, Strapon aka Pegging, Fisting  I welcome the newbie and the experienced to this with a variety of Mistress cocks!
  • Aunty nephew role play or other family RP, aunty catches you in her underwear drawer or looking at naughty magazines
  • Ball busting: not extreme play
  • Bastinado
  • Bed (Bondage) bath, awwwww Matron
  • Bottom Worship: Clothed – Kiss My strong buttocks over my panties, leggings/latex or hosiery (you on your knees)
  • Bondage: Ropes – Leather Straps, Cling Film/Pallet Wrap, vet wrap, chains, leather body sleep sack bag & latex bag and straps
  • CFNM Clothed Female naked male
  • Caged or secured to bondage bed and left alone £90 per every hour, no play included at all, TWO hour min booing or tagged onto a play tribute session
  • Cash Point meets, £50 non return deposit to meet you in Burgess Hill or Haywards Heath, min withdrawal £150 from machine.
  • Castration & Circumcision “fantasy” roleplay, not actual harm or removal!
  • Couples: I will see couples where the lady makes first contact with me and having spoken with you both “Surprises” are NON consensual
  • CP: Corporal Punishment , Caning, Spanking, Flogging, Spanking Bench. A good old fashioned over the knee OTK your very own Sussex based Disciplinarian I excel in this area and give the most excellent precise stripes and red rosy glows to the lighter players
  • CBT: Cock and Ball play, Teasing, Torture, Wax, Electrics, Weights, Sounds, Pump, Bondage, Clamps, Slapped, Crushed with hands and fingernails digging in
  • Chastity : You provide your own device for key holding at £100 PER WEEK
  • Confinement: Pallet wrapping on the suspension bench or in the cage
  • Cross Dressing: Sissy’s – tv’s – Tarts – Maids I do have a small selection ranging from UK dress size 12 to 22 along with MANY wigs and make-up or bring your own if you are out of my size range I love dressing men in sexy stockings & suspenders
  • Dental Examination, various roleplay as sadist dentist or sexy but strict hygienist, have you been a good boi and been flossing regularly?
  • Depilation: Removal of pubes and/or body hair by shaving, chemical (veet if not allergic) or plucking
  • Domestic servitude: Come for maid/butler training and wait upon Me
  • Double Domination: This will be advertised on my blog page so keep checking for updates
  • Dirty Degradation on you with HS & WS in the bath room £950 tribute (consists of a min 60 mins to 90 mins in my company) OR spend the day from 10am to 7pm just being used as My toilet £2500.
  • Facial (as in beauty treatment for those into make-up or salon procedures)
  • Electro Stimulation:  E-stim 2B series, Helix and Electro pebble, plus an array of accessories for internal & external stimulation subject to particular metal implants in your body
  • Enema: Available in sessions from one hour, small surcharge £10 added to cover disposable sterile one use kits
  • Face Slapping/Spitting
  • FinDom: Financial Domination, make regular monthly tributes to support my lifestyle, gift me generously, bank info on the online domination page
  • Fisting
  • Foot and Shoe/Boot Worship My naked or nylon encased feet or shiny shoes or boots to polish with your tongue.
  • Forced Bi ONLY available to repeat established clients, NEVER on a first visit to Me, prove yourself on a solo booking first! http://www.mistress-helen-ryder.co.uk/forced-bi-my-thoughts-experience/
  • Forced Exercise either in private or if I deem you suitable then to the gym with Me!
  • Hair cut humiliation, hair shaving no 1 or 2, pudding bowl cut.  I’m NOT a qualified hairdresser so at your peril.
  • Humiliation, from pudding bowl haircuts to panty wearing the world is your oyster with your Sussex Humiliatrix
  • Kidnap scenario (fantasy roleplay): Only available if I have previously seen you for a session, this is always double domme with duration of 2 hours (£750)
  • Leather body bag for total body bondage encasement
  • Magic wand with sleeve, wonderful device for orgasms if I allow you that privilege
  • Massage: I am fully trained in the art of various forms of massage, using aromatherapy or unscented massage wax with my soothing hands and hot bamboo.  Showering is available both before and after
  • Medical Play: Nurse/medical ROLEPLAY exams, Urethral sounds, surgical staples, needles, bed bath, shaving, all play discussed, no longer offering catheters or saline scrotal infusion
  • Mouth Soaping: Been swearing & using dirty words then it’s time to soap that filthy mouth out by your wicked step mother role-play or nanny/aunty/teacher etc
  • Nipple Torture : Cat Claws (metal)  Clover Clamps, Wax, Suction, Fingers & Nails, Deep Heat, Freeze Gel, Ice, Needles, Bamboo Sticks & Cupping
  • Nettles: When they are in season and available
  • Orgasm control: Denial, Post Orgasm Torture, Edging, JOI or Ruined Orgasm as PART of a session to include other interests, it’s NOT all about your cock!
  • Pallet wrap on floating suspension board for sensory/EStim type play sessions over 1.5hrs are essential
  • Poppers (bring your own, it’s illegal to supply you any) under controlled conditions with your health permitting! NO Blue lips!
  • Role Play: Strict bitch boss and you’re due an appraisal, will you do anything to keep your job? Caught stealing panties (PC Ryder will arrest you) been naughty & caught being a peeping tom, this Wicked Sep Mother will punish you and many other RP ideas
  • Sissy Play/Training – Satin sissy maid etc – Expert make-up application/dressing & play if desired, simply book the time you wish to be My gurl and lets make some fantasies come true!
  • Smothering:  Using my body weight to pin you down, under My bottom or standing on you!
  • Sounds, note I ONLY use medical grade steel, no high heel insertions (dangerous, risk of tearing /infection)
  • Spanking: On the bench or over my knee, enjoy wriggling and squirming over my lap whilst I pin you down with one leg firmly over yours and give your bottom the full attention it deserves.  Or over the bench, there are strong sturdy leather straps to keep you in place as well as plenty of extra rope and ties for those who enjoy full restraint
  • Spit Roasting: Filled both ends, available on double dommes days
  • Spitting/Birdy feeding to you
  • Sploshing session on you in your bathroom or your hotel with you providing ALL the gooey mess, outcall rates apply, you clean up the mess after.
  • Strap-On Worship: On your knees and suck my Mistress cock
  • Straight Jacket: Strapped in so tight and utterly helpless, there is NO escape until I release you
  • Tickle Torture: Tormented by my finger nails, cat claws, bumble bee glove, feathers and anything else that I can tickle you with, light enjoyable tickling or fiendish tickles to make you squeal!  It’s lots of laughter and a great work out
  • Trampling: Walking all over you and crushing you under my weight
  • Transexual Doubles with my friend Joanna Armstrong (only on dates advertised on my blog page & Twitter)
  • TV makeover Wigs, Full Make-up, a selection of wigs and accessories and full make-up with a selection of underwear and some clothing, you may bring your own clean clothing to sessions.  semi pro Photos taken on request with my Nikon DC3200 or Pro photos with Jo Armstrong, makeover day packages start from £450 Price agreed upon booking
  • Verbal Domination
  • Venus 2000 Milking machine (the gold standard from USA) Between 8 to 300 strokes per minute will keep you right on the edge until I’m ready to release you! Note: Sessions are not based on the Venus 2000 alone, there has to be other activities
  • Vet wrap bondage in session from 90 mins extra £30 fee to cover one use rolls of bandage up to 12 rolls, extra layers incur a higher charge POA & booked ahead!
  • Violet Wand: Electro sensation play with my beautiful Fluvita fully reconditioned vintage medical device, subject to particular metal implants in your body
  • Wax Play:  A variety of plain wax or coloured for dripping onto your sensitive areas
  • Wrestling, I no longer offer this at any level!  For a fantastic Dominatrix that specialises in this field visit http://www.missscorpion.com/

Serve outside of a session or become a collared slave:

For those that desire a top up outside of Professional sessions or maybe you are not quite ready to serve in person and would like email correspondence or phone calls, then ensure you enhance My life and contribute to My Femdom lifestyle. We can discuss adopting one or more of My bills.  From £42 gym membership, weekly food shopping £50, utilities and much more.  A donation gift to My bank account OR Amazon voucher to MY email will prove you are genuine and peak My interest, pop over a polite email introduction after sending a money gift to show you are genuine and 100% committed to serving ME.

Clients that I currently see and take in parcels for and receive multiple emails from between or setting up sessions are expected to pay/enhance My life, the more generous you are the greater the reciprocation!  Ensure you value and recognise My time.

Collared slave, I often receive requests for collaring due to coming into this as a lifestyle Mistress.  I will only collar someone I’ve known for some time.  A collar has to be earned and even collared slaves pay for sessions and enhance Mistress’s life, yes there will be contact outside of sessions, as well as tasks to fulfil but being a collared slave means dedication and generosity on your part.  I command the utmost respect from all my slaves.

Activities I do NOT offer:

  • Outing or exposing you to family etc this simply does not interest me in the slightest
  • Face Sitting or Queening
  • Drugs, do not take illegal substances or drink vast amounts of alcohol prior to your visit
  • Lap dancing or ANY sexy dancing, you can dance for Me!
  • Nitrox or any gases
  • Cuddling sessions
  • Cock based sessions, unless it involves pain & CBT
  • Vomit
  • Sex with submissive men
  • NO dirty bottom, panties worn for several days.
  • Balloon Popping see My Adult Work profile for a clip only
  • NO Smoking fetish, I am a non-smoker but do occasionally vape CBD if requested
  • Crushing insects, small mammals, fish etc.  Any harm to living creatures other than slapping You!  No wearing or use of real fur!
  • Lift and carry sessions
  • Wrestling
  • I do NOT see clients under the age of 21yrs, NO exceptions! 21 yrs based on your approach & manner!
  • I do not cater to you wearing full rubber wear due to lack of storage for high volume of sizes, you are most welcome to bring your own
  • Texting, ALL phone texting is IGNORED! Unless you have sent ££ first to cover a WhatsApp message package.  Please email to make contact. Texting indicates you are a time waster &/or haven’t read my site
  • I am NOT looking for any personal slaves, I only offer “Professional” sessions, long term regular clients are the ones who then become part of My inner circle and may one day earn a collar (see above)
  • Outdoor session at My premise’s, the garden would be overlooked, only in a outcall to your very private land at outcall rates