I hope everyone’s keeping well and if you have got into mischief then do book your self in for some corrective therapy ASAP!  My area is in tier two, this means personal care places, retail etc are allowed to be open.

Not long to go before we can come out to play safely again with Covid precautions in place.

I am taking solo sessions in My own premises as well as the double domination sessions mentioned below!

We have a treat in store for you! Double domination sessions with the amazing Lady Amber in Gravesend Kent & Burgess Hill West Sussex (just 20 mins from Gatwick)
The type off sessions are ALL impact play, bondage, extended bondage, leather worship, breath play, boot worship & foot worship, leather cross dressing. For anything not mentioned please include a polite request, pegging & venus2000/relief won’t be included in the doubles & we will be offering the style of play listed in Leather Lady Ambers site, so plenty of BDSM & kinky fun to enjoy.
Due to travel double domme dates will be advertised and pre bookings taken with deposits as well as possible booking being available on the day.
With a long booking enquiry and deposit security we can be available together with 48 hours notice.
Read and follow each of our booking procedures to apply, mine are hyper linked in sessions and tribute pages as well as on blog page.

Well here we are again!

My existing clients that wish to enquire about booking in, may email Me to sort out your future sessions.

I wish to say with heartfelt thanks  how much I have really appreciated the very special loyal clients that have continued supporting Me throughout this very tough year, it was great to see some of you when last lockdown was lifted.  Those who haven’t been able to fly over have sent tributes and we have shared stories throughout these strange times.  I am very generous with those who are loyal and that support Me.

ALL new enquiries will only have their emails replied to with either a £20 bank transfer payment or Amazon Gift code sent in the very first instance to My email of  NOT to My phone, thank you.  If you send any attachments over at all without payment first and permission, you will be blocked!

This is simply to deter the high volume of time wasters that came along last lockdown.  The payment will cover a 10 min chat on the phone and when you do visit in the future I will take that payment off your tribute when you attend.

If however you have really enjoyed chatting and want to chat more then you will need to pay across for more calls or emails to cover My time.

Unless payment is sent then new emails will be ignored!


Bank info, is

sort 20-92-54

Account: 70468665

Name: Ms Rogers

Ref: consultation followed by your initials.  Then email AFTER sending

Meanwhile you can feast away on My mini clips through Adult Work or longer ones on Clips4Sale.

I will ONLY answer My work phone if you have pre paid for a chat or I am logged in to one of the phone chat platforms and you are calling Me through them.

So far since March 2020 SEVEN very flaky unreliable people have got themselves on the TW list and I will NOT be seeing them again.

I wish for My business and success to grow in a positive manner and one of My lovely chaps I refer to as Uncle Stewie said recently, not all business is good business, very wise words indeed!

Stay safe n kinky


Get in touch to book/pay any of the aforementioned.


Mistress Helen xXx


One of My long serving subs has bought a fantastic new toy!

It’s called the Slubb, it has very powerful vibrations, how long can you handle it?!  Book a session and find out!

Who doesn’t love a power tool!

Please note I am seeing both established regulars and new clients for play times with a risk assessment in a phone call and PPE in place. keeping Us safe whilst still having a lot of fun here.

I am a highly skilled multifaceted Domme with a wealth of experience, your boundaries are taken into consideration.  My Fetish interests are vast and listed on this site.  I excel in domestic discipline, EStim play, Pegging and much more.  I also love a good roleplay when it’s called for and certainly do not require or want a script.

I wish I could include photos of the beautiful needle art I did yesterday on the boi who bought this new toy.  I can show you when you attend.

Stay safe n kinky peeps, see some of you soon 😉

Mistress Helen XX



This blog was simply going to be about My love of perfume and receiving a beautiful gift today, it then diverted to “stuff” I need to express and get off My Mistress chest!  So here goes……………..

Perfume evokes memories, creates new ones and when you pick the right one it makes Me feel special as well as smelling gorgeous.

I’m not one of these faithful to one signature scent ladies, I adore so many different perfumes and love the collection I have to pick/choose how I wish to smell and feel that day.  Did anyone see the episode of Killing Eve when Villanelle goes into an exclusive perfumers and states she wants to smell powerful?  That’s Me when I spray one of My Tom Ford scents.

One of My bois loves scents and we were recently chatting about Jo Loves, Jo Malone MBE created this range after selling Jo Malone to Estee Lauder.  With finding it difficult to get into London at present as it’s a whole day out of work and not wanting to be in crowds at weekends I mentioned the discovery set by Jo Loves and I was thrilled today to receive this wonderful gift arrive by DPD!

He said how much he loves catching My scent as he is strapped down over a bench or across My lap for a good spanking or other fun pass times here.

I have 10 different samples to try out and then a code to order a 50ml bottle of the one I really love.  I can’t wait to get testing.

One of the many pleasurable aspects of being a Professional Mistress is receiving thoughtful gifts, not just on My Birthday or Christmas but in between throughout the year.  Some bois will bring a lovely gift to the session or send something afterwards, some pop a money gift into My account, others send gift codes for Amazon.

I will slightly divert here, not a rant but it needs to be addressed!  As a Professional Mistress I give out a lot of energy and invest a lot of thought and My time into your play times, often new clients will run over time a little.  Quite often the good ones realise this and compensate, sadly some don’t despite saying what a wonderful time they’ve had and will be back, nope nothing, not even an email after, which happened recently.   This has made Me decide that I won’t do one-hour sessions for new chaps and they must book 90 mins, this is because they love to chat with Me whilst here and yes, I love a good chat too.  However, time is money and this is My livelihood and extra time given here and there not being compensated ALL adds up.  Stop with the self entitlement of expecting any of My time for free!  I do look after those who look after Me, prove yourself and enhance My life not hinder it.

The great bois I see that become My favourites are those who show their appreciation and show their reverence to Me, not treat Me as some commodity, picking Me up for a short notice booking because they feel horny and the wife’s not in the mood to play and the bit on the side is in lockdown so let’s see if Mistress Helen is about.  Then not commit to anything and it’s the third time they’ve called since actually visiting and refuse to book one or two days ahead and want to put Me on the spot and trust they will turn up despite letting Me down previously and won’t pay a deposit into My account, despite it not identifying Me as male or female or what it is for! Offering to pay cash to My address and not posting it or popping through the letterbox (having been here several times previously) NO no it doesn’t work like that!  This is how they get on the blocked list!  Sometimes clients that start out good, get comfy and then turn bad, becoming very unreliable!

The kind of people I usually attract and want to stay seeing as those who appreciate and respect Me and the fantastic safe space I have here, it’s fully equipped, I have invested thousands into the business for your pleasure.


One of My super special bois has been greatly supportive through the last 8 months especially and has bought lots of fantastic new bum toys for the playroom and we’ve been doing lots of film clips together.

I realise not all of My bois are in a position to give lavish gifts

Some will bring along a gift voucher, pop a tip into My account after a session with a thank you email, bring a lovely bottle of wine for Me to enjoy, I prefer gutsy reds like Malbec.  Some have bought homemade chilli jam from chilli plants they have grown in the greenhouse.  Someone saw some cat socks in White Stuff and bought those.  It’s the thoughtful gestures, the respect when booking, the deposits sent in a timely manner and ALL the positives things they do that enhance the time we spend together.

Being self-employed right now is harder than usual, Covid19 has shown Me some truly outstanding kind people as well as some really nasty time-wasting energy vampires.  I won’t tolerate them!

To stay in favour, be a good boi, book ahead a day or to, pay your deposit, respect My time both in session and around the session, it’s so simple.

To be an uber wonderful boi then tip or bring a gift and put a smile on My face.

Ladies and Gentleman  that enjoy CP/Impact play only! (NO other thrills/frills included)

One hour £120

90 mins £150

This rate is purely for enthusiasts of spanking. flogging, cropping, whipping, paddles, hairbrush, tawse, slipper and the cane, no other activity included, sorry no cross dressers that wish to borrow my clothing as this bumps up cleaning/costs, you may bring along your own if you wish.

Straight up spanking fun or incorporated into a roleplay, the wicked step mother, aunt, head teacher, nanny, school bully/prefect or strict demanding boss!

Book your CP now!



So many lovely shades of lipstick

The funny thing is I am often asked to wear a particular shade of lipstick for a session and yet I haven’t been treated to a lipstick from the client requesting, such a poor show chaps…

Naturally I have great taste and only wear the best in make-up products.

Lips are very erotic, look at them closely as I explain just how I will have you over My knee for a good spanking or strapped down securely on the bench!

Pick a shade and gift Me but do bear in mind I am a blonde so suit the reds, nudes and pinks better than the deep goth and purples!  If you find the choice overwhelming then do ask.  If unable to send one then send the funds and I will order direct.

Sort: 20-92-54 Acc: 70468665 Ms S Rogers Ref: Hermes||Category


Top tip to avoid lipstick on your teeth ladies, trannies and TGirls

Suck your thumb or some other naughty appendage 😉


There are so many lovely things I would love for My birthday on Monday 24th August.

Either send some money via bank transfer

Sort: 20-92-54

Account: 70468665

Ref: Birthday

Name: Rogers

Only send an email after it is sent so I can thank you if you would like a response.

Or Amazon gift code to My email address of

Mistress Helen xXx



With the weather being so sublime right now I have decided to offer the Vanilla massage full body treatment of one hour at £65!

This will be in the garden on the patio area, which is a nice shaded secluded spot.  You will be wearing underpants.

Please come freshly showered as there will be no showering/no access into the premises at this offer price (only a downstairs toilet visit) if required.

I will use an unscented liquiwax massage balm which glides beautifully and will not leave your skin at all oily.  You will be able to dress after without any residue going onto your clothes.

Note this is VANILLA massage only! You will leave feeling relaxed, happy and refreshed with any special “happy ending” happening in your own home.

No fetish chit chat as it’s not appropriate outside.

Do you strive to serve your Mistress better and learn a new skill?

I used to run work shops at Club Artemis on their Sunday gatherings with massage, pedicures and manicures and it was very popular.   The bois loved learning how to carry out a treatment for their dominant to a high standard and derived pleasure from doing so.

I will be running 121 work shops from my premises from Monday 10th August 2020 with PPE in place to keep us all safe.

If you wish to bring along your dominant then you are welcome to do so if not I will need some notice to arrange a model for you to carry out the treatment/procedures under my direct instructions after watching a demonstration and will provide guidance all the way.

Workshops are £125 with guidance notes emailed to you for future reference, each workshop will  consist of around two hours and if you require more guidance/extra tuition I will tailor the workshop price to your requirements.

I provide all the information you will need for purchases of good quality products, equipment and suppliers.

You will have the skills to carry out your chosen procedure to a professional level with confidence and not have to constantly pester your Mistress with questions (disturbing her pampering and relaxation)

By giving your best attention to detail you will be in your Mistress’s good books and might be lucky to receive some reward or at least some recognition for your efforts!

If you require a re-fresher work shop within 3 months of attending your first chosen subject a £10 reduction will be given.

Come and learn as new skill and serve your dominant well!

Mistress Helen



In the first instance write an email to Me, keep it to 2 paragraphs max, include the following, your age, any medical conditions, any allergies or past trauma that might affect a session.

Include the dates/times you can commit within My timings on My website.  Include your mobile number in full or last four digits and I will reply with suggested times to call for a brief chat.

Ensure you have read the blog Back to Work Plans regarding Covid19 and about paying a deposit, which is linked on the tribute page.

Pay either the bank transfer deposit (preferred) or Amazon gift code sent to My Mistress email (once I’ve agreed this and the amount)

When you have your play time booked in and deposit securing it we can then chat at greater length if desired and look forward to the time set aside in My diary of deviant delights.

Note: I usually only answer My phone when expecting a call, if I answer without your intro email in place I will not be answering questions and will ask you to email.

ALL New clients to book 24 hours ahead, NO exceptions!