I have availability for sessions as per usual and I am looking for a filming sub too!

Is there a boy out there that wants to book a filming session as per My advertised filming rates for the following content:

Stuffing your pleasure hole full of mini choccy eggs & have you rebirth them into a nappy, will require a douche first so it’s just chocolate expelling

Face slapping and spitting


Foot worship & foot tease on your cock

Mouth soaping

Edging with wands over & over, orgasm control, maybe ruined orgasm and post orgasm torment (P.O.T) plus CEI

CP at a moderate level

I will require a signed model release form and I need to take a photo of your driving licence or passport ID, you may wear a hood but I would prefer if you were happy showing your face especially for the face slapping/spitting and foot worship clips.  At My own playroom in Burgess Hill.

West Sussex Mistress Helen Ryder (

Roll up boys and gurls, book your playtime with Moi and My bestie Miss Kitty Bliss

Two wicked ladies who want to tease, toy and manipulate the pleasures of your flesh!

One hour appointment £300

90 min appointment £400

Two hour appointment £520

Filming subs (only those with experience/less boundaries the better) model release/photo id required TWO hours max £420

We advise to book in ASAP and a mandatory non refundable early deposit is required

FRIDAY 12th APRIL 2024

Have you been a very naughty boy and need some strict attentions to your bottom?

Well, you had better book your appointment with strict Mistress Helen, an expert disciplinarian to administer some  hand spankings, slipper, paddles, caning and tawse etc lets make sure you are glowing and that your internal reset button is dealt with! Boundaries and limits pre discussed of course.

There is a special rate on FRIDAY 12th APRIL 2024 ONE HOUR £140 this is purely an offer for impact play ONLY and no other activity, unless you wish to book in at My usual rate of course.

Sessions will run from 1pm to 9:30pm finish with ONLY FOUR available appointments booked in.  This is to allow cleaning gaps, as well as R&R for Mistress to be fresh for each visitor.  This will take place in My domestic playroom in Burgess Hill.  Other venues not available on this date.

Book and pay your deposit promptly to secure your special time.

My booking procedures and how to pay your deposit in this blog link:

Mistress Helen Ryder of West Sussex (


The Goddess Society, hosted by the utterly amazing Lady Ava Sheridon  @avasheridon

are BACK in Brighton with the much sought after Anti -Valentines Edit. Yes, you heard right: three whole glorious hours of you being naked, serving and entertaining Us in a variety of wickedly delightful ways.

WHEN: Thursday 15th February 2024 5-8pm

WHERE: Central Brighton location. Address will be sent in your confirmation email.

WHO: Goddesses in Attendance:

Your Host: Lady Ava Sheridon, The Goddess Society:

Domina Blaize @DominaBlaize

Domina Joi Bleu @Joi_Bleu

Myself: Mistress Helen Ryder @MsHelenRyder

PRICE: £220 per submissive which is for the entire 3 hour duration of the event! PLACES: LIMITED!!!!!! There are 8 premium places in total. One of them belongs to you. BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW:

FemDom CFNM Brighton Party ClothedFemaleNakedMale Valentines

Just four days into the New Year and My diary is filling up nicely 🙂 I had a superb playtime last night and I’m still smiling!

Today I am logged into the phone chat lines, no clients booked in for today.  Still keeping myself busy with phone work, blogging, SEO and X posts etc….

Here are ALL My links to perfuse:

Mistress Helen Ryder The Ultimate Sussex Mistress’s links (

I love receiving tips or money gifts through Wish Tender if you do not wish to send direct to My own bank account and receive more of the money then tipping through other platforms.  It’s also another way you can send a deposit if you do not want my vanilla name showing on your bank account.


Sadly it just takes a couple of bad apples to make Me have to really enforce deposits!  I am posting this to hi-lite why it is essential that you pay a deposit and respect My time.

EVERYONE has to pay a deposit.

I was badly let down by two clients recently, one accepted a reverse bid on AW, booked Me knowing in advance a deposit would be expected.  He stated he would send an Amazon GC without even asking if it was ok.  I asked him to call Me at a set time & pay deposit by a set time and then he suddenly had Covid!  Yet was on AW changing his user name at the height of being extremely ill. He sent a £20 Amazon GC as way of an apology, which didn’t really cover his messing.

Another client who has always bank transferred a deposit booked three weeks in advance, asked if he could pay in full when he came as didn’t wish to use his account then let me down only a day before with Covid!  No offer of any compensation to Me, if I had the deposit in, it wouldn’t have been such a blow to my self employed status and his deposit would have been held against a new booking.  £150 less income that week instead of the £300 loss of income.  So you can see where this is going!

If you are genuinely ill then obviously I do not want to catch anything, however My finances shouldn’t suffer because of you!

Hair salons, spas, tattooists etc are ALL taking deposits (due to being self employed) and some state that payment in full should you cancel at short notice will be expected.  The fact I state I will move your deposit to one new date is very fair.

If you do not have any intention of booking Me or paying a deposit then please do NOT contact Me!  Those who message or repeatedly call without commiting, I will ensure your phone number/email is circulated on time waster and nuisance forums.

I am blocking/black listing and reporting those who mess Me around.  The only way to get unblocked is to write an apology and pay what’s due/outstanding if you’ve previously messed Me about AND pay in FULL for your next appointment.



Another year flying by it seems…..

I’ve had lots of fun n frolics this past year, if I had to leave anything behind at all it would just be any negativity from the ones who didn’t cut the mustard, got banned and blacklisted to boot on various forums.  For failing to pay deposits, to cancelling with no offer of compensation on the day.

I’m entering 2024 with FIRM goals to give My wonderful business model some extra attention with updates and photo sets on My LoyalFans platform, more POV saucy clips on My Adult Work profile and being available on My phone platforms when not in real time or gym/downtime, yes guilty as charged for not always taking some time off!

Now a reminder that BDSM, playtimes are a luxury!  Hence I will not lower My rates or give discounts when you ask.  You are paying for a wealth of experience with a quality array of the finest tools of My trade.  ALL appointments require a deposit, ANY short notice cancellations will be covered in full or get blacklisted.  Although I will still offer some appointments of one hour, priority will be given to bookings from 90 mins.

I am interested in collabs with other ladies for filming, My own filming rates will apply.  Otherwise just GG shared content is also welcome for BDSM or of a more adult content for Adult Work.

Wishing you all a healthy fun filled 2024

Thank you to the dear subs who have supported Me over this past year and I look forward to more fun n games with you all very soon.

All My best swishes

Mistress Helen XXX

P.S Anyone sending messages re your mental health, especially for extreme penile operations etc then contact the numbers below

I am a Dominatrix not a surgeon or mental health expert.

Wishing ALL My subs, slaves, sissies, kinksters & players a wonderful festive time and thanks for a great year of fun n frolics in real time or phone sessions.  It’s been a blast! 🙂

I will pop on phone chat briefly Christmas day in between cooking/eating and I am around tomorrow Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

Anyone wanting to pay me direct for chats, should do so first, SEND & then email or WhatsApp message, your name/sent as subject.

For those who are lonely and suffering with MH or can’t afford a chat with me, then do call the Samaritans but keep it clean!

Any of my boys who haven’t yet sent a gift, money tributes are great and will go towards further ink on my arm next year,  Pop Christmas Ink as ref into my account.

Merry Chritmas

Mistress Helen XXX

Happy 20th Birthday to Club Pedestal in London, congratulations to Derek and his team, one of the longer standing Fetish Clubs.

TWENTY yrs how time flies!  I’ve been attending Club Pedestal for the last 15yrs! I don’t attend every time it’s on as I often have clients booked in for the day after.  Crawling into My pit at 5/6am after travelling home doesn’t leave much in the way of sleep but boy it’s worth it!

It’s so lovely to catch up with some of My Mistress pals and a great night out.  I’ve been invited to attend the slave selection evening and be a “House Dominatrix” but living outside of London I simply don’t have the time to spare.

Ladies: If you haven’t yet been to Club Pedestal then I recommend that you do, on arrival into the venue you will be greeted by kneeling slaves and be presented with a rose.  There is a Fetlife corner tour of the venue available, you will meet lots of new people and make great connections and new friends quite quickly.  I’ve driven there in the past on My own and not felt at all out of place.

There are various areas in the club, space to play, fair amount of equipment, I love the trample cage! A row of subs are like juicy sausages on the floor just waiting to be squished! They have a cabaret show, which is fun to watch.   In the past I have added some fun/slighty strange requests into the Maitre D’s black book, some of those being a sub to be a human frog to hop 3 circuits of the club making frog noises (Myself and the sub creased up with laughter & his knees killing him)  a lap dance from a fit hunk (Mmmmm thanks Maximus I won’t forget that one)  one Christmas I made a sub dress up and sing from the main bar Christmas songs standing on a table.  As well as the usual foot worship, receive a public thrashing, wait on Me, fetch drinks and be a foot stall etc.  Little Muffin also really needs a mention here, a sub who had a full western saddle and used to carry Ladies on his back.

It’s a great playground for Dominant Ladies!

See if you can spot Me in the gallery archives from over the years 🙂 Club Pedestal



They haven’t transferred my money into my account, which was sent from Niteflirt to the MassPay platform at the end of October and I received my payment link 6th November, which I then requested my payment (SEPA).  I have raised a ticket with Niteflirt (still waiting on a reply)  I have also emailed MassPay 11 times and logged a formal complaint as they are in breach of terms of service.

Niteflirt continue to have MassPay mentioned on the site as a means of UK creators/phone flirts to get paid, this is shocking considering the amount of people who haven’t received money! I doubt that I will ever receive the money I worked hard for!

I ask for my fans to please call me via the following methods:

Book a call direct with me and pay by Bank transfer, Wishtender or send an Amazon gift code to my email of

Call me via Dommeline, rates apply and you must be over 18yrs with bill payers permission.

Or Adultwork, ditto re rules stated above.