A visit to Mistress Helen Ryder


Trembling finger hovers on door bell

Will my Mistress’s dress foretell?

How I will be used this visit please?

I do not know, I am hers to tease.


I’m told to strip to nakedness,

Embarrassment now is my distress.

”Put your clothes in the bowl provided”

My fate I feel, has been decided.


She stands there aloof, our Miss Ryder

Dressed in black, Her cane beside her!

”Kneel on my bench, you dismal Cur,

I will secure you tight for sure”


Straps over waist and thighs are bound

They pinch a bit, but I make no sound.

Next my wrists tightly secured

My hopelessness is now assured.


Mistress Helen in complete control

Wonders if to peg my hole!

But no, this bottom far too white

Decides to redden for her delight.


First her hand and then the paddles

Oh please don’t Miss, release my shackles.

Just when I think I can take no more

She fondles my poor bottom sore.


”I feel the urge to peg you now,

You miserable well endow”

Oh please Mistress I beg of you

My bottom in that way’s brand new.




Oh my God! I’m stretched beyond

My limits by her enormous wand.

I fight against my fettered bounds

To no avail, Her pegging pounds.



After my profound ordeal

She loosens me and makes me kneel.

”Don’t think I have finished with you

I am going to cane you, black and blue”.


I touch my toes and wait for it

Oh please Mistress I hate that stick.

Twelve strokes across my bare backside

I tried not to, but cried and cried.


I hobbled home sorry and sore

Vowed I would never more

meet Mistress Helen ever again

but then I never can abstain.


She has me where she wants me.