To help some of My regs that book flights to come and visit for their playtimes as well as all other enquiries, I have current availability on these dates: 12th to 17th May at a variety of times, email over your interests and preferred timings, we can arrange a short 5 min chat so we have spoken and have you booked in, then you pay the deposit within *X hours of our chat, enabling you to arrange another chat closer to the date of your playtime if desired.  I require a minimum 24hrs notice for My Burgess Hill play space and 48 to 72 hours plus if you wish a playtime at either The Brighton Dungeon or Gatwick Dungeon.  I only offer same day appointments to trusted regs (deposit still taken) or those with a holding deposit already in place with two hours notice after agreement to see you.

*X hours, I will specify this in Our chat

🎁**Gifting: This is always lovely and appreciated, Tips, gift codes for Amazon/Etsy and My fave perfume at present is Do Son by Dipytique and they have a beautiful scented soap and other items in this gorgeous fragrance I will add their official site link, they also sell in major department stores John Lewis/Fenwicks/Selfridges etc.  My Birthday is 24th August  Do Son Collection (

I am not available between these dates: 18th to 23rd May

I have availability from 24th May to 17th June

I am not available between 18th June to 27th June

I am available from 28th June to 15th July

Not available 16th to 18th July

Available from 19th July to 5th August

Not available 6th/7th August

Available 8th  to 10th August

Not available 11th to 15th August 

Available 16th to 19th August

Not available 20th to 25th August

Available from 26th August to 1st September I think that will do for now and help you plan your spankings and all sorts of wonderful kink BDSM play over the next few months 👌



I’m often asked why someone would want to see a dominatrix, especially if the person is happily married or in some form of relationship, surely they could get their partner to show an interest??

Lots of people who come to see Me don’t want to rock the boat at home, they’ve had this interest/kink that goes way back and they’ve tried to bring it up, maybe seen a TV programme and the partner has expressed disgust so they think their partner might potentially end the relationship.  Yet this urge/feeling and fantasy exists and simply won’t go away, they can only suppress it for so long.  I have chosen not to appear on TV or in mainstream media so that My own business stays more discreet and that no one knows why you are visiting Me.  I think there are far too many “Salacious” TV docs/shows that do not truthfully reflect real life, the Mistress being interviewed is under pressure to perform/portray herself on mainstream media in a certain way and the media company has their own agenda.

Some people are simply working in a high pressure environment and want to pay someone for an easy transaction with no messy strings, that’s where I come in as I love to take people on a journey to explore their fetish or fantasy, they can come along to a safe welcoming space, to share this small but essential part of them, with trust and mutual discretion.  I’m not here to break up a marriage, I do not provide any sex.  Many of My clients have found a visit keeps their personal relationship healthy.  On occasions a wife or partner have sent their husbands along with a note or we’ve all met up for lunch to discuss playtime or punishments.  Some of these people have become good friends but also respect that this is My business so continue to book occasional play times..

I have also been asked how I would feel if My partner visited a Mistress, well having been cheated on in the past I would have been far happier if My husband had been visiting a Mistress and having CBT or tens tonnes of S**t kicked out of him or other kink, especially if it made him a loyal person to Me otherwise.

Some gents absolutely need CP and their partner doesn’t want o inflict pain of them or some just keep it a secret and time appointments around home events so that marks won’t be seen.  I’m also often asked not to leave marks, just a red rosy glow that will disappear after an hour or two!

Most of My clients would agree that after a session they feel elated and internally as though their clock has been reset!

A reminder to ALL that I do not have any form of sex with My players, do not ask to touch Me in sessions, any form of touch (as foot worship) is invited and the pre session chat covers mutual interests so that you don’t embarrass yourself by asking for something that I do not do.  I’ve always made it clear that this is not sex!  It’s BDSM fantasy play.

**Edit to add

Due to another email asking if I am trust worthy and will the person be recorded, have photos taken etc

If you can’t see for yourself as mentioned within My website and on Twitter, that any pics taken are ONLY with the persons permission, ALL clips that are on clip sites ALL have model release signed as it’s been a filming day/session and pre agreed.

If you are really paranoid and nervous and have to ask then you are not ready to see a Mistress.  I’m not offended by such questions I just find them unnecessary and extremely tiresome.  I loathe spoon feeding people, unless it’s part of your real time session with something “nasty” mwhahaha 🙂

Miss Ruby Vixen is back to have some fun in sessions as My assistant, she will be happy to be a voyeur for those who love being watched and she is also into giving spanking. crops/paddles, spit roast strap-on on you, trample, clothed bottom worship and spanking!

If you’ve been yearning to watch me have a younger lady over my knee or over yours under my supervision then Miss Ruby can be booked to come in on sessions.  She will only be working with me and not available on her own.

Miss Ruby will be available Fridays between 9am – 3pm Weekdays 3pm – 5pm and some scope outside of that by special arrangement.

Her rates will be:

Assistant 1st hour £60, then  £50 each additional hour

Spankee/Switch rates £100 1st hour, then £80 each additional hour

ALL bookings are non sexual!  If you’ve enquired about the slubb/wand or venus200 on you within the play time,  then of course that’s what you will get!

Miss Ruby has a new Twitter id of RubyVixen (@MissRubyVixen) / Twitter   she may answer respectful Twitter DM’s if you wish to chat with her in detail she will charge for her time.  I’ve suggested £20 for 10 mins phone chat, book direct/pay her.  This is non refundable.  Miss Ruby is available with notice on Fridays ONLY between 10am to 2:30pm finish.

I will be taking bookings for Us both so get in touch via My email:

Check out My Twitter feed for all advertised double domination dates and general news, this link is My ONLY Twitter, there have been several fakes recently, stealing My images and creating Twitter accounts to scam people, they have been reported numerous times but still exist!  Mistress Helen Ryder The Ultimate Sussex Mistress (@MsHelenRyder) / Twitter  The one and only!!!

I’m teaming up with my friend Mistress Amber in Gravesend Kent on Thursday 24th Feb 2022 we will be offering CP/All impact play, bondage, NT, sensory dep & many more BDSM Delights.  Pegging, medical play and HE is not available for this DD date, pop your enq into an email to apply.  StrictLeatherLadyAmber (@StrictLadyAmber) / Twitter

Thursday 24th March 2022 My friend Miss Kitty Bliss will be working with Me in Burgess Hill for a full BDSM experience to include pegging, medical play, CP, bondage, sissy make overs and much more!

The sooner you book and pay your deposit the more likely you are to get the time that works well for you, we are taking bookings now.  Sometimes there are places closer to the date so it’s always worth asking.  Miss Kitty Bliss (@Miss_KittyBliss) / Twitter



I have several items that I rarely use in sessions these days so I am selling them.  It will be collection only.  Bank transfer or cash on collection.

I have rejigged the clinic so that there is better access to the bondage chair next to all the medical kit and Venus2000, being as I have gyno stirrups in the main bondage room and the bed is very comfy I can still carry out all medical procedures in there.

I have bought a metal raised platform single bed base & moved the mattress from the main room into the clinic so there is a single bed for treatments/guests staying.  This means I won’t have to move a heavy sprung/memory topped mattress on a regular basis! Hooray 🙂

I am selling the Bristol Maid 4 section hospital screen £170 (new is £323.99) it folds into smaller sections for different looks and to fit in your space  Bristol Maid Four Section Curtain Screen | Health and Care

Drip stand £50 (new is from £100) as seen in photo, items not incl

Gyno chair £370  (cost £550 new MIV furniture) seen here in the medical gallery, it has 3 positions, flat, semi recline  chair & fully upright, Myself and Miss Kitty do not come with it 🙂  West Sussex Mistress Helen Ryder (



Wishing ALL My wonderful players who have supported Me in 2021 with sessions/servitude and tributes.  There has been lots of laughs, fun and games and I welcome you back in 2022 for many more great times!

My new years resolutions are simply to do more art projects and crafts.  *Bore alert! I picked up a crochet hook after at least a 35yr break and I’ve little arty projects involving those, at least it will make Me easier to gift with yarn etc from relations and friends 😉

2022 I will continue to reinvest in My business with new items of kit, if there is something in particular you would enjoy that fits My remit then play items gifts are very much welcomed.

I also welcome new clients, just read the website in full and make sure you’ve done your research that I am the right Mistress for you and then follow the booking blog.  I have many fetish interests such as spanking, domestic discipline, many BDSM pursuits to include pegging so check out My vast list.

Don’t forget to like My Tweets and especially retweet ALL My promo tweets, it’s always appreciated X

Have a great NYE what ever you are up to and see you on the flip side

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen xXx

In the first instance please write an email to Me, keep it to 2/3 paragraphs max, include the following, your age, any medical conditions, any allergies or past trauma that might affect a session.  Include a very brief synopsis of the type of play.  Any emails that are overtly rude/crude/the size of a Shakespearian play are deleted.

Include the dates/times you can commit within My timings on My website.  Include your mobile number in full or last four digits and I will reply with suggested times to call for a brief chat and ask you to send £20 phone call payment, which comes off the final tribute balance if/when you attend.

Once we have spoken/agreed a session please pay the bank transfer deposit or Amazon gift code if I have agreed this in our conversation.

Note: I usually only answer My phone when expecting a call, if I answer without your intro email in place I will not be answering questions and will ask you to email with the requested information above.

ALL New clients to book 24 hours ahead, NO exceptions!  In My area today, you knew this yesterday or further back!  Plan your kink and respect My time.

Existing clients may book a same day play time, with minimum of TWO hours notices from having spoken/agreed, bear in mind that this isn’t always possible as if I am not already pre booked I may be busy elsewhere.

I do ask that clients are double vaxxed or Lateral Flow testing on the day of the booking,  If you wish to take a LF on arrival and wait to one side before we engage that’s fine too.

Example email

Dear Mistress Helen  NOT helen, babe, goddess etc

I’m looking to book a session later this week and from 4pm would be best on the following days…..

I’m fit & well, no allergies double jabbed OR I have asthma, allergic to…

I’m new/experienced and I’m interested in the following: CP light/Moderate/Hard can/can’t be marked, pegging/anal play, medical fetish etc…

Best wishes

Name you wish to use


I look forward to quality respectful subs/kinksters

Mistress Helen

I’m teaming up again with My friend Lady Amber in Gravesend Kent on Tuesday 2nd November from midday to 9pm

Weds 3rd from 10am to 1pm finish

If you are known to me then get in touch to book or contact Lady Amber via her website and Twitter StrictLeatherLadyAmber (@StrictLadyAmber) / Twitter

50% Deposits are mandatory

We are available for CP Spankings ALL impact play

Strict Bondage sessions, rope, leather, chains, pallet wrap, taping etc

Tickle torment

Breath play

Foot worship & trample

Please note these particular DD events do not include any pegging, anal, medical play or happy endings.  We cater to the old school fetish folk.  If in doubt send a polite email to check on style/aspects of play.




I had an absolute blast yesterday teaming up for some extra medical practice with the lovely Mistress Lola Noir and a very game lab rat aka client!  Mistress Lola Noir 💋Berlin 24th-31st Oct ⛓🧨 (@MissLolaNoir) / Twitter

I now feel more proficient in catheters’ that I am adding this to the medical play (if desired by you) as well as offering double medical fetish with Mistress Lola both here in Sussex or over in Stratford.  We will require a minimum of 48 hours notice with deposit in place for Mondays and Fridays only.

These duo medical sessions will be starting at 90 mins for £400 fully inclusive tribute.

We can also be available for the more gentle side of BDSM and alternative massage and sensual domination

Just to clarify that short notice appointments are ONLY available to established regulars and I do require TWO full hours minimum notice from having spoken/emailed between us and I will still require the bank transfer deposit or payment in full within 10 minutes of that agreement.  This ONLY applies to bookings in Burgess Hill, I require 48 hours min notice for The Gatwick Dungeon or The Brighton Dungeon.


If you just happen to be passing through Burgess Hill (having never seen Me before) do NOT contact Me!  This is the oldest time waster tactic in history.  It shows a lack of any respect for My booking procedures, security and vetting.


  • If you do not have any access to email Me do NOT contact Me.
  • If you are not willing to send a 50% bank transfer deposit do NOT contact Me.  My only interest is that you commit and turn up to play.
  • Plan ahead, book, pay your deposit in the time frame I state.  Like all the good bois/bitches that do.

I’m here for mutual fun, doing a job I actually really love!  Lets keep it that way 🙂