To save any confusion with the newbs here are your instructions for contacting Me & booking a session.

I ask that ALL new clients pay £20 by bank transfer (bank info on the online domination page) or Amazon gift code to email of

Any first contact by phone or email will result in referring you to this £20 payment and no further discussion at all until I have received it.

When you pay in or send a voucher then send over a more detailed email with your likes/dislikes/ideas of what sort of session you would like to book, along with some flexi dates for Gatwick dungeon (from current till 17th May or Burgess Hill domestic play rooms from 17th May when it is legal to go into someone’s home.

  • Note Gatwick rates are more due to hiring the premises and on parr with other ladies who hire it.  I have included this on My website.

I will check payment in/voucher received and suggest some flexi times for you to give Me a call, we will have a nice chat in detail and book you in.  Secure play time with a deposit, the £20 payment then comes off your final tribute when you attend.

Just too many Covid 2020/2021 time wasters who have no real intention of booking and get some warped fun out of wasting time.

Paying £20 and being adjusted on the final tribute doesn’t then penalise the genuine people that do wish to book.

Genuine new clients/players have done their research and read a site through and know they’ve found a Mistress they wish to book. They do not require silly levels of spoon feeding basic information.

The genuine are welcome to get in touch.

Mistress Helen X


12th April till 17th May I will be taking bookings at The Gatwick Dungeon in Horley, this is due to My domestic premises coming into a grey area of Covid rules and I would rather not take the risk of a £10K fine.  I am also available to double domme with Lady Leather Amber aka The Bondage Mistress in Kent, 48 hours notice is required to book.

My domestic dungeon will open on 17th May provided the goal posts haven’t been moved!

I can do social meets in Burgess Hill and cash point meets as well as the online domination that is advertised on that page.

My phone is on for all polite enquiries, do NOT send text messages as I will ignore them, same goes for WhatsAPP.

It is vital we have a brief chat followed up by you sending an email with an outline and dates/times you can commit.  Those who approach me this way are usually the ones that book, the texters don’t.  If by one email reply to you, you haven’t provided the basic info above or paid £20 to cover a detailed call I will see that you are simply wasting time and have no intention of booking.

I’m looking forward to tormenting & playing again, can’t wait!

For bookings from 17th May, send over a 50% bank transfer deposit if you are engaging Me in conversation now, in order to take you seriously.  If emailing put some effort in with an outline of the type of session and the dates you can commit. One liner emails are pointless.


Mistress Helen XX


March Lockdown Restrictions changing, a little light at the end of what’s been a VERY long tunnel!

all subject to data not rigid dates so do bear this in mind:
March 8th coffee outside and meet up with one person, I will offer coffee meets and going for walks with slaves/subs etc and this will be at social rates and will depend on duration and distance.  If it’s local around 3 miles walking and an hour ish then it will be £80, otherwise POA
Cash point meets too for finsubs, it has been a very long time since I met someone and had them draw out money for me, how I miss the thrill.  This is still subject to a deposit beforehand.
March 29th 2 households or subject to rule of 6 can meet up outside.
12th April Shops open, nail salons, hairdressers, pubs/restaurants serve outside, if The Gatwick Dungeon is open I will hold sessions there until 17th May!  I am taking open holding deposits to prioritise your bookings now, otherwise get in touch when sessions are taking place.  Keep an eye on My blogs and Twitter for further info.
17th May pubs/bars etc can serve inside, hotels, cinema, concert halls/theatres.  This is when you can have someone come into your house, my domestic place will hopefully be open for some sessions as well as Gatwick dungeon or Brighton dungeon.
21st June lifting restrictions all round where possible.
I look forward to meeting up with some of you soon as well as all the online availability (read the online page) I have on offer.  Zoom meeting online 121 or with another dominatrix, WhatsApp messaging/video calls, sending kinky messages to you.
Keep kink alive
Mistress Helen xXx
P.S Due to the rule of other households mixing on 17th May if the Gatwick dungeon opens its doors for hire on 12th April then I will be holding all My sessions there. This will incur a slightly higher tribute to cover the hire/My travel on par with the other Mistress’s who hire it.  Due to the ease of parking at the venue I will be able to bring along some of My own equipment too!
One hour is £180
90 mins is £280 and 2 hours is £350 this higher tribute includes the hire of the dungeon.  I am not passing on extra expense such as my travel time as I will rather be having fun and seeing My chaps than stuck at home!

Hi folks

Like many of you I’ve had enough of all the lockdown and I’m chomping at the bit to get back into sessions!  With moral obligations and a 10K fine I am not conducting sessions in the flesh right now, people are still asking every week!

Whilst it’s been fun staying in touch with some of you online as well as meeting some potential new players in video chats, it just isn’t quite the same as meeting someone face to face, manipulating your mind and flesh.  Hearing you whimper, plead, your breath quicken, your pulse race…. Oh how I miss sessions!

Many of you are aware of My charge for ALL phone calls, this simply came about to the high volume of people asking to discuss a session in the first lockdown and then when I was able to open My playrooms again not one of them ever booked.

Being a wise bird and learning from that experience, I started charging for every single call and if it’s a one off call then it comes off the final tribute of a real time session.  If the phone call is simply to have a bit of a jolly with Mistress then these calls are ALL covered by you.  Right now online work is My only income and doesn’t make up much shortfall of the grants I receive for being a self employed tax payer.  The boring bit is that yes I do have bills to pay.

I very much welcome the paid online sessions, phone chats, video chats when possible, selling items to you, some custom clips if they fit My remit.  So please do keep these coming, it’s My only source of fetish entertainment (other when I see My bubble) and we need to keep the kink alive!

I am also very much missing working alongside some of My fab Mistress friends and look forward to double domme again one day.

Our next date for DD webcam is 3rd March with Miss Kitty Bliss, she will join up online via an app and it will be a cam conference session.  The last one was lots of fun.

Fingers and toes crossed and those into CBT, tie a knot in it for good news next week from BJ to state if any business’s can open.

It’s unfortunate that they can’t state Mistress’s can open their doors, most people in high pressure jobs look for some control/release, so you would think it would be in the list 😉 I am basing Myself on beauty/hair salons opening up.


We have such a treat instore, get your Mistress Helen & Miss Kitty fix with Us both online together/remotely as per guidance, see Us both on cam, discuss your kinks, future sessions, online domination/instructions, bring any toys to cam.  Lets be clear that I am in Sussex and Miss Kitty in Kent, meeting up remotely online via an encrypted app.

Taking your advance bookings now to secure your time with Us on webcam

When you have booked/paid we will send you the link to click on and join Us.

11th Feb 2021 7pm to 11pm


Hello My lovelies, I expect lack of Fet and play sessions are becoming harder to deal with as time goes by, if I don’t get to whack or peg some bottoms I can be quite the wicked witch of the South East!

I do have to adhere to the lockdown so I am only offering online sessions via email, telephone chats, Whatsapp packages to chat or video call.  Custom clips only when the requests are possible as I’ve had some very odd requests recently.

I do have plenty of mini clips on Adult Work and Clips4Sale, your support in purchasing these is appreciated.

Mistress Helen Ryder (

Please only email if you are paying the initial  £20 fee to cover My time for email/Chat to discuss any aspects of future sessions or filming.

I won’t be replying to any new enqs on Adult Work as so many of you that I’ve never seen or heard from before are currently asking for sessions, even same day sessions.  This would be a £10K fine if I had you here and got reported!  If you want some chat chat then please do the above with a tribute  direct or actually use the AW or Dommeline platforms for chat when I am logged in.

Mistress Helen Ryder | Dommeline

Twitter seem to be having a purge on Mistress’s etc so I had locked My account for a while, whilst I worked on removing quite a lot of posts.  I’ve gone from over 18K posts down to 10K and did try and remove the whole history using a programme but it left 10K behind ??  I’ve also had to stop AW and Clips4Sale tweeting when I sell a clip or go online so My business is being hit hard from ALL angles.

Sadly if/when My Twitter is locked you won’t be able to retweet any of My posts at present, just like or comment on them.  If I am not following you back then you won’t be able to see anything on Twitter that I post!

Some of My chaps have sent emails offering to send funds, gift codes, deposit for future sessions and then not sent anything.  Please do not send empty offers.  I would rather not hear from you if you can’t afford to send or follow through with some commitment.  If you are finding lockdown hard and yet have full pay or your full pension then imagine just for one moment h0w emails of this nature don’t make me want to dance for joy!  It’s fine to not get in touch until I am open for business again if you have no intention or simply can not afford to pay for My time right now,

I am self employed and have received the SEISS grants at 80% and 70% of My last three years tax history.  However one tax year was lower than usual due to essential eye saving surgery from the stupid reckless accident caused by an utter idiot woman in the gym in Leeds when I was away working with the person.  It involved over a month off work, that around £3K of lost income!

I can’t wait for the day that I can open My dungeon/playroom doors and welcome you all back as well as meet some nice genuine new players.  I really want to build up My base of good loyal bois having lost some to old age, new partners or crossing over the bridge (RIP)

When you visit you will see that Mistress has been keeping herself very busy indeed with DIY and a rejiggle again in both playrooms, opening up the space for a better swing of My floggers/canes etc and for the other activities we All enjoy here 😉

Keep yourselves out of mischief but if you get the urge for some mischief then book Me for online/phone sessions.  I welcome your bookings XX

Bank info sort: 20-92-54 Acc: 70468665 Name Ms Rogers, Paying in ref your initials.

Over and out for now…

Mistress Helen xXx

A visit to Mistress Helen Ryder


Trembling finger hovers on door bell

Will my Mistress’s dress foretell?

How I will be used this visit please?

I do not know, I am hers to tease.


I’m told to strip to nakedness,

Embarrassment now is my distress.

”Put your clothes in the bowl provided”

My fate I feel, has been decided.


She stands there aloof, our Miss Ryder

Dressed in black, Her cane beside her!

”Kneel on my bench, you dismal Cur,

I will secure you tight for sure”


Straps over waist and thighs are bound

They pinch a bit, but I make no sound.

Next my wrists tightly secured

My hopelessness is now assured.


Mistress Helen in complete control

Wonders if to peg my hole!

But no, this bottom far too white

Decides to redden for her delight.


First her hand and then the paddles

Oh please don’t Miss, release my shackles.

Just when I think I can take no more

She fondles my poor bottom sore.


”I feel the urge to peg you now,

You miserable well endow”

Oh please Mistress I beg of you

My bottom in that way’s brand new.




Oh my God! I’m stretched beyond

My limits by her enormous wand.

I fight against my fettered bounds

To no avail, Her pegging pounds.



After my profound ordeal

She loosens me and makes me kneel.

”Don’t think I have finished with you

I am going to cane you, black and blue”.


I touch my toes and wait for it

Oh please Mistress I hate that stick.

Twelve strokes across my bare backside

I tried not to, but cried and cried.


I hobbled home sorry and sore

Vowed I would never more

meet Mistress Helen ever again

but then I never can abstain.


She has me where she wants me.

Thank you to the wonderful subs/kinksters who have shown their support over the last year, which has been tough for many and still is!

Although I do phone chats on various platforms (and excel at this) I have just started out really in My clip store from March 2020.  I have over 500 feedbacks in phone chat, My phone topics are very diverse, I will happily roleplay  and have had many a gent get all hot n flustered and have a VERY happy time. We can also just chat normally about your kinks if you prefer.

I am more of a real time session Dominatrix and Disciplinarian.  I get quite tetchy if I do not have a bottom to spank or peg (depending on what floats your boat)

At least the paid phone chats have given Me some sort of outlet with sharing your fantasies, discussing future real time sessions and giving commands over the phone, which have entertained Me.  Plus keep a roof over My head.

I would love to accept limited real time solo sessions with Covid precautions in place.

Please read Mistress Helen Ryder of West Sussex (

Send to Amazon Logo Squid – eGift Voucher: Gift Cards & Top Up

I am on two platforms for chats, Adult Work and Dommeline if you prefer to call Me through a third party app.  My phone icon is green when logged in on those.  Direct chats with Me is send payment first as per blog and then email when money has been sent across.  ANY questions you have can then be addressed.

Can’t wait to be spanking bottoms again and many of the other shenanigans that happen here 😉 sadly some of you can’t find an excuse to come out to play.  Try harder!

I am looking forward to teaming up again with My wonderful domme sisters in kink when able to, Mistress Leather Amber, Miss Kitty Bliss Kent and Burgess Hill

Mistress Helena  Mistress V Huddersfield

Goddess Salvia Burgess Hill and Brighton

TGirl Joanna Armstrong Burgess Hill

Looking forward to chatting with some of you very soon, lets make the very best of 2021!!

My availability

I’m available for online domination, chats. emails etc read the tab!

At present ALL emails to include a 10 min phone chat to discuss a session are paid for before you make contact, if you book and attend a real time session in the future post lockdown restrictions etc it will come off your final tribute in person.  Any questions you have will then be addressed in our chat.

When you book a real time session the deposit still remains at 50% and is mandatory.  Payment is either Amazon GC or Bank transfers.  I do not offer Paypal or any other payment system.

My bank details for transfers: Sort 20-92-54 Account: 70468665  Name: Ms Rogers Ref: Consult and your initials.

Amazon GC to My email of if purchasing one from Tesco etc, rub off the panel to reveal code or use link below to purchase online.

Send: Amazon Logo Squid – eGift Voucher: Gift Cards & Top Up 

Provided you are over 21 send the payment for a call and then contact Me, sending an email asking if you can pay for a chat defeats the purpose.

The only reply to new email enqs is a link to this blog.  If you then reply with that you’ve read this blog but still not paid the low sum of £20 or reply with a question, you will be ignored.  It tells Me all I need to know about you and where to file away your email.

I very much welcome paid interaction only.  It weeds out those that have no intention of booking/committing.

I look forward to teasing and tormenting you soon.

Mistress Helen

Memorial Post for LSM

One of the best subs and brilliant friends a Mistress could ever wish for has sadly and very unexpectedly passed away recently.

He came to me in April 2016 as he had seen other Dommes previously and I won’t go into massive detail as it’s private as to why but we started doing sessions.  I wasn’t sure if he was enjoying himself as so new to me & we had a good chat after.  I said I liked to hear/see my subs moan/groan and to ensure he expressed himself as I could feed off that.

This seemed to flick a switch inside LSM and over time we had so much fun in the dungeon and became really good friends outside too.  He would come up with suggestions, buy pieces of equipment to use in sessions and birthday/Christmas he was always so very kind and generous.  We started doing little spoof Christmas clips, last year he was My Christmas Tree and the year before a Reindeer.  This year we were discussing what to do and had come up with an idea sadly to never happen.  He will be so greatly missed and was an absolute treasure.

His work was in an area that was very useful so I paid him for some of the bigger jobs/materials that needed to be done.  I would rather give My money to one of My own good qualified bois than a stranger!  He would also willingly lend a hand with odd jobs if required.

I will hold on to so many wonderful fun memories of him, he took part in a couple of the multi slave days on the farm and I know his fet mates will miss him too.

He was in a very happy and loving relationship with this BDSM element/interest missing, that he didn’t wish to impose on his partner for fear of upsetting her and breaking down the relationship.  He had the most utmost respect for his partner and son that to see a professional Mistress that would understand his privacy and respect his home life was the answer to a happy fulfilled life for him.  BDSM is often a big part of a person and it doesn’t go away, the itch needs to be scratched.  Seeing a professional lady is the best option as whilst it will always be a massive shock to the partner to ever possibly find out.  It isn’t an affair, there isn’t the intimacy of sex/kissing etc which would be far worse a shock and sense of any betrayal.

Sadly I won’t be able to attend his funeral and pay my respects to him.  I will remember him on his birthday and raise a toast to him.  I respect his partner and sons grief to not contact her unless she ever wants to get in touch with me in the future.  I thank her from my heart for getting in touch and telling me.  I know he loved them both dearly and was so very proud of his son.  My deepest condolences to his family and other friends.

RIP My dear boi, there isn’t enough superlatives in the world to describe what an amazing person you were.  I hope you’ve found beautiful Melody & Molly and they are curled on your lap purring.

I will carry your memory always, your spirit may visit when ever you wish and please send some good bois my way to get some of the treatments you enjoyed so much.  I won’t lie it’s going to be tough without you!  I can hear you saying don’t cry over me Mistress (but I have) pull your latex socks up and bash some bois.

I will my dear.

Your Dominant and good friend always XXX