A wonderful little script written by B for Our delicious phone chat, booked in advance privately

Enjoy!  Perhaps you might like Me to read it to you, email to book and pay for a call.

Hello darling,
Let me just find the light switch. There! That’s better.
Did you have a nice time this evening? I had a lovely time with Steve.
Look at you –  four hours later and you’re still as erect as when I left you to go on my date  – Not that you were able to do much about it, were you?  Locked and gagged in the sensory deprivation chamber you made for me.
So kind of you to spend four months clearing out the cellar and converting it from a wasted space into something useful to both our needs.
Though mainly my needs wouldn’t you agree?
 I’m sure when we first started you saw the arrangement as mutually exclussive BUT here we are ten years later with you now a cuckold and all of your accounts and property signed over to me.
My! I am a naughty minx, aren’t I?
…but its what you wanted…and now you delight in being subjugated to my power and decision-making. Lucky me….and lucky cuck!
Of course, it was inevitable that sooner or later your submissive desires would overrun you.
Not that you ever had much choice in the matter – what with me systematically denying and engaging your multiple fetishes and introducing you to a few of my own –
until the act of pleasing me became as natural to you as breathing itself.
Let me say here and now, I have no regrets in taking control of you. Our marriage was going nowhere, what with you out every night with your mates.
All those years when you returned home too late to read a bedtime story to Rebecca or help with her homework Not just that but your sheer uselessness at doing your share of the housework and unable to manage anything in bed.
Compare that with now. The house is spotless with you doing all the cleaning and meals. Rebecca is at Uni and I have the large bed all to myself while you sleep in the small bedroom…unless I have need of you.
What could be more perfect then a man offering that sort of freedom and support for a woman who is now exploring her liberation…
…and all because I happened across those images on your computer that time.
Who would have known?
I must  say, i was really surrprised when I saw all those imges of women dominating men. And on your hard drive!
It was only as I started to research it – moreso  to understand what was going on in your head – that I discovered you were a closet submissive in need of a dominant woman to take control of you.
Not that this information was of any use to me until I went on a few forums and discovered the benefits of being Dominant -and that is when our relationship turned a corner!
I remember the evening I challenged you over the photos. Your denial and lies. Then the complete change in you when I left the room and returned in black leather with a crop in my hand.
That was the moment you were truely hoisted by your own petard for my pleasure –  I knew then that things would never be the same again.
Strangely,  I was reflecting on it just this evening as you kneeled before me in My bedroom with head bowed as I was getting ready to meet Steve.
How I smiled as you eagerly ran downstairs to the sensory deprivation room to hold yourself in position against the frame as you awaited my arrival to lock you in – which was deliberately delayed as I made myself ready for Steve but also to tease you.
See how far we’ve come. My old husband would never have done that.
But then – as we both know – that man is gone. I no longer have a husband in that sense of the word any more. I have a cuckold. A submissive. A slave…and do you know what darling: I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Actually, as I was inserting the butt plug and locking you into the frame before heading out tonight, i loved the fact that as I brushed against you, you shivered with delight.
What woman wouldn’t want the man she’s locking up for the night to be so devoted to her that she can go out and enjoy herself with another man, knowing he’ll be waiting for her at home, eager for her return.
See how things have changed between us these last ten years. And for the better. Yes, that’s right! it’s our anniversary! Ten years ago today, you knelt before me and told me your desires
That is the day our marriage ended and our new life began.
And to mark it, I’ve bought you a present. Actually, its a present for both of us seeing as we’ll each get enjoyment from it – even if mine is rather shadenfruede  It’s rather large isn’t it. Don’t worry: I’ll unwrap it for you seeing as you are handcuffed to the frame.
Do you like it? It’s the next strapon size up from what you normally take.
Now, Steve has left you a something that will require your tongue to lick it out later on
…but right now, I’ll just click the strapon into place on the harness  – oh my! It is very big.
This is going to be so much fun darling. Deep breath and Happy Anniversary!
Well what happens next will be very graphic so DO book a call…………………………………..


I have just had the most delightful hour and a bit with a super new spankee who will be coming for play times when we can get back to the hands on really fun side of the business.

Social rates for a cuppa and a good chat in My garden are available from today as per guidelines

It’s a great way to stay in touch, share stories and plot and plan the near future sessions and filming slaves.  Also a super way to continue to support Me as well as spending time together.

The fee is £80 and provided you book for a real time session within 3 months £20 will come off your session tribute.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Mistress Helen xXx


I am planning to see selected clients from Monday 29th June that have been self isolating and that will only be driving to Me.  This will only be open to existing clientele so please contact Me via email to discuss a date to session.

Whilst this all sounds rather serious, rest assured we will still have lots of fun and you can have peace of mind that I am taking Our health seriously.


  • Bookings will be from one hour to a maximum time of 2 hours and only Two on any day.  I will only be conducting SOLO sessions in My OWN premises, NO hotel visits, NO other dungeons!  I expect to actually only have ONE visitor a day to start with so may be a bit more flexi on timings.
  • First appointment time will be from 11am
  • The second appointment time will be from 3:30pm or an evening booking of 7pm.
  • We both need to be presenting as fit and healthy on the day, your payment paid 24 hours ahead by bank transfer and cash ONLY in exceptional circumstances!  I do not give refunds.  If you need to cancel at really short notice with a genuine reason then we simply reschedule for a new date/time.  Money will only be rolled to one new date so that I am not constantly having diary changes/loss of income.
  • On arrival, you will either be wearing your own mask (clean/fresh/new) I will give you a thermo scan and you will change for one of My masks immediately if required, go to the bathroom and remove all your clothing and place inside a container provided.  Pop your mask on top of the bag to one side. Shower thoroughly with hair included.  Dry off and wear the mask again throughout your session.


  • No hugs, pecks on cheek or kissing of My hand for safety reasons.  It’s best to kiss My foot/Shoe 😉
  • Certain activities will be unavailable, such as: Spitting, wearing of My masks (leather/gas masks, please consider bringing your own to wear over a surgical face mask) No drinking of watersports I will NOT be conducting any FULL sissy make overs, other activities omitted are: face sitting, close whispering in your ear and birdy feeding.  Pegging will be done with Me behind and you over the bench, I will risk assess every session.  Think and be sensible about what interests we include in your play times.


  • Vanilla massages will not be currently offered due to the added work and costs of extra equipment I will be providing in anyone entering the house.  It’s simply not cost efficient.  Notice that I have not increased the tribute at all, yet I will be making less at present due to the cost of gloves going from £6,99 a box to around £30 and same re the masks!  If your salary hasn’t changed at all or you have thousands in the bank then do tip generously! 
  • At the end of your session, you can have a few moments to adjust with a glass of water or socially distant cuppa.  You may dress again in the bathroom and head off.
  • I will carry out a very deep clean after washing everything down with hot soapy water with hospital grade cleaners such as Selgiene Ultra & Varsen, Barbicide and the like.  Towels will be washed in Dettol laundry care and detergent on a high temperature.  Everything from light switches, taps, hand rails as well as kit used in the session will all be completely sanitised.
  • Regarding bring gifts:  It is more useful for Me to shop online at present so extra tips, gift vouchers are very much appreciated.

Stay safe n kinky
Mistress Helen xXx

Hi all

I’ve been filming clips over quite some time in order to launch onto one of the clip sites and at long last with some help from My fantastic Webslave I am now live on

I already have short mini clips on My Adult Work profile, which have proved to be quite popular.

Once lockdown is over and that I am able to do sessions again, there will be opportunities for filming days either with Me solo or in doubles with Miss Kitty Bliss.  I have plenty of sissy style clips in My library so I’m looking for slaves interested in hard CP, CBT, Pallet Wrapping and anything a little more diverse than what I already have.

We always take a tribute for filming and you have to provide your id and sign a model release, you can wear a mask.

I’ve had a couple of chaps asking how they can help Me right now as I have very little income coming in to live on at present.

Book a phone chat direct with Me with a bank transfer payment to My account or Amazon GC if you can’t use your account.

Or go through the AW or Dommeline when I am logged in available.

Pay for a custom clip and if it can be filmed now then you can have it or receive it when I am able to shoot the content depending on the nature of the request.

Pay a deposit now for a future session or in full if you wish.

If you can afford to send money gifts to My account to keep Me afloat.

Stay sane, stay safe, stay the feck indoors other than essential food or medicine supplies or sensible daily exercise.  I’ve only just started walking and did 4 miles today.  I had been busy with DIY etc and decided to make the best of the lovely weather.

Mistress Helen xXx



This writing is from My Yoga teacher, she had a bout of mental health and was in hospital she knows first hand the best way to tackle it head on!  Sharing for her.

If anyone is struggling with self isolation or being at home for long periods of time, I have a some tips that maybe helpful (these were my survival methods of staying upbeat & healthy during my long stays at Langley Green Mental Hospital).
1) Routine can help as it can help focus the mind and get help with the over thinking and ruminating.
2) Set your alarm quite early 7am or 8am even if you sit in bed with a cup of tea and read a book. Reading really helps stimulate the mind and stops the mind dipping into the dark thoughts of worry, stress and fear of the unknown. Pick books that you can really lose yourself in which helps fire up your natural creative imagination or find a subject that you’re really interested in. Read about your chosen subject this will occupy and nourish the brain and helps self educate. (I always choose funny books that made me laugh, books that empowered me and my chosen subject to learn about was the working of mind & the human psyche; which was quite apt when in a mental hospital) ))
2) Always shower in the morning put colourful smart clothes on, this again helps lift the mood. (I was a very snappy dressed mental patient when I was In Langley Hospital ). I would get my husband to bring all my nice clothes up and look smart everyday. I noticed a lot of the patience would shuffle around in either their Pjs, dressing gowns or tracksuits, which certain doesn’t help an already low mood. Looking smart just helped me feel normal and in control of the situation even though I knew I wasn’t.
3) Ladies even if you know your not going out put a little make up on as it can help you feel a little bit more positive about your own self image.
4) Exercise everyday 30-60 minutes, even if you don’t want to do make yourself do it. Exercise is essential for mental health it’s a natural release of feel good happy endorphins.
5) Everyday spend some time outside and look at the beauty all around you, even if just happens to be the sky.
6) Say a mantra over & over everyday, mantra literally means free the mind. This is my mantra that I said every day while in the mental hospital and for years after. I would say it over & over & over again until I grew a new brain neutron of self belief – I am full of Gods LOVE, HAPPINESS, STRENGTH, COURAGE, WISDOM & GRACE. This mantra has truly made me stronger and when ever I feel overwhelmed I just keep reciting it.
7) Learn to meditate – how ever busy the mind is, over time and with patience of sitting still and quiet you can learn to calm the mind so you become the master of your busy brains and it is possible to learn to sail your mind and direct it to other ways of thinking. Some days in my tiny little hospital bedroom with barred windows I would sit upright, close my eyes and just be still. Eventually over time I was able to stop the obsessive chitta chatter of my destructive mind and in the end my mind gave in and I found a beautiful, colourful and peaceful place that I didn’t even know existed with in my conscience and it’s accessible to everyone it just takes patience.
8) Let your creative juices flo, painting, writing, cooking, learn a language etc. Switch the dark thoughts off with a creative hobby and don’t worry if you not very good at it, far more healthy than saying I can’t be bothered or giving up.
9) Try to keep your minds calm and healthy with lots of positive stuff use these strange times to widen your mind and self educate, try not to rely on the TV to it for you, grow your mind it’s totally amazing when you do.
10) Put your favourite music on and Dance whether it’s in the kitchen, in the lounge or in the garden – just dance and sing out loud.
Namaste xx

Be VERY aware that I am self employed and a genuine tax payer!  I am currently being hit hard by the Coid-19 virus on My income at present!  However when the worlds back to normal I will be VERY busy again!

With lock down now in-force I am NOT conducting in the flesh sessions.

How can you serve and Me and have your Mistress Helen fix?  Phone sessions £2.00 a min to discuss kinks/BDSM We can chat in greater detail about future sessions, role-play over the phone (those who’ve visited know I’m rather good at this)

Email exchange to discuss a fantasy in greater detail, 3 email exchange £30

To the wonderful boys that have supported Me this year and especially in the last couple of weeks, heartfelt thanks and you are real diamonds!  Thank you!!  I welcome staying in touch with the decent kind genuine bois who have been helping Me.

I welcome enqs that ONLY lead to My time being compensated.

For those who seek My time in sessions then ONLY contact Me if you will be paying a deposit  for a future session.  Or send money gifts and Amazon gift vouchers.  It is pointless asking if I am able to see you in one or two days/weeks as we all have to take each day as it comes.

Look after Me now and support Me and you will be rewarded later!  There will be a boom in sessions when the world is back on its rails, priority will be given to those who have stuck by Me or introduced themselves in a useful way!

Those with much time to spare and less stress are most likely still receiving a good wage and working from home and sliding off for a quiet hand shandy in works time.  Do this at your own expense from your salary and support the ladies who offer these services.

Times like this bring out both the very best in people and sadly the worse!  When I’m not busy doing DIY, paid chats I will be undertaking volunteer work for the NHS.  My time is best spent in a positive productive manner without the negatives.

No intention to book anything, spend any money/simply a time waster: I certainly do not suffer fools gladly! Don’t be that cockroach!   My blogs/website/email and phone all have a software Karma spell on them, you’ve been warned!  )O( BB

Stay healthy and well

Mistress Helen XxX




For those who wish to session from afar you can either sign up to Adult Work or use Dommeline, where I have profiles.

However if it is more discreet for you to send Me a bank transfer or Amazon gift code to:

£20 min booking for 10 mins  then I will happily accept that.

My rates are £2 a min, with min of £20 chat if booking direct.  We can arrange a mutually convenient time to speak.

Payment must be sent from My one email reply, further emails asking questions such as “how does phone chat work” will be ignored and simply seen as a time waster tactic!  We arrange a mutually convenient time for you to call My mobile after you have paid.

Kinky chats, BDSM sessions or simply discussing a future session in more detail are welcome.

I am not currently offering cam sessions.

I also offer email correspondence, 3 email exchange at £35.00 extra emails are £10 each.

Payment to:

Ms S Rogers

Sort: 20-92-54

Account: 70468665

Ref of: Phone consult and your initials.  There are NO refunds.

EMAIL Me to arrange

For those who are in vulnerable groups or simply wanting to give your immune system a boost to fight off infections the following can all assist.

Get enough sleep

Drink more water

Eat well

Take a multi vitamin and mineral supplement, note that smoking and alcohol rob you of Vitamin C, which we do not store

Use Immune boost essential oils, couple of drops on a tissue when out and about or use an aroma diffuser when at home or maybe at the office.  Lots of different styles to suit your decor. Put both into an Amazon/general internet search or email Me and I will give you the links

Good ESSENTIAL Oil brands available from Amazon : Absolute Aromas and Tisserand, some essential oils are toxic to pets (either use in a room away from them or stick to Lavender which is a safe one)

Take time to relax, unwind and de-stress.  Stress greatly effects Our immune systems.  A massage, walk in the country, some Yoga or visit your favourite Dominatrix :great de-stresser)

I am doing all the above (giving Domination though, not receiving haha) in My personal efforts to try stay healthy!  I am conducting real time and online sessions such as phone chats and web cam.

Stay safe and wash those hands more!

Mistress Helen X

P.S Click on the phone pic below to go straight to My Dommeline profile, if the pic/text is green I am logged in for calls and if red I’m logged out of calls.



Edited blog for the most important info at the top!

I use on all surfaces a clinical ultra virucidul cleaner as standard practice. This cleaner is proven to kill Swine flu, HIV, hepatitis C, MRSA amongst other Virus’s

After every session I conduct here there is a deep clean in the play space along with light switches, handrail on the stairs, doorknobs, taps, all surfaces that could have been touched etc and the option to wear a mask for us both in session (although wearing a mask is not considered to be vital) I am taking My health and yours seriously.

I was on holiday in Thailand six weeks ago, staying at 2 beautiful beach/island locations before a short stay in Bangkok.  During My holiday I was screened by thermo scan approx 6/7 times at airports and shopping centres.  Despite mixed reviews on masks I did wear a mask when out in busy places such as metro, skyline, airport and shopping centre.  Every time I visited the loo I washed and then used alcohol gel on my hands, same after touching lift buttons, handrails etc.  I wore a mask on the 13 hour flight home, changing it a few times, the cabin was sprayed with disinfectant  with everyone on board (sprayed up into the aircon/cabin)

On entering the UK we were held back and then given clearance to disembark by health  authorities. I wore a mask and didn’t remove it until I was in the car.  Entering the UK I didn’t see a single bottle of hand sanitiser anywhere in the airport.  I carry it with Me everywhere and its hanging on My bag ready to use.

If you are booking in for a session or have booked ahead by a week or so and have paid a deposit, if as it gets closer to your session that you feel unwell with any symptoms of cough, temperature, sore throat then let Me know by email ASAP so that we can reschedule once you have been checked out and given the all clear.

You will give your hands a wash/alcohol them when you arrive.

Lets play safe and still have lots of fun, life is for living and not being locked up in a cupboard whilst the rest of the world does its thing.  So many people fall very ill to other types of flu, heart disease, surgery and road traffic accidents.

After each session I carry out a deep clean on ALL surfaces that could be touched such as light pull/switches, hand rails on stairs, door handles, taps, the bathroom sink/toilet etc.

I saw an amusing comment on the statistics of HIV and wearing a condom, so many people still want to have sex without one and there has been more deaths from that then the current virus!  Yet everyone is caught up with the scaremonger of the news and statistics of deaths far lower than the above.

Put things into perspective, be hygienic/wash your hands and carry on as normal!

Mistress Helen

I’m back from a fantastic holiday, after being up 23 hours and travelling I got home, stayed up for another 15 mins and went to bed!  Then up 5am as body clock wasn’t allowing any more sleep.

I spent yesterday catching up on admin, washed all the holiday clothing, collected my kitten from the cattery who gave her lots of cuddles and sat in her enclosure during the storm reading a book with her cuddling up under a fleece (bless them)  I did a food shop and then got back and tackled the dungeon room play space.

I do plan to redecorate in the near future as I fancy a change of colour, meanwhile I did a deep clean and moved the furniture around to free up central floor space.  This enables the vacbed to be used on the floor now and made the room feel more spacious and far easier to wield a whip/cane!  Oh I spoil you all!

Having spent the last 2 weeks in the company and being around some of the most loveliest polite, friendly, smiling people it came as a bit of a culture shock to be back in the UK with so many a misery gogs, I know the weather is foul, what I would really like to see is everyone making the effort to simply be nicer to each other!

I realise I was away over Valentines, if you have no one special in your life then don’t forget to show your Mistress how much she means to you and spoil her rotten 😉 it’s never too late!