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Whose ever been along to this place in London? I have, quite some time ago, it was just like a normal cafe but with kink pics on the walls and a wooden spoon for your table number, I always love a wooden spoon 😉 This isolation and lockdown has had me thinking about the social […]

This writing is from My Yoga teacher, she had a bout of mental health and was in hospital she knows first hand the best way to tackle it head on!  Sharing for her. 10 TEN TIPS TO STAYING SANE WRITTEN BY A MAD WOMAN!! 🙂) If anyone is struggling with self isolation or being at home […]

Be VERY aware that I am self employed and a genuine tax payer!  I am currently being hit hard by the Coid-19 virus on My income at present!  However when the worlds back to normal I will be VERY busy again! With lock down now in-force I am NOT conducting in the flesh sessions. How […]

For those who wish to session from afar you can either sign up to Adult Work or use Dommeline, where I have profiles. However if it is more discreet for you to send Me a bank transfer or Amazon gift code then I will happily accept that. My rates are £2 a min, with min […]

For those who are in vulnerable groups or simply wanting to give your immune system a boost to fight off infections the following can all assist. Get enough sleep Drink more water Eat well Take a multi vitamin and mineral supplement, note that smoking and alcohol rob you of Vitamin C, which we do not […]

Edited blog for the most important info at the top! I use on all surfaces a clinical ultra virucidul cleaner as standard practice. This cleaner is proven to kill Swine flu, HIV, hepatitis C, MRSA amongst other Virus’s After every session I conduct here there is a deep clean in the play space along with […]

Don’t forget I am off on holiday 1st Feb to 16th Feb, may or may not be able to look at emails whilst away so don’t expect any replies until 17/18th Feb now and My work phone is switched off and being left in the UK. Moi and My best mate Miss Kitty Bliss had […]

I am available right up to 31st January and then I am jetting off on holiday somewhere hot and tropical 🙂 On My return I will take a couple of days to recover from travel and be offering play times from 18th Feb During the above dates My work phone will be left in the […]

I am introducing a tax for stupid questions. My location is on my website along with all other basic info, receiving so many silly questions at certain times of the year is relentless! Recent stupid question was asking how far I am from where the person was staying/lives, use Google maps or AA route planner […]