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It’s great to be slowly getting back into play times with PPE in place for us both, so far the couple of gents I have seen haven’t found it to have impacted their time in any negative way.  A quick temperature check, up for a nice refreshing relaxing shower (it’s an Aqualisa so a lovely […]

A wonderful little script written by B for Our delicious phone chat, booked in advance privately Enjoy!  Perhaps you might like Me to read it to you, email to book and pay for a call. Hello darling, Let me just find the light switch. There! That’s better. Did you have a nice time this evening? I […]

I am planning to see selected clients from Monday 29th June that have been self isolating and that will only be driving to Me.  This will only be open to existing clientele so please contact Me via email to discuss a date to session. Whilst this all sounds rather serious, rest assured we will still […]

I hope all My troupes are keeping well, some of you have been fantastic at supporting My online works, clips, booking phone chats direct with Me or going through the platforms I use.  It’s been super to stay in touch this way. Some very silly messages, some just asking for sessions during lockdown, most of […]

My dear bois, slaves, subs, kinksters & sissies Thank you all very much for supporting Me over the last few weeks, the ones that have sent tributes, bought My clips, sent Amazon GC’s & paid for chats.  This has been wonderful and I really appreciate it.  Long may it continue with this side of My […]

Hello everybody I hope you are all doing well It’s lovely to receive fantastic help and support from some of My bois, thank you very much for being wonderful and you will all know who you are. To those who email, state they will do ABC and don’t follow though.  I feel nothing other than […]

Hi all I’ve been filming clips over quite some time in order to launch onto one of the clip sites and at long last with some help from My fantastic Webslave I am now live on I already have short mini clips on My Adult Work profile, which have proved to be quite popular. […]

Whose ever been along to this place in London? I have, quite some time ago, it was just like a normal cafe but with kink pics on the walls and a wooden spoon for your table number, I always love a wooden spoon 😉 This isolation and lockdown has had me thinking about the social […]

This writing is from My Yoga teacher, she had a bout of mental health and was in hospital she knows first hand the best way to tackle it head on!  Sharing for her. 10 TEN TIPS TO STAYING SANE WRITTEN BY A MAD WOMAN!! 🙂) If anyone is struggling with self isolation or being at home […]