Just four days into the New Year and My diary is filling up nicely 🙂 I had a superb playtime last night and I’m still smiling!

Today I am logged into the phone chat lines, no clients booked in for today.  Still keeping myself busy with phone work, blogging, SEO and X posts etc….

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I love receiving tips or money gifts through Wish Tender if you do not wish to send direct to My own bank account and receive more of the money then tipping through other platforms.  It’s also another way you can send a deposit if you do not want my vanilla name showing on your bank account.


Sadly it just takes a couple of bad apples to make Me have to really enforce deposits!  I am posting this to hi-lite why it is essential that you pay a deposit and respect My time.

EVERYONE has to pay a deposit.

I was badly let down by two clients recently, one accepted a reverse bid on AW, booked Me knowing in advance a deposit would be expected.  He stated he would send an Amazon GC without even asking if it was ok.  I asked him to call Me at a set time & pay deposit by a set time and then he suddenly had Covid!  Yet was on AW changing his user name at the height of being extremely ill. He sent a £20 Amazon GC as way of an apology, which didn’t really cover his messing.

Another client who has always bank transferred a deposit booked three weeks in advance, asked if he could pay in full when he came as didn’t wish to use his account then let me down only a day before with Covid!  No offer of any compensation to Me, if I had the deposit in, it wouldn’t have been such a blow to my self employed status and his deposit would have been held against a new booking.  £150 less income that week instead of the £300 loss of income.  So you can see where this is going!

If you are genuinely ill then obviously I do not want to catch anything, however My finances shouldn’t suffer because of you!

Hair salons, spas, tattooists etc are ALL taking deposits (due to being self employed) and some state that payment in full should you cancel at short notice will be expected.  The fact I state I will move your deposit to one new date is very fair.

If you do not have any intention of booking Me or paying a deposit then please do NOT contact Me!  Those who message or repeatedly call without commiting, I will ensure your phone number/email is circulated on time waster and nuisance forums.

I am blocking/black listing and reporting those who mess Me around.  The only way to get unblocked is to write an apology and pay what’s due/outstanding if you’ve previously messed Me about AND pay in FULL for your next appointment.