Those who wish to be kept under strict lock and key should do so asap for #Locktober

Supply your own chastity, send £250 tribute for the month Bank info on My website Non refundable Then meet to lock up or post a key after payment and arranging via My email: helen-ryder@hotmail.com

You will receive some WhatsApp comms to tease/torment or spur you on throughout the month!  Maybe even a couple of video calls at a mutually arranged time.

For those not wishing to participate in Locktober that prefer a playtime with release included (if desired and appropriate) then book your October session.

I am logged in every day on #Phonechats in between/around any real time sessions.  I am usually on chat in the evenings.  This is perfect for those who want a top up of interaction outside of playtimes, to stay in touch with Mistress or want to build a rapport before perhaps booking in a session.  Some just need a release on the phone and I am in the top 6% on #Dommeline

Mistress Helen Ryder | Dommeline

I also have profiles for chat on Adult Work and NiteFlirt


On Adult Work there is plenty of more racy images and short clips to view, whilst I’m fast asleep please ensure I wake up to sales and tributes.  You can also send via Wishtender  whether it’s a smaller gift of coffee/cake or a big generous tip.  It’s all appreciated and for some of you, it’s better off in my account to spend then have you waste it on beer etc…..

What a fantastic way to start the day seeing all the lovely tributes and sales, put a beaming smile upon my face!

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen XX

Taking Bookings now for this Double Domme playdate, book/deposit to have your playtime firmly in your grasp and in Our diaries!

One hour from £250

To book


Miss Kitty Bliss (@Miss_KittyBliss) / X (twitter.com)

Any questions or discussion then please call Mistress Helen via her Dommeline when showing available, otherwise just send the deposit first or a call cover fee of £20 for discussion.

Call rates are £2 a min & connection fee on Dommeline:

Mistress Helen Ryder | Dommeline

Or Nite Flirt, call rates apply
Call Button

Typed messaging via a WhatsApp package, message after sending with bank ref initials

West Sussex Mistress Helen Ryder (mistress-helen-ryder.co.uk)

Please do not use the Loyal Fans messaging platform to discuss real time meets as it is against the T.O.S on there.

For daily updates, little snippets of my Femdom life it is free to follow and my lingerie pics and other sauce you need to subscribe

Miss Helen Ryder’s Official Social Fan Page | LoyalFans

Keep it kinky

Mistress Helen XX


Hi peeps

What a great couple of weeks it has been creating and uploading new content onto My Loyal Fans page https://www.loyalfans.com/misshelenryder

Some Femdom and some raunchy saucy stuff to cater to many tastes, most importantly I’m having lots of fun making it!  So far theres some Spanking/Impact play, foot worship etc amongst the sauce 😉

Yes it’s a different avenue to My website and that’s perfectly ok, no one is forcing you to head over there, unless you are booking Me for domination and I’m telling you to do it mwhahaha 🙂  There will be some saying, “A Mistress shouldn’t be wearing/doing ABC” A Mistress, especially this Mistress does as she damn well pleases so zip it!

Being self employed often involves wearing several hats and Loyal Fans is My saucy spicy hat

Please bear in mind my income is based at 80% over there, which is great compared to other platforms, but if you want a particular type of lingerie and wish to send tips for it then make sure you over cover the amount so I receive enough tribute to cover the item you wish Me to create content in, thank you.

I’ve mentioned it previously but there will be less pics appearing on Twitter or within My blogs here or My website, having given away many images over the years for free and receiving little in tipping etc it makes sense to make revenue from it all and actually make a better living for Myself!


You can text chat with me via Loyal Fans or Finmessage

Miss Helen Ryder’s Official Social Fan Page | LoyalFans

Ms Helen Ryder | FINmessage

https://www.finmessage.com/?ref=MPLQUB Affiliate link for ladies to sign up

One free image from My very recent Lingerie set below (taken 19th July 2023)  others are split between Loyal Fans and Adult Work.

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen xx



Dear all

Well we are nearly there, almost another year under our kinky belts and what fun times it’s been 🙂 thank you so much to all the wonderful players who’ve graced My playroom or hired dungeons and had so much fun.

I am away between 23rd to 26th December inclusive and taking sessions from 27th December and up to 4pm on New Years Eve.  Then I am available from 2nd January 2023  I expect EVERYONE  to read My website & send a polite email with brief outline and dates/times in your first contact, lots of very silly messages this week by email with 2 liners and ditto text messaging, ALL of which I have not replied to for obvious reasons!  If your email is along the lines of My own interests and we are compatible I will ask you to send a deposit and follow up with a chat and get you booked in.  Failure to deposit will result in your details going onto the time wasters lists and life time ban.

Going forward for 2023 I very much welcome new clients as well as my wonderful existing base of couples, females and gents to return.  I will on occasions advertise double domme.  With regards to filming: laws constantly changing and the pain of keeping model release forms, Id and such like I have no set plans to start filming with anyone in the near future, watch my website for updates  for any changes.  I have been filming solo POV clips for AdultWork over the last year.

Lots of talk on Twitter about ladies working in the adult industry being booted off, this could potentially happen.  If it does then keep an eye on my blogs for recent pics/info and any links for any other social media.  If anyone spots my photos elsewhere on the net without a direct link to my website, mobile phone number as listed on this site or my Adult Work link then please let me know as my content does get stolen and when I started out I didn’t watermark images, then I started doing so and then not bothered again as it often spoils the look of a photo.  Always make sure the profile really is me!

Thank you for the kind generous players who have treated me through the year, with meals out, birthday and Christmas gifts and the friendships formed even though it is a paid exchange, dynamics grow, friendships form, sometimes it’s just one off sessions for those with a bucket list of Dommes or kink to do, that’s ok but I do prefer the ones who build a great rapport over time.


Every day I spend working doing what I love is like a visit to Wonderland, please keep this kinky Alice in wonderland.

Sending love, light and many pleasures your way

Mistress Helen xXx


I’ve been running a successful business for over 14yrs now, during that time I have seen and heard every excuse under the sun to not being able to pay a deposit.

If you write/ring me & follow up with an email and I ask for a deposit and also ask for your next contact to be that you’ve sent it and there is any excuse that it has not been sent, contact will end there.

Not having online banking set up is always/often one excuse, yet your bank will send over money to any account at your request, you can just attend a branch!

Just over the course of the last week gone I have received 12 emails for sessions and out of those 4 were genuine, who paid and committed to coming.

If you have so much time on your hands to waste, then do some charitable work!  Most charities are often looking for volunteers, make yourself useful to society.

Over and out

Mistress Helen

P.S Thank you to the wonderful people who follow My booking procedures and value My time and their own XX

Check out My Twitter feed for all advertised double domination dates and general news, this link is My ONLY Twitter, there have been several fakes recently, stealing My images and creating Twitter accounts to scam people, they have been reported numerous times but still exist!  Mistress Helen Ryder The Ultimate Sussex Mistress (@MsHelenRyder) / Twitter  The one and only!!!

I’m teaming up with my friend Mistress Amber in Gravesend Kent on Thursday 24th Feb 2022 we will be offering CP/All impact play, bondage, NT, sensory dep & many more BDSM Delights.  Pegging, medical play and HE is not available for this DD date, pop your enq into an email to apply.  StrictLeatherLadyAmber (@StrictLadyAmber) / Twitter

Thursday 24th March 2022 My friend Miss Kitty Bliss will be working with Me in Burgess Hill for a full BDSM experience to include pegging, medical play, CP, bondage, sissy make overs and much more!

The sooner you book and pay your deposit the more likely you are to get the time that works well for you, we are taking bookings now.  Sometimes there are places closer to the date so it’s always worth asking.  Miss Kitty Bliss (@Miss_KittyBliss) / Twitter



Double Domination Sessions in Kent with Lady Amber

Our next dates advertised for double domination sessions in Kent is 20th/21st April, we can also work together in Kent on other dates subject to 48hrs notice with a deposit to secure.

(4) LadyAmber (@LadyAmber2017) / Twitter

We will be working together for impact play, heavy CP sessions

Bondage sessions and extended bondage special sessions

Breath Play with or without intox

Tickle sessions (on you of course) we DO NOT receive!

Leather sessions, leather cross dressing available

Sensory Deprivation

Boot/Shoe and Foot Worship

Some wrestle holds NOT wrestling

Please note there will be NO sexual play in sessions, these sessions are for serious fetish players, your excitement can be contained and taken away with you for later reflection and relief.

Please book via ladyamber2017@hotmail.com Mobile Calls NOT texting to 07775 276054

Thank you to the wonderful subs/kinksters who have shown their support over the last year, which has been tough for many and still is!

Although I do phone chats on various platforms (and excel at this) I have just started out really in My clip store from March 2020.  I have over 500 feedbacks in phone chat, My phone topics are very diverse, I will happily roleplay  and have had many a gent get all hot n flustered and have a VERY happy time. We can also just chat normally about your kinks if you prefer.

I am more of a real time session Dominatrix and Disciplinarian.  I get quite tetchy if I do not have a bottom to spank or peg (depending on what floats your boat)

At least the paid phone chats have given Me some sort of outlet with sharing your fantasies, discussing future real time sessions and giving commands over the phone, which have entertained Me.  Plus keep a roof over My head.

I would love to accept limited real time solo sessions with Covid precautions in place.

Please read Mistress Helen Ryder of West Sussex (mistress-helen-ryder.co.uk)

Send to helen-ryder@hotmail.com Amazon Logo Squid – Amazon.co.uk eGift Voucher: Amazon.co.uk: Gift Cards & Top Up

I am on two platforms for chats, Adult Work and Dommeline if you prefer to call Me through a third party app.  My phone icon is green when logged in on those.  Direct chats with Me is send payment first as per blog and then email when money has been sent across.  ANY questions you have can then be addressed.

Can’t wait to be spanking bottoms again and many of the other shenanigans that happen here 😉 sadly some of you can’t find an excuse to come out to play.  Try harder!

I am looking forward to teaming up again with My wonderful domme sisters in kink when able to, Mistress Leather Amber, Miss Kitty Bliss Kent and Burgess Hill

Mistress Helena  Mistress V Huddersfield

Goddess Salvia Burgess Hill and Brighton

TGirl Joanna Armstrong Burgess Hill

Looking forward to chatting with some of you very soon, lets make the very best of 2021!!

I hope everyone’s keeping well and if you have got into mischief then do book your self in for some corrective therapy ASAP!  My area is in tier two, this means personal care places, retail etc are allowed to be open.

Come out to play safely again with Covid precautions in place.

I am taking solo sessions in My own premises as well as the double domination sessions mentioned below!

We have a treat in store for you! Double domination sessions with the amazing Lady Amber in Gravesend Kent & Burgess Hill West Sussex (just 20 mins from Gatwick)
The type off sessions are ALL impact play, bondage, extended bondage, leather worship, breath play, boot worship & foot worship, leather cross dressing. For anything not mentioned please include a polite request, pegging & venus2000/relief won’t be included in the doubles & we will be offering the style of play listed in Leather Lady Ambers site, so plenty of BDSM & kinky fun to enjoy.
Due to travel double domme dates will be advertised and pre bookings taken with deposits as well as possible booking being available on the day.
With a long booking enquiry and deposit security we can be available together with 48 hours notice.
Read and follow each of our booking procedures to apply, mine are hyper linked in sessions and tribute pages as well as on blog page.