Anal play hygiene, a guide for how to prepare yourself for a good pegging.


I’ve had many a bottom to play with, some come very well prepared and smell fresh as a daisy and others haven’t even bothered to wash let along have a douche out or use an enema system.

You can either purchase your own enema or douching kit.  Google is your best friend, use it to search on various suppliers, here are some links  for you to check out



If having such an item sent to your home or workplace is going to cause problems then simply pay the extra £20 fee to me and you can have a douche or better still an enema to flush you out before any anal or strap-on play commences. The enema I have here is a low volume of water with natural salts to activate the lower bowel and works within 5 to 7 minutes. I will administer it and then you will be sent to the toilet to expel and clean up.

Here is another link to include a great variety of anal toys, if you are new to anal play and wish to lose your virginity “I really love popping cherries” then if you are able to do some”homework preperation” with a small toy to help you relax and then you will become accustomed to items entering you, it will make pegging easier and not so daunting for your first time

Whilst I am on the topic of hygiene a reminder to either freshen up when you get here or have a shower within one hour of your session starting and wash your bottom and genital region after using the toilet.  98% of you come to sessions smelling delicious and squeaky clean (that I have to refrain from eating you, haha) sadly 2% don’t and I have a nose like a bloodhound and can tell!  And brush those teeth too!!!  I am in close proximity with you in sessions and adore a nice clean sweet smelling or simply clean body with fresh minty breath to play with.  I have mouthwash in my bathroom as well as a selection of gents products so if you need a freshen up or gargle then please ensure you use the bathroom first.  Great personal hygiene is essential to show respect to me your Mistress!  I do understand that some of you may have come straight from work and simply do not have the facilities to use before you visit me.

My future blog will be on sounds, the risks, the fun and what to expect.

Mistress Helen X