Book your shared playtime Thursday 6th June 2024! ASAP! Lets have a kinky lil 3sum party!

TWO bois per playtime, bi interaction encouraged, sexuality & limits respected, straight play & taking turns for those who don’t wish to explore their bi side.  I will ensure that you are suitably matched for straight/bi sessions.


2:30pm – 4pm

£150 each for 90 mins playtimes in Burgess Hill

Deposit mandatory

Blog updated

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Hello peeps, well it has been rather a long time since I have blogged, naughty Mistress Helen Ryder!  I will spank my own bottom thank you 🙂

Rest assured I am well, working, still taking sessions and thoroughly enjoying them.  To be perfectly honest I lost my mojo writing blogs for a while, keep putting it off.  Many an evening whilst logged into phone chat I have had every intention of writing something but having a big fluffy blanket on my lap and a big warm cat on top isn’t really conducive to having a laptop on my lap and typing!  But the kitty is keeping me warm!

The stupid cost of living is hitting us all, how I would love to get the big boss’s of the energy suppliers over my bench and give them a darn good thrashing and make them pay £410 to me to cover my monthly gas/leccy outgoings!!  So on that note I have put a very small increase of £10/£20 on tributes and I was due a raise anyway.

I haven’t added to my clips4sale for a very long time, the law and clip sites keep moving the goal posts with what content is allowed to be posted.  Some Mistress’s seem to get away with posting quite extreme play and then others get shot down in flames.  I’m of the opinion that much of what happens in sessions can stay behind closed doors and I am not prepared to put myself way out there to then potentially bite myself on the derriere.

I do still upload some mini clips to my Adult Work private clip store so that you all have something to wet your appetites and see that I’m still VERY active and playing.

If you haven’t been to see me for a very long time then do book a session as just receiving a hello email isn’t really related or conductive in running this amazing business I’ve chosen to do.  I am answering emails to those who are actively seeking to book in for a brilliant play time.   CP Impact Play, Pegging, Bondage, EStim, Sissy Maids, Cross Dressers, Tie and Tease, Medical Role Play being just some of the interests that I have.  Do check the very comprehensive information within my website.

Over and out for now

Mistress Helen Ryder, West Sussex Dominatrix, Disciplinarian and Fetish Kinkster

Looking forward to seeing my regular players and newbies are most welcome to get in touch, a deposit will always be required within a TWO email exchange.

Keep your peepers peeled for an incoming blog later this week about one of the amazing sessions I’ve recently had the pleasure of 😉



I’m heading up North on 22nd July until Monday 26th July, sessions back in West Sussex from 27th July.

The 25th July is set aside for Our Double Domme event “Sunday Sinners”

I am teaming up with My gorgeous friend Mistress Helena in Huddersfield,  she is just 26 mins train travel from Leeds with a 6 min cab journey or by car from Leeds just over half an hour drive with easy on street parking, sessions are in a beautiful fully equipped dungeon.  Which is scrupulously clean  using hospital grade products, all toys are covered with condoms where possible or sterilised before/after use.  There is plenty of “proper” sterile & insertable lube too!  No cooking fat or motorcycle grease haha.  Two consummate professionals who care about your wellbeing and only use the best equipment.

Two strict blonde alpha females to take control over you, Our fetish interests are immense and we are passionate about what we do, please take a look around Our fetish interests on Our websites to see what makes you salivate and yearn to book a visit for an amazing double domination experience.

Huddersfield Mistresses – Huddersfield Mistresses

Just a few ideas to wet your appetites

Pegging/Spit roasting

CP Judicial, straight up or Roleplay from moderate to very hard!

Sissy transformations

Medical play

Sensory deprivation with EStim/Wand teasing sensual or take the pain if you are a masochist, your limits/boundaries are always respected

Bondage, leather, straps, encasement, mummification and/or time in the cell

Foot worship, maid or slave duties

Contact Mistress Helena to book in and a 50% deposit is mandatory and non refundable (bank transfer info on My online domination/tribute page) Please provide an outline of your interests and any medical conditions we need to be aware of.  ALL sessions are totally bespoke to your interests,  we do listen to your kinks and create the best unique experience.  We are lifestyle Mistress’s with years of experience and deviant tricks up Our sleeves 😉 so lets get together and enjoy some fetish play, it really doesn’t get better than this!

We look forward to “having you” visit us soon.

Contact Mistress Helena on 07557 516183 call or polite text to book in


My availability

I’m available for online domination, chats. emails etc read the tab!

At present ALL emails to include a 10 min phone chat to discuss a session are paid for before you make contact, if you book and attend a real time session in the future post lockdown restrictions etc it will come off your final tribute in person.  Any questions you have will then be addressed in our chat.

When you book a real time session the deposit still remains at 50% and is mandatory.  Payment is either Amazon GC or Bank transfers.  I do not offer Paypal or any other payment system.

My bank details for transfers: Sort 20-92-54 Account: 70468665  Name: Ms Rogers Ref: Consult and your initials.

Amazon GC to My email of if purchasing one from Tesco etc, rub off the panel to reveal code or use link below to purchase online.

Send: Amazon Logo Squid – eGift Voucher: Gift Cards & Top Up 

Provided you are over 21 send the payment for a call and then contact Me, sending an email asking if you can pay for a chat defeats the purpose.

The only reply to new email enqs is a link to this blog.  If you then reply with that you’ve read this blog but still not paid the low sum of £20 or reply with a question, you will be ignored.  It tells Me all I need to know about you and where to file away your email.

I very much welcome paid interaction only.  It weeds out those that have no intention of booking/committing.

I look forward to teasing and tormenting you soon.

Mistress Helen

It’s been a fantastic whirlwind months of sessions, socialising, double domme with My amazing bestie Miss Kitty Bliss, we had such a scream with our boi and gurl toys together and carried out quite a sissy make over on our evening booking, who travelled over from Ireland, landing at Gatwick and getting the train to Burgess Hill (easy journey he says) he is also a repeat visitor.  i have a few chaps who travel from abroad for sessions, yet over the years EVERY enq from Chichester West Sussex has rang asking questions and then states Burgess Hill is too far! Laughing My head off!

Other news: I’ve also been settling in a new kitten (whom has recently broken her leg) will come back to this!

Attending the Femdom Ball 2019 with My collared maid and slave, modelling for the fabulous House of Harlot and finally looking at the pics and saving them to post here for you all to enjoy.  This event is something I greatly look forward to each year, meeting up with Mistress friends and meeting other ladies from afar.

I am very fortunate to have My own fully equipped premises at home, this enables Me to offer sessions at rates the average person can afford.  The ambiance here is amazing and every possible luxury is included, My premises are not a vast giant dungeon space, hence My fees reflect this and it’s not to undercut anyone else  Obviously if I were hiring dungeons then My fees would also reflect hire charges and travel. I can at certain times of the year also put on little offers like any other business.  It doesn’t devalue My status as a Professional Dominatrix and I do it to suit Me.

If all is well I will be away in Yorkshire for a few days from 23rd to 26th December and then back here, this depends on My little lady and the care she will require ongoing until her leg mends.

Back to working from home/kitten, so My eyes were off her for 10 mins and I walked in to find her with her leg at a raised angle and crying, thankful to have Miss Kitty Bliss with Me that day so emergency dash to vets and she was examined, kept in for observation and pain relief.  They wanted to X-ray but had to schedule her for the next day as had other even more serious emergency surgery in.  A very sleepless night and the next morning I took her for X-rays, diagnosed with a broken Femur right near her growth plate that it would require pinning by a specialist orthopaedic surgeon in Hove the very next day.

My little kitty has had her op and will have to have another to remove the pins as otherwise it will effect her growth (poor sweetheart) now thankfully being a responsible pet mummy I have her on the Vets VIP plan as well as insured so a lot of the expense will be reimbursed in a few weeks.  The excess on the policy is about £150 and also 20% of ALL treatment.  I’ve also had to purchase dog crates and others bits and bobs to aid her recovery.  So far it’s totted up to just under £3K with the vets and bits n bobs around £120.  She also has to have physio appointments at £75 a pop in Worthing, so more expense, fuel/travel/time. The excess/fees will still be in the hundreds.

The reason I’m stating the above is that it’s still a massive dent to the pocket, rather than any perfume/Gin/gift presents I would be so appreciative of donations to her surgery and ongoing physiotherapy.   Thank you in advance to those who would love to help support a good cause.  I think it’s far more important than some others wanting silly loub shoes, furs (fur belongs on the animal) jewels, handbags etc  I am often asked how you can support Me and show appreciation for the wonderful play I provide, so this is it.

Also if you have been thinking of booking in for play, don’t wait! I am available for session in real time and phone chats and you can support Me with purchases of mini movie clips and photos from My Adult Work profile too.  If you just wish to donate then please email Me for My bank account info.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I’m sure I will be blogging again in a week or two with updates.

Check out My Twitter for all latest updates and news on a daily/weekly basis

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen Ryder

Q. Can I cum at any point in the session?

A. Yes if it is appropriate to our session, there are plenty of wonderful gadgets to assist in this (Venus 2000, wand with attachments, powerful massager) and JOI (jerk off instructions if that’s your interest)  during a bit of tie/tease or end of session.  Note I do touch My playmates but I’m not here to wank you off something silly.  Service providers/escorts provide wanks!

Q. How long will it take to get to you?

A. Use Google maps from your location to Burgess Hill West Sussex.  I recently had someone ask how long it would take for him to get to me in October, I’ve no idea if he was planning to miniaturise himself and ride on a snails back, walk, cycle, get a train or drive…..

Q. Do you see females, TV’s, TS’s, Gay, straight, pink with freckles, Budist, Christian  etc?

A. Yes, as long as you are looking for a domination/fetish session, have the right attitude, we have spoken, show respect and that we have agreed to session then all over the age of 21 are welcome.

Q. Can I douche/have an enema?

A. Yes it is £10 extra and you need to book a 90 min session to give enough time to cover this and include your play.

Q. Do you supply all latex clothing for me to wear?

A. No I do not, simply due to lack of storage in My beautiful home with TWO very well equipped rooms for play.  I have a struggle fitting all My own clothing and fetish wear into My wardrobes, as well as all the sissy satin/maids outfits that I do provide, you are most welcome to bring your own along.

Q. Can I have a double domme or assistant join in?

A. With enough notice, this can be arranged and does require a 50% deposit of the full double tribute.

Q. Will you do a surprise domination for my partner?

A. Not without speaking with them first, it is about consent.  All couples bookings require the lady to get in touch and both be available on speaker phone to chat with Me at an arranged time.

Q. Will you force feed me drugs?

A. No and do not bring drugs to My premises.  I only allow poppers, which you have to purchase yourself and bring them to the session due to legality.

Q. Can I arrive fully cross dressed ready to play.

A. Only if you are going to leave in the same manner, it will look odd if anyone see’s a lady arriving and man driving off.  It also depends on if you can pass easily and are wearing something very normal and not looking outrageous or a total trollop.

Q. Do you require filming slaves?

A. Yes, these dates are usually advertised on a blog, it is worth getting in touch to express your interest.  A tribute of £100 is expected for filming and you also need to bring photo I.D and sign a model release form.  Filming is usually from a couple of hours to longer, there might be others present, the scenes are always sorted on the day depending on peoples boundaries and activities.

Q. Can I wear a mask for filming or full make up?

A. Yes you may, make-up application by Me is an extra fee of £40 and takes about an hour.

Q. Can I be your personal slave?

A.No, I have lovely bitch boyfriend for this.

Q. Are you a lifestyle dominatrix?

A.Yes I am, this is way more than a business, however that doesn’t mean I give free sessions out!

Q. Can I send you a script of exactly what I want you to do to me, in a very specific order with 6 of these and 8 of those etc etc

A. No, that is Not Me dominating you.  This is being a Fetish actress and I would have to let go of My Dominatrix integrity and be a Fetish actress for you.  This fee starts at £2,000 for an hour instead of the very reasonable tributes.

Q. Can I email or ring you to ask lots of questions that are already covered on your website, but I am too lazy to read?

A. No, all genuine visitors to My establishment did their research, sent a polite email, we had a really lovey chat and they paid their deposit and attended.  It’s ever so simple.

Q. Can you cane me, do ABCD etc and not leave marks?

A. I will take your boundaries into account when we session, very light caning usually doesn’t leave any marks but everyone’s skin/body is different.  If you enjoy pain I can easily inflict some using various techniques and gadgets that will not leave marks.

Q. Can I meet you first for coffee/lunch or dinner?

A. Yes, this requires an email/chat and full payment of My social rates via bank transfer for this meeting so I am not taking money in public (although I do some cash point meets with a deposit in place)

Q. I want to try a domination session but I don’t like pain, does it have to be about pain?

A. No, although I love to inflict it I can introduce you gently into the world of Femdom, kink and light BDSM.

Q. Do I have to be a submissive in order to session?

A. About 70% of My playmates are submissive and the others consider themselves to be kinksters, as long as you have a respectful approach and the right attitude and enjoy the activities I have listed then that is perfectly ok to come along and have some fun.

Q. Do you have an upper age limit?

A. No, as long as you are well and healthy and can walk or wiggle up a flight of stairs with ease, are not likely to croak on My premises then you are welcome to get in touch.  I love older respectful gentleman! I always need to be aware of any medical conditions, be honest!

Q. I’m under 21 will you see me?

A. No I feel youngsters haven’t had enough normal kink in their private personal life and regular life experience as yet, this feels too creepy for Me with such an age gap.

Q. Will you travel to visit me abroad?

A. Not on a first time session, come to the UK and session with Me in My premises first.  If I travel to you all expenses such as travel, My own hotel room/travel and out of pocket expenses will be pre paid by you so that I book My own flights etc.

Q. Can I come clean your house/dungeon/garden etc?

A. No, this doesn’t work for Me as I find it still panders to your time and Not My own.  I would rather do the tasks Myself very well or simply pay a professional to do it.

Q. Can I buy you a gift?

A. Yes gifts are lovely, there is a list of suitable suggestions on My tribute page

Q. Can I see you without paying a deposit?

A. No, all first time visitors or longer repeat bookings have to pay one.  It is also part of My personal screening process.

I will add more questions and answers here in due course, depending on My thoughts and what comes up.



It was a hot day in the clinic and Chief Consultant Helen Ryder had Miss Kitty Bliss an expert in her field of hypnosis as well as fully fledged in other medical areas in for a second opinion on a particularly difficult patient we shall refer to as Mr Brown.
On approaching the clinic Ms Ryder could hear voices and listened for a few minutes, she could hear Mr Brown not only providing his full medical history but talking about his deviant perversions very openly with absolute glee and on entering the room she saw a big smirk on his face.
“Mr Brown, your deviance is nothing to be proud of, wipe that smirk off your face”
“sorry miss”  he looked down but seemed to be rather proud of himself
“Where is your urine sample? Ms Ryder raised an eyebrow at Mr Brown and looked very stern
“I forgot it miss”
“Well that’s simply not good enough, come with me”
Mr Brown was taken to the toilet and Ms Ryder stood over him with a plastic jug ready to take his sample.
“I can’t seem to go” he looked very embarrassed.
“Back into the room then Mr Brown, we shall continue with your treatments”
“Thank you Ms Bliss for coming along today to give a second opinion on Mr Browns condition, I do believe you really are the best in your field and I think some future hypnosis sessions might get him back on the straight and narrow”
Ms Bliss agreed and between them they came up with a series of tests known as “attitude adjusters” and “Perversion Therapy” also known as PT but not as you might know it at the gym!
Between them a series of nipple clamping took place, being attached for a while and then removed, adjusted, pulled off and reattached at regular intervals as Mr Brown gave every single account of his perverted ways.  They did indeed become very sensitive and sore and rather took the wind out of his sails as time went by and his enthusiasm about his perverted ways became far less.
Mr Brown wasn’t very blessed with his manhood and hasn’t had sexual intercourse for a very long time, we strongly suspect that Mrs Brown simply finds him very perverse and disappointing in the bedroom department and most likely has a lover.  He is known to get an erection at the very sign of a bit of ankle display (how Victorian)  and yet he can not maintain it for very long and also suffers from premature ejaculation, oh dear!
It was discussed that Br Brown might be best off having full gender reassignment to become female and be a much more useful member of society, this would also give Mrs Brown some lovely female companionship.  Mr Brown would become Ms Brown over time but meanwhile could enrol in some training to initially become a cuckold and then fluffer to Mrs Browns lovers.  Meanwhile Mr Brown could also be put into chastity and his cock would be known as a clitty cock, being as it wouldn’t be able to get an erection caged!
An experimental injection of feminisation fluid was then injected into Mr Browns glans, he shrieked as it went in and complained, tut tut, the next procedure would have to be very painful indeed.  Any sign of an erection quickly went away!
Just to be certain Ms Bliss and Ms Ryder each took up a rubber cock whipper and thoroughly administered a series of hits on the glans, shaft and testes, he had to be gagged in order to proceed further.
The whole of the penile/groin area was fully prepared with antiseptic, clinnel wipes, Iodine swabs for the Esim sound to be administered.  Electrodes were attached to his perineum and Ms Bliss expertly inserted the sound into his well lubricated  urethral tract explaining to Mr Brown that this would be the only form of fucking he gets to receive as she pulled the sound up and let it sink down again.  Meanwhile the control box was gradually turned up.
“Tell us about your first panty experience”  Mr Brown gave a full account in graphic detail, which gave him an erection as he conveyed the story across.  The electrics were intensified, as well as the nipples repeatedly tortured to give him the pain/pleasure aversion therapy.  It was a good job he was tightly restrained as he would have been leaping up in the air.
It was essential to also take a sample from him to check for live swimmers in his semen (most unlikely with the injection) the wand was bought out and the shaft of his penis stimulated, this would normally take some time in a healthy virile male but on this occasion after barely being stimulated he cried out that he was coming, no time to catch the sample in the petri dish that it splashed onto the bench and the sample was ruined.
Mr Brown will be attending the Kink clinic again in the near future no doubt!
As Mr Brown was dressing he expressed that he didn’t find Ms Helen Ryder quite as daunting as her red head twin sister Helen Ann Ryder who will be attending his next medical most likely with Ms Bliss, these men never learn!  Ms Bliss shook her head and asked if he wanted to leave fully intact!

For the whole month of August the alternate massage will be £100 for an hour.

Book an alternate massage session as a change of play and a form of escapism. It can also be a gentle introduction to BDSM if you are new and a tad nervous!

A gorgeous feast for the senses!  Either tied with soft rope or silky scarves (or left unbound) whilst I tease, stroke and manipulate your body including some very light flogging and massage techniques etc.  We will sit and chat about what can be incorporated into your bespoke massage session and leave out anything that you do not wish to experience.

This will be very popular so book now

Yes you read it right! Not the bake off although it did involve cake!

What a scream we all had filming yesterday at My place in Burgess Hill, three sissy maids all dressed in their satin dress’s, stockings, high heels, latex mask faces, elegant wigs, lots of frills and fake boobs. We started off in the kitchen where they had a task to decorate their fairy cakes as fancy as possible and impress Me, there was a twist that it would be wankies over them to put extra icing on top.

Two eager maids lined up all excited and some teasing, one was locked in chastity haha so no icing there and the other I decided wouldn’t be allowed until later!

Epic fail of finishing off the decoration so of course they had to be spanked……..

and spanked some more and then marched up to the dungeon and maid Natalie had to be fluffer on My Mistress cock and get it ready for maid Samantha’s hole whilst maid Penelope was filming.

Maid Natalie was allowed to give My high heels a good polish with her tongue and then later was roped into her dress with some nice secure Shibari, how she wriggled and loved the tight rope hugging her satin dress against her skin.

Maid Penelope then had the tables turned and first given a good spanking and CP/caning on the bench and then she was roped down on the bondage bed and tickled and teased until she made a very sticky mess!

Maid Samantha (My personal maid) I made sure I made very good use of her later!  I’ve been making further kinky use of her today too!

Just a fairly normal Saturday in My household


A fantastic fun roleplay scenario I enjoyed delivering a good while back, My good bitch has just typed up the notes for you all to read, hope you like it!

These are My vows to you – the Five ‘F’s’ of how our marriage will be as dominant and submissive cuckold.

At the end I will ask you to accept them.  If you answer yes, we will proceed with the training.  If you answer no, you will leave here and never see Me again.  Is that understood?

Okay, first ‘F’ – Façade…..

……while you and I will present a perfect marriage in public, behind closed doors nothing could be further from the truth.

I will train you to become subservient in all aspects of life.

Physically you will earn money, do housework, prepare meals, run baths and all other duties that I require of you.

Mentally I will create situations that direct your mind to obsess over Me until thoughts about how to please Me become as natural to you as your own thirst.

Emotionally, you will learn to rise above your feelings and put My desires before yours.  You will show no jealousy when I bring lovers home, nor petulance when what little sexual pleasure you might derive is withheld from you.

Sexually, I will place you in chastity and expect you to go for long periods without relief.  I will revel in your discomfort as I humiliate you with my strap-on and emasculate you emotionally, sexually and physically.  In time, you will come to enjoy it and even yearn for Me to take my lover so that your cravings can be met.

Second ‘F’ – Fidelity…..

…..while you will remain chaste to Me, I will take on as many lovers as I want.  Indeed, I will enjoy the mental angst it causes you when I seduce your brother and best friends….and delight in the knowledge that you are gagged and tied in the bedroom next door, listening in on every moan and orgasm through the night.

In time, I may adapt our marital bed so that you can be bound and gagged in a concealed compartment beneath it so that you can be continually frustrated and helpless as I fuck my lovers above you.  Maybe I’ll incorporate a release mechanism so that you come to associate your ejaculation in terms of Mine and my lover’s orgasm, thus reinforcing your position in the relationship and my dominance over you.

Third ‘F’ – Funding

Away from the bedroom, you will fund My lifestyle completely.  You will sell your property, the remaining shares and all other funds then give them to Me.  That way you will be truly dependent and reliant on Me and there can be no change of mind.  Likewise, I will take photos of you in compromising positions as security that there will be no departure or absenting yourself without consequence.

Fourth ‘F’ – Fantasy

My promise is that I will endeavour to fulfil all of the submissive fantasies you shared with Me.  It’s how we arrived at this situation with Me dominant and you bowed before Me.

However, what we are about to engage in is a life together so it would be remiss of Me not to give you fair warning of what you are getting into.

I vow not to give you what you want but rather what you need – that being, a confident dominant woman who knows what she wants and is fully alive in her sexuality.

Question: Do you want Me to be that woman?

(Yes Mistress)

Good, let’s consider the fifth and final ‘F’ – Fetish….

My promise to you is that I will discover what makes you tick – the thing you crave and which I can manipulate to make you solely determined and dedicated to Me.

…….perhaps dressing up in leather, or latex, or PVC, or suspenders and stockings, or thigh length boots, or stilletoes, or opera gloves or whatever.

You will lay yourself bare to Me.  You will tell Me all your deepest, darkest secrets.

……and once only I know what they are, I will utilise that knowledge to train you to become truly useful to Me.

In time, your role and function will change to that of a slave who lives to serve only Me.

Yes, you will still be my husband but it will be something more amenable and useful to Me.

Now, decision time……Do you agree to submit to Me?

(Yes Mistress, I submit to you)

Good answer!  Let your training begin.

Now put this condom on and rub your cock against my soft leather boot and fill it up with hot creamy spunk!

I laugh as he wanks furiously

Once done, I put on my strap-on and invert the condom over it,  now suck My cock,  taste your semen and swallow it bitch.

……Now you know what semen smells and tastes like for when I return home from My lovers and require you to clean up.