It’s been a fantastic whirlwind months of sessions, socialising, double domme with My amazing bestie Miss Kitty Bliss, we had such a scream with our boi and gurl toys together and carried out quite a sissy make over on our evening booking, who travelled over from Ireland, landing at Gatwick and getting the train to Burgess Hill (easy journey he says) he is also a repeat visitor.  i have a few chaps who travel from abroad for sessions, yet over the years EVERY enq from Chichester West Sussex has rang asking questions and then states Burgess Hill is too far! Laughing My head off!

Other news: I’ve also been settling in a new kitten (whom has recently broken her leg) will come back to this!

Attending the Femdom Ball 2019 with My collared maid and slave, modelling for the fabulous House of Harlot and finally looking at the pics and saving them to post here for you all to enjoy.  This event is something I greatly look forward to each year, meeting up with Mistress friends and meeting other ladies from afar.

I am very fortunate to have My own fully equipped premises at home, this enables Me to offer sessions at rates the average person can afford.  The ambiance here is amazing and every possible luxury is included, My premises are not a vast giant dungeon space, hence My fees reflect this and it’s not to undercut anyone else  Obviously if I were hiring dungeons then My fees would also reflect hire charges and travel. I can at certain times of the year also put on little offers like any other business.  It doesn’t devalue My status as a Professional Dominatrix and I do it to suit Me.

If all is well I will be away in Yorkshire for a few days from 23rd to 26th December and then back here, this depends on My little lady and the care she will require ongoing until her leg mends.

Back to working from home/kitten, so My eyes were off her for 10 mins and I walked in to find her with her leg at a raised angle and crying, thankful to have Miss Kitty Bliss with Me that day so emergency dash to vets and she was examined, kept in for observation and pain relief.  They wanted to X-ray but had to schedule her for the next day as had other even more serious emergency surgery in.  A very sleepless night and the next morning I took her for X-rays, diagnosed with a broken Femur right near her growth plate that it would require pinning by a specialist orthopaedic surgeon in Hove the very next day.

My little kitty has had her op and will have to have another to remove the pins as otherwise it will effect her growth (poor sweetheart) now thankfully being a responsible pet mummy I have her on the Vets VIP plan as well as insured so a lot of the expense will be reimbursed in a few weeks.  The excess on the policy is about £150 and also 20% of ALL treatment.  I’ve also had to purchase dog crates and others bits and bobs to aid her recovery.  So far it’s totted up to just under £3K with the vets and bits n bobs around £120.  She also has to have physio appointments at £75 a pop in Worthing, so more expense, fuel/travel/time. The excess/fees will still be in the hundreds.

The reason I’m stating the above is that it’s still a massive dent to the pocket, rather than any perfume/Gin/gift presents I would be so appreciative of donations to her surgery and ongoing physiotherapy.   Thank you in advance to those who would love to help support a good cause.  I think it’s far more important than some others wanting silly loub shoes, furs (fur belongs on the animal) jewels, handbags etc  I am often asked how you can support Me and show appreciation for the wonderful play I provide, so this is it.

Also if you have been thinking of booking in for play, don’t wait! I am available for session in real time and phone chats and you can support Me with purchases of mini movie clips and photos from My Adult Work profile too.  If you just wish to donate then please email Me for My bank account info.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I’m sure I will be blogging again in a week or two with updates.

Check out My Twitter for all latest updates and news on a daily/weekly basis

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen Ryder

Q. Can I cum at any point in the session?

A. Yes if it is appropriate to our session, there are plenty of wonderful gadgets to assist in this (Venus 2000, wand with attachments, powerful massager) and JOI (jerk off instructions if that’s your interest)  during a bit of tie/tease or end of session.  Note I do touch My playmates but I’m not here to wank you off something silly.  Service providers/escorts provide wanks!

Q. How long will it take to get to you?

A. Use Google maps from your location to Burgess Hill West Sussex.  I recently had someone ask how long it would take for him to get to me in October, I’ve no idea if he was planning to miniaturise himself and ride on a snails back, walk, cycle, get a train or drive…..

Q. Do you see females, TV’s, TS’s, Gay, straight, pink with freckles, Budist, Christian  etc?

A. Yes, as long as you are looking for a domination/fetish session, have the right attitude, we have spoken, show respect and that we have agreed to session then all over the age of 21 are welcome.

Q. Can I douche/have an enema?

A. Yes it is £10 extra and you need to book a 90 min session to give enough time to cover this and include your play.

Q. Do you supply all latex clothing for me to wear?

A. No I do not, simply due to lack of storage in My beautiful home with TWO very well equipped rooms for play.  I have a struggle fitting all My own clothing and fetish wear into My wardrobes, as well as all the sissy satin/maids outfits that I do provide, you are most welcome to bring your own along.

Q. Can I have a double domme or assistant join in?

A. With enough notice, this can be arranged and does require a 50% deposit of the full double tribute.

Q. Will you do a surprise domination for my partner?

A. Not without speaking with them first, it is about consent.  All couples bookings require the lady to get in touch and both be available on speaker phone to chat with Me at an arranged time.

Q. Will you force feed me drugs?

A. No and do not bring drugs to My premises.  I only allow poppers, which you have to purchase yourself and bring them to the session due to legality.

Q. Can I arrive fully cross dressed ready to play.

A. Only if you are going to leave in the same manner, it will look odd if anyone see’s a lady arriving and man driving off.  It also depends on if you can pass easily and are wearing something very normal and not looking outrageous or a total trollop.

Q. Do you require filming slaves?

A. Yes, these dates are usually advertised on a blog, it is worth getting in touch to express your interest.  A tribute of £100 is expected for filming and you also need to bring photo I.D and sign a model release form.  Filming is usually from a couple of hours to longer, there might be others present, the scenes are always sorted on the day depending on peoples boundaries and activities.

Q. Can I wear a mask for filming or full make up?

A. Yes you may, make-up application by Me is an extra fee of £40 and takes about an hour.

Q. Can I be your personal slave?

A.No, I have lovely bitch boyfriend for this.

Q. Are you a lifestyle dominatrix?

A.Yes I am, this is way more than a business, however that doesn’t mean I give free sessions out!

Q. Can I send you a script of exactly what I want you to do to me, in a very specific order with 6 of these and 8 of those etc etc

A. No, that is Not Me dominating you.  This is being a Fetish actress and I would have to let go of My Dominatrix integrity and be a Fetish actress for you.  This fee starts at £1,000 for an hour instead of the very reasonable £120.

Q. Can I email or ring you to ask lots of questions that are already covered on your website, but I am too lazy to read?

A. No, all genuine visitors to My establishment did their research, sent a polite email, we had a really lovey chat and they paid their deposit and attended.  It’s ever so simple.

Q. Can you cane me, do ABCD etc and not leave marks?

A. I will take your boundaries into account when we session, very light caning usually doesn’t leave any marks but everyone’s skin/body is different.  If you enjoy pain I can easily inflict some using various techniques and gadgets that will not leave marks.

Q. Can I meet you first for coffee/lunch or dinner?

A. Yes, this requires an email/chat and full payment of My social rates via bank transfer for this meeting so I am not taking money in public (although I do some cash point meets with a deposit in place)

Q. I want to try a domination session but I don’t like pain, does it have to be about pain?

A. No, although I love to inflict it I can introduce you gently into the world of Femdom, kink and light BDSM.

Q. Do I have to be a submissive in order to session?

A. About 70% of My playmates are submissive and the others consider themselves to be kinksters, as long as you have a respectful approach and the right attitude and enjoy the activities I have listed then that is perfectly ok to come along and have some fun.

Q. Do you have an upper age limit?

A. No, as long as you are well and healthy and can walk or wiggle up a flight of stairs with ease, are not likely to croak on My premises then you are welcome to get in touch.  I love older gentleman! I always need to be aware of any medical conditions, be honest!

Q. I’m under 21 will you see me?

A. No I feel youngsters haven’t had enough normal kink in their private personal life and regular life experience as yet, this feels too creepy for Me with such an age gap.

Q. Will you travel to visit me abroad?

A. Not on a first time session, come to the UK and session with Me in My premises first.  If I travel to you all expenses such as travel, My own hotel room/travel and out of pocket expenses will be pre paid by you so that I book My own flights etc.

Q. Can I come clean your house/dungeon/garden etc?

A. No, this doesn’t work for Me as I find it still panders to your time and Not My own.  I would rather do the tasks Myself very well or simply pay a professional to do it.

Q. Can I buy you a gift?

A. Yes gifts are lovely, there is a list of suitable suggestions on My tribute page

Q. Can I see you without paying a deposit?

A. No, all first time visitors or longer repeat bookings have to pay one.

I will add more questions and answers here in due course, depending on My thoughts and what comes up.



It was a hot day in the clinic and Chief Consultant Helen Ryder had Miss Kitty Bliss an expert in her field of hypnosis as well as fully fledged in other medical areas in for a second opinion on a particularly difficult patient we shall refer to as Mr Brown.
On approaching the clinic Ms Ryder could hear voices and listened for a few minutes, she could hear Mr Brown not only providing his full medical history but talking about his deviant perversions very openly with absolute glee and on entering the room she saw a big smirk on his face.
“Mr Brown, your deviance is nothing to be proud of, wipe that smirk off your face”
“sorry miss”  he looked down but seemed to be rather proud of himself
“Where is your urine sample? Ms Ryder raised an eyebrow at Mr Brown and looked very stern
“I forgot it miss”
“Well that’s simply not good enough, come with me”
Mr Brown was taken to the toilet and Ms Ryder stood over him with a plastic jug ready to take his sample.
“I can’t seem to go” he looked very embarrassed.
“Back into the room then Mr Brown, we shall continue with your treatments”
“Thank you Ms Bliss for coming along today to give a second opinion on Mr Browns condition, I do believe you really are the best in your field and I think some future hypnosis sessions might get him back on the straight and narrow”
Ms Bliss agreed and between them they came up with a series of tests known as “attitude adjusters” and “Perversion Therapy” also known as PT but not as you might know it at the gym!
Between them a series of nipple clamping took place, being attached for a while and then removed, adjusted, pulled off and reattached at regular intervals as Mr Brown gave every single account of his perverted ways.  They did indeed become very sensitive and sore and rather took the wind out of his sails as time went by and his enthusiasm about his perverted ways became far less.
Mr Brown wasn’t very blessed with his manhood and hasn’t had sexual intercourse for a very long time, we strongly suspect that Mrs Brown simply finds him very perverse and disappointing in the bedroom department and most likely has a lover.  He is known to get an erection at the very sign of a bit of ankle display (how Victorian)  and yet he can not maintain it for very long and also suffers from premature ejaculation, oh dear!
It was discussed that Br Brown might be best off having full gender reassignment to become female and be a much more useful member of society, this would also give Mrs Brown some lovely female companionship.  Mr Brown would become Ms Brown over time but meanwhile could enrol in some training to initially become a cuckold and then fluffer to Mrs Browns lovers.  Meanwhile Mr Brown could also be put into chastity and his cock would be known as a clitty cock, being as it wouldn’t be able to get an erection caged!
An experimental injection of feminisation fluid was then injected into Mr Browns glans, he shrieked as it went in and complained, tut tut, the next procedure would have to be very painful indeed.  Any sign of an erection quickly went away!
Just to be certain Ms Bliss and Ms Ryder each took up a rubber cock whipper and thoroughly administered a series of hits on the glans, shaft and testes, he had to be gagged in order to proceed further.
The whole of the penile/groin area was fully prepared with antiseptic, clinnel wipes, Iodine swabs for the Esim sound to be administered.  Electrodes were attached to his perineum and Ms Bliss expertly inserted the sound into his well lubricated  urethral tract explaining to Mr Brown that this would be the only form of fucking he gets to receive as she pulled the sound up and let it sink down again.  Meanwhile the control box was gradually turned up.
“Tell us about your first panty experience”  Mr Brown gave a full account in graphic detail, which gave him an erection as he conveyed the story across.  The electrics were intensified, as well as the nipples repeatedly tortured to give him the pain/pleasure aversion therapy.  It was a good job he was tightly restrained as he would have been leaping up in the air.
It was essential to also take a sample from him to check for live swimmers in his semen (most unlikely with the injection) the wand was bought out and the shaft of his penis stimulated, this would normally take some time in a healthy virile male but on this occasion after barely being stimulated he cried out that he was coming, no time to catch the sample in the petri dish that it splashed onto the bench and the sample was ruined.
Mr Brown will be attending the Kink clinic again in the near future no doubt!
As Mr Brown was dressing he expressed that he didn’t find Ms Helen Ryder quite as daunting as her red head twin sister Helen Ann Ryder who will be attending his next medical most likely with Ms Bliss, these men never learn!  Ms Bliss shook her head and asked if he wanted to leave fully intact!

For the whole month of August the alternate massage will be £100 for an hour.

Book an alternate massage session as a change of play and a form of escapism. It can also be a gentle introduction to BDSM if you are new and a tad nervous!

A gorgeous feast for the senses!  Either tied with soft rope or silky scarves (or left unbound) whilst I tease, stroke and manipulate your body including some very light flogging and massage techniques etc.  We will sit and chat about what can be incorporated into your bespoke massage session and leave out anything that you do not wish to experience.

This will be very popular so book now

Yes you read it right! Not the bake off although it did involve cake!

What a scream we all had filming yesterday at My place in Burgess Hill, three sissy maids all dressed in their satin dress’s, stockings, high heels, latex mask faces, elegant wigs, lots of frills and fake boobs. We started off in the kitchen where they had a task to decorate their fairy cakes as fancy as possible and impress Me, there was a twist that it would be wankies over them to put extra icing on top.

Two eager maids lined up all excited and some teasing, one was locked in chastity haha so no icing there and the other I decided wouldn’t be allowed until later!

Epic fail of finishing off the decoration so of course they had to be spanked……..

and spanked some more and then marched up to the dungeon and maid Natalie had to be fluffer on My Mistress cock and get it ready for maid Samantha’s hole whilst maid Penelope was filming.

Maid Natalie was allowed to give My high heels a good polish with her tongue and then later was roped into her dress with some nice secure Shibari, how she wriggled and loved the tight rope hugging her satin dress against her skin.

Maid Penelope then had the tables turned and first given a good spanking and CP/caning on the bench and then she was roped down on the bondage bed and tickled and teased until she made a very sticky mess!

Maid Samantha (My personal maid) I made sure I made very good use of her later!  I’ve been making further kinky use of her today too!

Just a fairly normal Saturday in My household


A fantastic fun roleplay scenario I enjoyed delivering a good while back, My good bitch has just typed up the notes for you all to read, hope you like it!

These are My vows to you – the Five ‘F’s’ of how our marriage will be as dominant and submissive cuckold.

At the end I will ask you to accept them.  If you answer yes, we will proceed with the training.  If you answer no, you will leave here and never see Me again.  Is that understood?

Okay, first ‘F’ – Façade…..

……while you and I will present a perfect marriage in public, behind closed doors nothing could be further from the truth.

I will train you to become subservient in all aspects of life.

Physically you will earn money, do housework, prepare meals, run baths and all other duties that I require of you.

Mentally I will create situations that direct your mind to obsess over Me until thoughts about how to please Me become as natural to you as your own thirst.

Emotionally, you will learn to rise above your feelings and put My desires before yours.  You will show no jealousy when I bring lovers home, nor petulance when what little sexual pleasure you might derive is withheld from you.

Sexually, I will place you in chastity and expect you to go for long periods without relief.  I will revel in your discomfort as I humiliate you with my strap-on and emasculate you emotionally, sexually and physically.  In time, you will come to enjoy it and even yearn for Me to take my lover so that your cravings can be met.

Second ‘F’ – Fidelity…..

…..while you will remain chaste to Me, I will take on as many lovers as I want.  Indeed, I will enjoy the mental angst it causes you when I seduce your brother and best friends….and delight in the knowledge that you are gagged and tied in the bedroom next door, listening in on every moan and orgasm through the night.

In time, I may adapt our marital bed so that you can be bound and gagged in a concealed compartment beneath it so that you can be continually frustrated and helpless as I fuck my lovers above you.  Maybe I’ll incorporate a release mechanism so that you come to associate your ejaculation in terms of Mine and my lover’s orgasm, thus reinforcing your position in the relationship and my dominance over you.

Third ‘F’ – Funding

Away from the bedroom, you will fund My lifestyle completely.  You will sell your property, the remaining shares and all other funds then give them to Me.  That way you will be truly dependent and reliant on Me and there can be no change of mind.  Likewise, I will take photos of you in compromising positions as security that there will be no departure or absenting yourself without consequence.

Fourth ‘F’ – Fantasy

My promise is that I will endeavour to fulfil all of the submissive fantasies you shared with Me.  It’s how we arrived at this situation with Me dominant and you bowed before Me.

However, what we are about to engage in is a life together so it would be remiss of Me not to give you fair warning of what you are getting into.

I vow not to give you what you want but rather what you need – that being, a confident dominant woman who knows what she wants and is fully alive in her sexuality.

Question: Do you want Me to be that woman?

(Yes Mistress)

Good, let’s consider the fifth and final ‘F’ – Fetish….

My promise to you is that I will discover what makes you tick – the thing you crave and which I can manipulate to make you solely determined and dedicated to Me.

…….perhaps dressing up in leather, or latex, or PVC, or suspenders and stockings, or thigh length boots, or stilletoes, or opera gloves or whatever.

You will lay yourself bare to Me.  You will tell Me all your deepest, darkest secrets.

……and once only I know what they are, I will utilise that knowledge to train you to become truly useful to Me.

In time, your role and function will change to that of a slave who lives to serve only Me.

Yes, you will still be my husband but it will be something more amenable and useful to Me.

Now, decision time……Do you agree to submit to Me?

(Yes Mistress, I submit to you)

Good answer!  Let your training begin.

Now put this condom on and rub your cock against my soft leather boot and fill it up with hot creamy spunk!

I laugh as he wanks furiously

Once done, I put on my strap-on and invert the condom over it,  now suck My cock,  taste your semen and swallow it bitch.

……Now you know what semen smells and tastes like for when I return home from My lovers and require you to clean up.

Over my time working as a Mistress I have seen clients who visit other Mistress’s and sometimes mention names.

I have always greatly admired Mistress Miranda Middleton. It’s always great to network and meet other ladies so I am delighted to announce that I will be going to visit Hanwell on Thursday 2nd November 2017.  Four theme playroom dungeons wow! I’m really excited.

Please contact Mistress Miranda to book

Double Domination Ad as per MMM’s website

November 2nd Double day with Mistress Helen Ryder and Mistress Miranda £350 for 1 hour (longer on request
Mistress Helen Ryder has decided to make her first trip to Hanwell for a double day with yours truly and as always when two domes are interested in kinky fun and frolics we need victims, I mean volunteers. MHR is a versatile dome with a full range of specialities so I know she and I will work some serious mischief together. If you are feeling brave enough to submit to two kinkster’s please register your interest asap.

Over the knee spanking

Pansy Penny polishes our shoes

Sissy maid tied to the kitchen taps

Some strap-on cock sucking training

Pansy Penny’s job interview.

I arrived for my interview for the maid’s postion. Mistress Helen let me in. “I was expecting a female” she said. “The agency told me Pansy Penny”. I had to admit that they had called me Pansy Penny ever since they found out about my French maid fetish. They liked to embarrass me by sending me for jobs where women had been requested.
“OK” she said doubtfully, “we’ll give you a try. I have to warn you though that my friend Mistress Tiffany is here. She has VERY high standards”. I was a bit nervous as I had lied on my CV about previous experience. But it’s only women’s work. How hard can it be? I thought I could wing it. How painfully wrong that turned out to be!
They looked through my bag of maid accessories, and noted that as well as my costume, I had some items of restraint. “I know maids should be seen and not heard, but not many come with their own gags” laughed Mistress Helen. She told me to undress and stand for inspection, hands on head. “I think the pink dress will fit him” she said. I was put into frilly knickers, the pink dress (which barely covered my bottom), a shocking pink pinny, a blond wig and a frilly maids cap with long pink ribbons.
“Not a good start! A hole in his stocking, and no cock-lock” noted Mistress Tiffany. “I can’t imagine anyone else has ever had any pleasure from your feeble little appendage, so why should you?”. “It’s had it’s moments” I replied, perhaps unwisely. I got a slap in the face; and a pair of large white ladies panties were pushed into my mouth and fixed in place with a strap. “If I want you to say something I will release your gag” she said sternly. “Until then, keep quiet!” “Is that clear?” she asked, with another slap. I nodded dumbly.
My first test was shoe polishing. I was forced to my elbows and knees and, with her still wearing them, had to polish Miss Tiffany’s shoes with the panties still in my mouth. Despite ‘encouragement’ from Mistress Helen’s crop, I did not meet her standards. They were equally disappointed with my attempts to clean Mistress Helen’s shoes. For that I was put over the desk and spanked by MT, while MH went upstairs. She called down that she could hear me mumbling, and should be given 10 extra strokes. This seemed slightly unfair, as MT had told me to say something but not removed my gag. Still, as I was constantly being reminded, sissies have to take what they are given and be grateful, even if they do think it unfair.
“She hasn’t done well on her first test. Perhaps she’s better at washing up” said MH. My panty gag was replaced with a wooden bit gag with bells on, my nipples were clamped, and I was led to the kitchen sink. My ankles were tied to two heavy weights, and a rope round my middle tethered me to the tap. I was given a bowl full of dirty crockery, and told to be quick about it. In my rush I was not as thorough as I should have been. Unfortunately, nothing escaped MT’s eagle eyes. I had left stains on a couple of cups, I had missed a wine glass, and I neglected to clean the sink surround when finished. They took me back to the room, with the weights still on my ankles like a ball and chain, and this time put over their knees for a good hard hand spanking. I had to make them  cups of tea, and then stand in the corner, hands on head, while they sipped their drinks and discussed what to do next.
“Failed both tests! We should send her back to the agency, and tell them how poor she is” said MT disdainfully. In my panic I shook my head and mmmphed into my gag. “MT came over and hit me with her crop. “You were told to Keep Quiet!” Then to MH “I think she’s so desperate for this job that she’ll do anything”. I realised I had given too much away. They now knew they had me over a barrel, and were going to take full advantage.
“Perhaps” said MH. “I think we’ll have her in the smother box”. MT went to fetch it, while I was forced to crawl on my hands and knees, and lay out a blanket to lie on. The weights were removed, and my gag released. I had to lie on my back while my head was locked into the box, and my wrists and ankles were bound in rope. MH then proceeded to smother me. I had to kiss her bottom through her tights and panties while MT counted how many kisses I could do without pausing for breath. 59 was the maximum. MH stood up and towered contemptuously over me as she put her foot over my mouth. It was heaven. I couldn’t help touching her leg, and a bulge in my panties was noticed. MT teased me gently with her crop; before giving me a stinging slap on each thigh. “Behave yourself!” she said sharply. MH asked me if I was thirsty. “I am a bit” I replied, puzzled at this unexpected kindness. “You’re lucky I’ve just relieved myself, or you’d be drinking my piss! Open wide”. She spat in my mouth.
“Speaking of which, let’s see how good she is at toilet cleaning” I was released from the box, untied and given a bottle of toilet duck and a brush. “Get on with it, slut” MH ordered, pointing to the bowl. When I had finished, MT inspected, and again found wanting. ” Very poor!” she said. “The bowl is clean enough, but she hasn’t touched the rim!” Then to me “Explain yourself, you lazy little strumpet!” I argued that I didn’t think they wanted toilet duck on the rim.
They gave me a glove and antibacterial wipes to complete the job. This did not absolve me from further punishment. I was again bent over the desk. “You are a lazy disobedient slut, and need ‘behaviour modification’, do you not?” said MT. Resistance was futile, so I said “Yes”. “Well, ask nicely then!” she ordered with a whack. I pleaded to be punished and taught to be a dutiful, well behaved, hard working maid. “Very well. Seeing as you ask so nicely, we’ll see what we can do.” she laughed. I was then paddled and caned by both mistresses, having to count and say thank you for each stroke. By the end I had well and truly been taught a lesson. I then had to curtsey, and thank them each in turn for their correction.
I was put back in my corner while they discussed whether I deserved one last chance. “I know; we’ll make her explain to us why we shouldn’t dismiss him out of hand” suggested MH. “Come here Pansy, and get to your knees”. What could I say to redeem myself? I decided to play my last card. “I may not be too good between my legs, but my oral services are highly recommended” I said. “Are they indeed? We could use someone to service our gentlemen party guests. Perhaps we should try her out.” said MH. MT was asked to fetch a dildo and condom; and I sucked MH’s toes until she returned with a large multi-coloured phallus.
“You can start by putting the condom on with your mouth” said MH. I held it against my lips with suction, and tried to roll it on with my lips. It was too tight, so I had to use my fingers. Even though it wasn’t the real thing, I couldn’t bring myself to use my teeth. Once it was in place, MT held it in her groin. MH grabbed one of my nipples and forced my mouth down on to it. I had to pump up and down. It was so big that my mouth was forced wide open. It soon grew tired, so I started licking the end instead.
“I suppose she shows promise as the party slut” said MT. “Perhaps we should get her back for a second interview some time soon”. With that I was told to stand up and curtsy five times to each of them, before being summarily dismissed. “We’ll be in touch; get dressed and get out!” said MH menacingly “before we leave you tied to a lamp post for the night, still in your sissy clothes”. They laughed as I scurried away!

The Lingerie Model & Lingerie Cross Dresser

Heading backstage to my private dressing room I couldn’t wait to crack open a bottle of bubby and have one of my slaves pop by for a nice relaxing foot massage.  I happen to be a mature lingerie model and Dominatrix.  Taking part in a catwalk show always leaves me elated with the pounding music, the cheers of adoration, the vibrancy and upbeat of the show etc it’s always so exciting.

On entering the room I was rather surprised to see Dennis one of the designers I had been modelling Retro lingerie for running his hands over a pile of satin and silky chemises, French knickers and fully fashioned stockings.  Designers sent me free samples all the time so it wasn’t unusual to come back to a pile of offerings after a show.

“Hello Dennis, I’m surprised to see you in here” he hadn’t heard me enter the room as he was so engrossed in what seemed lovingly and longingly touching the garments.

“Oh Helen you caught me by surprise I thought you would be at the after party in the models main changing rooms” Dennis looked rather flushed and slight perspiration was glistening on his face.

I decided to play a game and flung off my favourite Satin robe from What Katie Did over a chair and stand there hand on hips wearing a set of lingerie from Dennis’s new collection.  The sheerest black tulle net and pink lace with a matching thong with a wisp of fabric moulding around my hips and going up between firm round buttocks’.  A matching skirted suspender belt skimming over shapely hips and bra encasing my full breasts.  My pink pert nipples just peeping through the sheer fabric.

Dennis stood there perplexed and his bright blue eyes seemed to light with joy “Oh Helen, you are such a vision” He seemed to be speechless after making that statement.

“Dennis have you ever worn any of the garments you make or tried those styles over there? Waving my arm towards the pile.

“No Helen but I would love to” he looked down at my feet smiling as if not knowing what to do next.

Naturally I took the lead and walked towards him and leant forward gripping hold of his polo top pulled it off over his head “well you can’t try it all on wearing those” I undid the button on his trousers and slowly unzipped them licking my lips suggestively.

Easing on a retro style corselet and then fully fashioned dark grey stockings and a silky pair of French knickers Dennis looked a picture.  I had him stand in front of the full length mirror and lightly ran my hands all over the fabric and at the rapidly growing bulge in the very silky lace edged French knickers.

“Helen this all feels so good but I feel so naughty” Dennis said rather huskily and it was so obvious he was getting off on dressing up with me there.

“Well you are a naughty boy come here” I sat on the dressing rooms chaise lounge and patted my lap.

“Over my knee you naughty boy I think you need a good spanking” well it was a matter of seconds and he was over my lap and wriggling onto my thighs, stockings upon stockings rubbing and a very erect cock just between the tops of my thighs as I placed one leg over his and trapped him in place.

“awwww awwww I’m such a naughty boy, spank me harder Mistress Helen please”

Well I couldn’t possibly refuse, thrashing his buttocks in a flurry of hand spankings and my hairbrush close by I reached for it and used that too.  Bring down the brush a little harder each time and he wriggled harder and harder against my thighs.  Watching his orbs glow redder and hotter I ran my hand over his bottom teasingly.  Followed by a flurry of hard spankings.

“Dennis I can feel your cock humping my thighs you beastly boy, and it feels wet!  I bet there is pre cum rubbing against my silky stockings you filthy messy beast”

He rubbed and bucked harder as my spankings got harder and more persistent and suddenly he cried out with release pumping hot sticky cream into his panties.

“Oh Helen that was amazing” breathless he dropped to the floor and lay on his back.

Smiling and looking down on him I stood legs spread over his face “well I don’t think you have learnt your lesson yet boy” I lowered down onto his face so he would be breathing in my essence as I sipped Champagne and sent a text to my slave that I was ready and to bring along one of my girlfriend models on his way past the main dressing room and an extra bottle of bubbly.  I was felling rather mischievous and wanted to play some more.

Mmmmm yes bring my favourite friend Melissa to the party………………


To be continued………maybe………………………………

Mary Jane Shoes & The Detective written by Northeeeee

A roleplay with Me as Mrs Gray & Northeeeee with some slight additions by the author to enhance the story for you readers, no actual harm to anyone (well maybe the nerf gun stuck a little) chapters 3 & 4 is where all the action happens 😉


How dumb was that bad man in the film Thelma and Louise? Louise had a revolver aimed straight at him, and at such close range she would not miss. All he had to do was apologise – a very light sanction considering he tried to rape Thelma. If he had apologised he would have lived. But he had to be clever and retort with a wisecrack. His wisecrack was his death sentence; he barely got out “suck my cock” when BANG, down he went finished forever. If the pursuing police only knew of them full facts of what happened at that car park, then they may have been pursued with more understanding. The story could have ended in a more satisfactory way than seeing them literally driven over the edge.

Similarly, three men would not have been reduced to chalk outlines on a station platform if they weren’t so dumb with Mrs. Gray as the main bad man in Thelma and Louise. And if the detective that called around to question Mrs Gray kept his mind on the job he was meant to do rather than ogling all over her and especially at her shoes, then he wouldn’t have ended up taken down to the ground in a hammerlock, then left prostrate from four vicious kicks with Mrs Gray’s mary-janes bulleting into his stomach and arm. If he did his job right, he wouldn’t have been lying helpless and winded on the ground watching Mrs. Gray walk away casually making her escape.

It started politely and professionally enough at 11 o’clock when the grey suited detective in a Cambridge blue shirt and Oxford blue tie knocked on Mrs. Gray’s door. Mrs. Gray was bespectacled in black attire, black skirt, stockings and gold and black patterned mary-jane when learning he was a detective let him into the house.

The detective having introduced himself explained:

“I’m investigating the deaths of three men at the railway station and before they died they all muttered the name Mrs. Gray”.

“oh how shocking, and unusual that its a woman that done it. And you think it was me?”, Mrs. Gray replied with a seemingly sweet innocence.

The detective in a reassuring tone replied “oh no, I am not jumping straight to that conclusion. As you can appreciate because the name Mrs. Gray was mentioned, we have to investigate all Mrs. Grays in the area. Its just routine, nothing to worry about …”, jokingly adding with a mischievous laugh, “… unless you did it of course”.

Mrs. Gray played along with the little joke with an equally mischievous smile, adding “but I couldn’t really shoot them”.

As soon as she said that, Mrs. Gray realised she had just incriminated herself; the men were dead but there had not been any mention of how they died. She was gripped by a momentary fear of arrest, anxiously studying the detective’s body language for the expected confirmation that she was about to be arrested. Instead what she saw was the shoe-fetishist in him come out; he let his professionalism fall to the floor where his mind was absorbed in study of Mrs. Gray’s feet and shoes.

Mrs. Gray initially felt relief that she knew she was safe from arrest, because she knew where the detective’s mind was. At the same time she felt an anger boiling over with him; he was supposed to be upholding the law, and there he was being as pervy as the men she dealt with at the station. But for the moment she was playing it cool with him, biding out of the time until he went. She used his fascination with her shoes to her advantage; when sitting down, she crossed her legs and kicked the shoes up and down, almost hypnotising the detective like the swinging of a pendulum watch in front of a mesmerised animal. A few occasional crossing and uncrossing of the legs, with a head tilt and sweet smile ensured the detective’s mind was never going to get back to the job in hand.

The detective was asking questions but wasn’t paying attention to any of the answers. Having asked the basic questions of background of what work she did and where, and when she travels by train, to which she gave a calm and collected answer, he then just seemingly asked questions to stall for time – so he can continue observing her feet and shoes. Mrs. Gray knows his game; she is going from a bide-her-time mode to seeking an exit strategy. She felt same from arrest, but now the detective has become a pest.

“Have you got any id on you, … just to confirm who you are?” the detective asks.

“yes, sure, I have a driving licence in my handbag”, Mrs. Gray replies, sensing this is the opportune moment to immobilise the detective and make her escape.

She draws him over to where her handbag is, and manoeuvres him to the spot where she will fell him. She pretends to be clumsy dropping a few stuff hoping the detective goes down to the floor and then she can kick him and make her escape, but the detective was just so engrossed in admiring her shoes, feet and legs, that he was oblivious to it. He didn’t do the gentleman thing and pick it up for her. So she required another plan.

Hand on driving licence in her handbag, she takes one glance at the detective posture and alertness. She will use the surprise and takedown move. She catches him by surprise by whipping out her driving licence and putting nearly under his nose. As the detective adjusts himself to be able to study the licence, Mrs. Gray had secured his wrist and elbow, applied a turn to his wrist that bent his arm, and it was behind his back before he knew it. Mrs. Gray had the detective in a hammerlock, unleashing a verbal tirade at him for being a pervert as bad as all the other men she knew.

Tirade over, she pushes him face down on to the floor, one hand on the back of his neck and the other arm securing his arm in a hammerlock. Almost as soon as she let go of him while he was face down on the floor she launched four rapid and vicious kicks on him. Her mary-janes blasted him twice in the stomach like bullets to knock the wind out of him. Then one bullet kick to deaden his arm and one more bullet kick to deaden his thigh.

The two kicks to the stomach area had knocked the wind totally out of the detective and all he could do was lie on the floor for the next 10 minutes grimacing in pain slowly trying to get his breath back. And when he did finally regain is breath back, he found he found he still couldn’t get up off the floor; the dead arm and leg Mrs Gray gave him left him unable push himself up from the floor. He just has to lay there all on his own, smarting that his male pride had been ripped to shreds by a woman.

Mrs. Gray had all the time in the world to walk away and escape to a hideout.




One kick and the door at the entrance to the block of flats goes flying off almost off its hinges and crashes into the wall. The adrenalin fuelled detective thunders up the stairs to the flat where Mrs Gray was hiding. The detective still smarting and angry at the way Mrs Gray dismantled his male pride in making her escape from him at their previous encounter, was in no mood to let it happen again; this time he was going in there to detain and arrest her and take her down the police station before she has a chance to say or do anything. There was going to be no polite conversation and chat, just grab and go.

“Come on out now Mrs Gray, I know you are in there!” boomed the demanding detective.

“No.” was the simple and measured but powerfully defiant reply from Mrs. Gray.

After a moment of being mystified as to why she was seemingly unflustered and showing no signs of kowtowing to his forceful demands, the detective decided to shout even louder his demands for her to come out accompanied by certain choice adjectives that made it clear he was in no mood to be messed about or let Mrs Gray escape his clutches again.

He gave Mrs Gray an ultimatum:

“Stop messing about Mrs Gray, this is your last chance! Come on out, or I am going in!”

Mrs. Gray defiantly replied:

“I am not going anywhere for any worthless ma…”

The door to the flat was kicked open before Mrs Gray could complete “worthless man!”. The detective was in stomping about the flat like a two-year old with a tantrum.

“Where the hell are you Mrs. Gray!” he says angry and irritated that he is being made to work to try and find where she is in the flat. Kitchen, bathroom, living room searched together with all the cupboards just to be sure but she wasn’t there. That just left two other rooms to search. The bedroom was all clear, then when he looked at the other room and through door that was ajar, he caught sight of a mary-jane and an ankle. “So that’s where you are” he thought to himself, and without any further hesitation rushed headlong towards and through the door. There should be no escape for Mrs. Gray this time around.

Rat-at-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat, the detective is blown off his feet and sent crashing into the wall from automatic fire of super-powerful nerf gun bullets;  he slid down the wall slowly, stunned and in shock, watched by an impassive Mrs. Gray, sat and with her automatic nerf gun still aimed at the fallen detective. Rather like a distressed schoolboy who had fallen over and grazed his knee for the very first time, the tearful and stunned detective was trying to come to terms with had just happened.

“What have you done to me Mrs. Gray?”

“You shot me Mrs. Gray”, said the whimpering detective.

“They were only nerf bullets. They just stun you, you will live.” Mrs. Gray replied in a quirkily reassuring way, rather like the school nurse that comforts the schoolboy that fell over and grazed his knee.

Twice the detective has taken on Mrs. Gray, and twice he came off second best. Twice the detective took on Mrs. Gray and twice she downed him leaving him helpless on the floor at her mercy. He now knows that she is in charge and has no choice but to do as she tells him.

Mrs. Gray placed down the gun slowly but purposefully stood and walked over to the prone detective, eventually placing her left mary-jane shoe firmly down onto his stomach. She took a few moments to study him as he lay prone helplessly. Is he someone she could reform? Or is he one of those arrogant men that are beyond help? After some moments of consideration she decides she likes his face and believes that he is a man capable of reform.

“I think you are someone that is capable of reform.” Mrs Gray announces like a judge passing sentence.

“Would you like to reform your ways?” she asks to confirm of him.

“Yes. Yes. Yes I would like the chance to reform” the prone detective said eagerly. He wasn’t going to mess with her for a third time. He didn’t want to suffer the same fate as the three men at the station.




“pick up all the nerf bullets!” Mrs. Gray barks at the detective and without hesitation he crawls and scrambles frantically on the floor looking for and picking up all the nerf bullets he can see. Eventually picking up two dozen – the same ones that Mrs. Gray fired into him – he returned them to her. She took them from him, giving him a disdainful dispassionate look; the detective looked sheepish and resigned wondering what was going to happen to him now.

She grabs and twists both of his nipples and drags him towards her, face into face. Her grip vice tight, eyes venomously narrowed and in an almost whispered yet very harsh tone she made it clear to him that he was going to get re-educating.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice you ogling at my mary-jane shoes, you pervert!” she suddenly put it to him. The detective couldn’t say anything in reply but his body language gave his guilt away. She saw it and knew his guilt, he knew she knew. She pulled him towards and kneed him in the balls. “Oooooof”, he gasped, doubling up slowly but surely, before falling onto his knees grasping his stomach, then falling face down on the floor, trying to take deep breaths to alleviate the sharp pain inflicted by Mrs Gray’s left knee.

“Get up you wuss!” ordered Mrs Gray.

Slowly and sheepishly he got himself up and stood in front of her.

“Strip!” she ordered, “come on hurry up! Strip, get those clothes off and put them over there!” she re-enforced her order.

The detective obeyed, one by one the clothes came off, jacket, tie, shirt, shoes, socks, belt, trousers then underpants; Mrs. Gray inspected the now naked detective like a sergeant-major inspecting his troops – she didn’t miss an opportunity to pass disdainful judgement on what she saw, especially about his manhood and balls. He tried not to show it, but inside he felt the hit of her verbals.

“Drop to the floor and kiss my feet and lick my shoes you pathetic worm of a man! Now!”, she ordered, and without any hesitation he did as was instructed. Such was his speed that Mrs. Gray was impressed and gave him a little note of credit:

“You were down and did as you told very quickly. I think there is hope for you with a little bit of re-education”, Mrs. Gray acknowledged.

Almost as soon as she credited him she barked at him to:

“Turn over on your back! A wriggle your way and put your head in that [a box on the ground that served as a head restraint]! Wriggle, wriggle, wriggle like the pathetic man worm you are!”

Wriggle his way he did – exactly as instructed – head into the box, where Mrs. Gray gets down and duly restrained his head in the open top wooden box. She sits on top of the box, legs astride the prone detective and then taunts him, “I can piss all over you, you pathetic worm of a man!”

“Sniff! Go on sniff, get a good smell of what the superior sex smells like. Superior to you pathetic worm of a man, in every way. Go on sniff!” she further tormented him. He did as he was instructed, sniffing away as Mrs. Gray sat above his face. The detective just had to lie there taking his fate.

Mrs. Gray stood up, and looked down upon the prostrate detective, smiles and says “I am going to have to teach you your place.”

“You know where all the trouble stems from, don’t you?” she asks rhetorically, before sitting down beside him grabbing and tormenting his penis, sneering “this! This pathetic thing! This pathetic little thing is the cause of all the problems you worthless male worms create!” Like a cat toying with a mouse before the kill, so Mrs. Gray was playing with the detective’s penis shortly before punishment. The subtle evil smirk on her face told the detective that he was in for some punishment, the exact punishment she knew, but he could only guess at until it happens.

“The first step to correcting your behaviour is to deal with this little worthless thing. The cause of all the trouble in the world, this worthless thing that you men have between your legs”, she said as she gave him an evil smirk as she continued tormenting his penis.

“This needs to be punished”.

The toying stopped. Mrs Gray stood up and left the room, leaving the detective to have a few moments to consider his fate and what will happen to him. He thought to himself of how he ended up in this mess. He had no other option but to admit to himself that he had only himself to blame. Mrs. Gray was right, he was too busy ogling at her shoes to do the job he was supposed to, and that made him as bad a pervert as the men she shot. He was supposed to a job of upholding the law, but he let fall into the gutter and Mrs. Gray had every right to be angry. He was now totally at her mercy.




Mrs. Gray returned to the room with an instrument that was plugged at one end and at the other something that could slide over the penis. It didn’t need a detective, (though there just happened to be one), to work out that the penis was going to receive electric punishment. The fear of the anticipation of what was about to happen to him was obvious, and Mrs. Gray could see it straight away. The sight of the man being in fear of her, even before she has done anything, made Mrs. Gray smile. They both knew for a while who was in charge, this just brought it home.

She gave the detective a sweet but deadly smile before announcing, “I am going to electrocute your worthless dick”. The detective gave out an instinctive puppy like whimper, and Mrs. Gray just loved it.

She smiled broadly and almost whispered, “oh I love it when you men make that soft whimpering noise”.

Mrs. Gray was in no rush, taking her time to ensure the equipment was set up properly and to her satisfaction; the delay just sent the detective’s fears and anxieties to fever pitch. Every time she looked over to him she could see fear written all over his face, and it made her smile; every time he looked at her he could see her sweet but powerfully deadly smile and knew she knew he was in fear. After what seemed an eternity to the detective in the setting up procedure, there was just one thing left to do before the punishment finally begins.

“I’m just going to apply some lubricant to your dick. This is to make it more conductive and make the electric current pass through it easier”, she said with a smile. Both knew the actually punishment was imminent, and the detective’s fears and anxieties rose even further. He let out another puppy like whimper. Lubricant applied and attachment to penis fitted, machine plugged in, the times finally came when Mrs. Gray could switch on and deliver whatever electric current into the detective’s penis she liked. For the detective the waiting and the fear it generated was just as bad as getting the punishment itself.

The moment came when Mrs. Gray began the electric punishment, and the detective suddenly felt a sharp, persistent tingling sensation. After being taken by surprise he let out a few oooohs and arrrrrs and had a little fidget, eventually as his body got accustomed to the tingling sensation he settled back and laid back and took his punishment. He was closely watched by Mrs. Gray. After allowing him some moments to get comfortable with the tingling sensation, she turned up the control causing him to cry out in pain with a big increase in the pain sensation. She kept him at the higher pain level for a short while before reducing it down to the tingling sensation he first got used to. She gave him a short while to regain his composure before sharply increasing controls again inflicting on him more pain, before reducing back down. And so this went on, with nothing said between each other for around 10 minutes, though it felt an eternity to the detective. Mrs. Gray was turning the controls up and down as she wished, inflicting various degrees of pain on the detective’s penis as she wished too. For those 10 minutes only body language talked, but body language spoke a million words, the calm controlled poised posture and evil smile of Mrs Gray, and the fear engraved face of the detective together with the fidgets of pain of the penis electrocution.

Having given the detective a 10 minute introduction to pain by electrocution, the time came for Mrs. Gray to lecture the detective on his faults. This was about his re-education as well as administering pain on him. She unleashed her fury about how perverted men are in the world and are always trying to pick on women. Then she condemned the detective for siding with the bad men.

“I did the world a favour by dealing with those nasty little perverts, and you are taking their side. Typical man. Instead you come over to my house and harass me over it!”

The detective attempted to explain:

“But you shot three men dead. It had to be investigated.”

But Mrs. Gray snapped back and retorted “you didn’t seem to be bothered investigating them did you. And all you seemed to be interested in investigating were my mary-janes shoes. You are just as bad a pervert as they are.”

The detective was put in his place, he knew she was right. He conceded to her that she was right, and that he was sorry about the way things were mishandled. He apologised for being a shoe fetish perve, and that he would like to put things right. Mrs. Gray could see he was genuine in his remorse, and was a man that was willing to be re-educated. Mrs. Gray punished him and admonished him for his bad man ways, but she was also fair, and acknowledged his willingness to take re-education and take the pain she was giving him.

After a further ten minutes administering penis electrocution, pain up and down as she wished, and a useful dialogue where they discussed plans for his re-education, the time came for the machine to be switched off. The detective had a few minutes to lie back and relax as Mrs. Gray took as much care and time to take away the machine as she did setting it up. The detective was left to his thoughts for a couple of minutes as Mrs. Gray left for the other room to put the machine away. He was coming to her point of view. He was just glad that Mrs. Gray was understanding enough to give him a chance of re-education.

Mrs. Gray returned to the room and released the box that kept his head restrained.

“I think you should take three Jens before you go”, she announced.

“Three Jens?” the detective quizzically asked.

“Yes. It’s when a woman kicks a man in the balls as a punishment. Around here we call it the Jens, or to give a man a Jen”, she replied.

Anticipating his next question Mrs. Gray explained that the term came from a young married lady called Jen when she dealt with a drunken man that was trying to attack her husband. She explained that Jen punished the drunken man by walking up to him and kicking him in the balls, and taking her husband to safety.

“What happened to the drunken man?” inquired the detective.

“Oh he went down like a ton of bricks, he needed hospital treatment.” Mrs. Gray replied.

“I guess he wasn’t going to pick on her husband again”, laughed the detective.

Mrs. Gray laughed too, “I think you are right.”

“A man being right, that doesn’t happen often”, the detective said.

“You are learning fast – I just knew from your face that there was hope for you with re-education” acknowledged Mrs. Gray.

With the small talk and the shared joke over it was time for the detective to take his Jens. He went down on all fours, with Mrs. Gray behind him. He was in a very vulnerable position and they both knew it. Even the smallest of kicks from Mrs. Gray will cause the detective quite a disproportionate amount of discomfort. There are a lot of nerve endings that were open to be caught. A tap on them would make him feel a lot of pain and discomfort far in excess of any damage done. And should Mrs. Gray decide to apply full force he would be in very serious medical trouble.

But this was part of his re-education plan, so he had to take it. Mrs. Gray decided to settle on administering three Jens to him. The first two she will give him a countdown introduction to, but not on the third – she will kick as and when she decides to, and only she will know when. Only she will know how hard she will kick.

The detective got into position on all fours, ready to take his Jens, with Mrs. Gray standing behind him ready to administer them. “Ready – 3 – 2-1 “she says giving him an indication of when she was about to kick. Then on cue she gives him a light kick in the balls from behind. The detective feels a lot of nervy pain and involuntarily lurches forward and crashes to the floor clutching with his stomach, desperately trying to rub himself better.

“That’s it, take your time to rub yourself” Mrs. Gray says to the detective.

After a minute rubbing his stomach better, and it seemed all the pain and discomfort was in his stomach and not actually in his balls, he signalled he was ready to take his second Jen. So he got himself back into position on all fours, with Mrs. Gray standing behind him. As with the first kick Mrs. Gray said “ready, 3 -2 -1 …” and then on cue gave him a kick in the balls from behind, a little firmer than the first.

“Arrrgh!” the detective exclaimed has he couldn’t help himself but fling across the room and curl up cuddling himself and trying to rub himself better. He felt a lot more pain than the first kick, with the pain in his ball and spreading right into his stomach. This time it took him a bit longer to recover his composure, watched the whole time by Mrs. Gray. Mrs. Gray was patient and insisted he took all the time he needed to rub himself better.

Eventually the detective was ready and got himself into position to take the third Jen. This time there was no countdown introduction, and Mrs. Gray was going to kick unannounced and as hard as she chose to. The mischievous Mrs. Gray decided not to kick and wait for the fear to get to the detective that he gets so scared he begs her not to kick him. Sure enough after a 2 minute wait to be kicked, which felt forever for the detective, he, with his fears running amok, begged Mrs. Gray not to kick him, begged her not to hospitalise him like Jen did with the drunk and just kept begging her to not kick him. Mrs. Gray just laughed and took it in her stride, she beat him totally psychology.

Mrs. Gray explained to him that she had just got into his head and controlled him totally, and after a moment’s thought, the detective realised she was right.

“It’s a fair cop there, you had me totally” the detective said to Mrs. Gray.

Mrs. Gray compromised and said agreed for the third Jen to give him a countdown introduction like the first two. So the detective got into position with Mrs. Gray behind him. He will get an introduction, but what he doesn’t know was how hard will Mrs. Gray kick him. Did he chickening out mean that she will be extra tough with her kick? Will she end his chances altogether for it?

“Ready – 3,2,1”, said Mrs. Gray.

On cue she gave him a firm tap of a kick, sending him crashing into the floor and curled up comforting himself, by rubbing his balls and stomach. It was pretty much in line consistent with her other two kicks. Mrs. Gray went to sit down on a chair in the corner giving the detective a chance to comfort himself better. When she saw he felt better she ordered him to stand up and walk over to her.

He did as she commanded, stood up and walked over and stood before her as she sat on the chair. She looked into his eyes for a few moments.

“Get down and kiss my feet and lick my mary-jane shoes clean” she suddenly ordered, and he was straight down kissing her feet and licking her shoes before she even completed her order.

“Wow! You obeyed very quickly, you were straight down!” said an impressed Mrs. Gray to the detective, adding “you are an excellent candidate for re-education. You are a quick learner.”

“You will have to attend further education classes, but I think you are someone that can be reformed.” She further added.

Then finally she calls time on the education for the day, telling to get his clothes back and that he is dismissed for the day, on the proviso that he attends further education classes with her.