I will be attending Club Pedestal in July and Club Sanctum in August.



Being a lifestyle Mistress I hail from a lifetime background of experimenting and starting out at fetish clubs.  I was always curious about latex, leather etc and where would anyone be able to wear such outfits outside of the bedroom.

Some history about how I got into kink properly.  I was 26 yrs old and my friend said come out with us to the Rubber Nipple Club, throwing together some black and skimpy ensemble I attended my first ever club and I was hooked.  It was such a friendly club and whilst I got attention it was very respectful and a safe place to be.  I was soon attending lots of different parties and out almost every weekend.

I’ve always been assertive and been strong willed I resent taking orders from others, despite being one of the “quiet ones” Well I’m not so quiet these days and I have found my tribe of people and friends over the years.  Having met all sorts of interesting people in clubs and dated submissive men as well as two who liked to switch.  I have discovered a lot about myself, whilst I can enjoy sensation play and once took a heavy CP style scene just to feel what it was like (not my cuppa tea) I honestly do not have a submissive bone in Me!  I do like to use the Estim pads from time to time and highly recommend them 😉

Having a change of career from the vanilla world to kink I’ve attended fetish clubs much less, simply because I have the pleasure of dressing up and playing on a weekly basis and don’t feel the same urge to go clubbing every month.  I think it’s a healthy balance to have other past times too in a non kink environment.

Attending a recent fet event it was amusing to experience  being treated as a newbie (people were really friendly) but many hadn’t seen my face about at certain events.  I tend to just simply introduce myself as Helen at clubs as I feel my character and personality are clear enough without needing to add the title of Mistress.  It was also amusing having someone ask if I was dominant or submissive, a simple smile and raised eyebrow from Me before heading off into the arena to give someone a good flogging said it all!

If you would like to come and serve me at either Club Sanctum or Club Pedestal then send a polite email.

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen xXx

Club Pedestal with Miss Kitty Bliss & Joanna Armstrong