I’m talking endorphins btw!


This is a lovely testimonial from one of My recent players, it was a pleasure to have him back and I look forward to further sessions.


Good afternoon Mistress Helen.
You were quite right.  Something clicked inside me on Tuesday. You opened the door to a different dimension. A headspace totally different from anything I’ve experienced previously. This both scares and excites me because I know I need to go there again. 
If our first session was play, then on Tuesday, I genuinely felt like a miscreant being punished for wrongdoing. I knew I was in for a tough time when you gagged me. Its just a pity I wasn’t able to keep the ballgag in. I shall try and obtain a gag of my own that doesn’t make me feel like I’m choking.
The caning you gave me was my first time from cold and I never expected it would hurt so much more. Yet despite the burn of each stroke, instead of trying to shy away, I was conscious of pushing my bum up to present it properly for the next one! I was in a place where to get through, all I could focus on was your voice and the pain of each stroke. The connection was electric. When you said enough, I honestly wouldn’t have cared if you’d said I was getting another 12. By accepting the ordeal, I got to a place where the endorphins were giving me wings. And I need to go back there.
First though, I need to let my sore bum heal and process a bit further what happened. Separate play from punishment, consider what’s next. At the moment, I’m thinking that our future sessions (if you’ll have me!) are going to be cold, hard canings. Real punishment. I don’t want to have a safe word because I need to endure the ordeal to get into the headspace I am looking for; but also, because I trust you implicitly to push me, to punish me and when to bring me back down.
Apologies for the length of this e mail but I did want to share my thoughts as no Mistress has ever before taken me where you have in just two sessions. 
Until we meet again, Mistress Helen my thanks.
Kind regards
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