I’m talking endorphins btw!


This is a lovely testimonial from one of My recent players, it was a pleasure to have him back and I look forward to further sessions.


Good afternoon Mistress Helen.
You were quite right.  Something clicked inside me on Tuesday. You opened the door to a different dimension. A headspace totally different from anything I’ve experienced previously. This both scares and excites me because I know I need to go there again. 
If our first session was play, then on Tuesday, I genuinely felt like a miscreant being punished for wrongdoing. I knew I was in for a tough time when you gagged me. Its just a pity I wasn’t able to keep the ballgag in. I shall try and obtain a gag of my own that doesn’t make me feel like I’m choking.
The caning you gave me was my first time from cold and I never expected it would hurt so much more. Yet despite the burn of each stroke, instead of trying to shy away, I was conscious of pushing my bum up to present it properly for the next one! I was in a place where to get through, all I could focus on was your voice and the pain of each stroke. The connection was electric. When you said enough, I honestly wouldn’t have cared if you’d said I was getting another 12. By accepting the ordeal, I got to a place where the endorphins were giving me wings. And I need to go back there.
First though, I need to let my sore bum heal and process a bit further what happened. Separate play from punishment, consider what’s next. At the moment, I’m thinking that our future sessions (if you’ll have me!) are going to be cold, hard canings. Real punishment. I don’t want to have a safe word because I need to endure the ordeal to get into the headspace I am looking for; but also, because I trust you implicitly to push me, to punish me and when to bring me back down.
Apologies for the length of this e mail but I did want to share my thoughts as no Mistress has ever before taken me where you have in just two sessions. 
Until we meet again, Mistress Helen my thanks.
Kind regards
Name removed

The Salon Fetish roleplay session, written by the lovely chap who visited!


To Heavenly Hell & back.

Almost a month ago now, on a Thursday, I noticed on social media that a wonderful iconic local Domme had posted information saying how a sub had let Her know he couldn’t attend the session planned for the Saturday coming & that She was now free for a 3 hour session.

I quickly checked Her website & wrote to ask If I might be considered for the session.

I had been frustrated in my attempt to visit another Domme while on my caravan holiday walking in Pembrokeshire. My elderly car cooked it’s gearbox & my life got very complicated & demanding as I sourced & bought a replacement car & got it fitted with a tow bar to be able to bring the caravan back home.

I rechecked Her website where I discovered how to apply for a session & sent Her the full fee for a 3 hour session, & detailed my experience & health issues, hard limits & desires, late on the Thursday evening. I also wrote to my Mistress to let Her know of my plans.

She quickly wrote back the next day saying I was first in line & how she wanted to explore my request for a Beauty Therapy role play taken beyond the therapy. I was tto ring at a certain time so that She could give me details & an address to attend.

We chatted on the phone for about 20 minutes & she detailed all her requirements & expectations & mine too. I was already excited to be putting my self into Her expert & experienced hands.

I received two more messages, one asking about impact play & marks, & one telling me to sleep tight ready for the session next day.

I arrived at the designated spot & waited to ring her at 10;30.

My mind was racing trying to anticipate what might happen & I was excited & dry in the mouth.

I love the feelings & responses an anticipation of sessions brings.

I rang at exactly 10;30 & the phone was answered within 3 rings.

I was welcomed & told how to find Her premises & the house number.

I drove round the corner parked & locked the car, walking up the path, where the door opened before I could ring the bell.

We had met before at a couple of Pedestal events & a munch or two, but I had forgotten how lovely She is.

There She stood having welcomed me in, wearing an authentic beauty therapy cross buttoned tunic outfit including Her professional insignia.

I was asked to remove my shoes, to take a seat on the sofa & offered a cup of herb tea.

She was expecting a delivery so wanted to wait for it so our “treatment session” wasn’t interrupted.

Her easy manner & lovely ability to put me at ease & enquire interested about my experiences & to tell what She had planned for my “therapy” . “ I won’t tell you everything, some surprises are delightful!”

The parcel arrived & I finished my lovely herb tea & was ushered up stairs.

We entered the dungeon room & I was shown some of Her amazing collection of all manner of restraints, clothing & devices plus could see the amazing treatment table with overhead frame & cage below.

In the corner was a spanking bench with many lovely leather restraints.

Mistress told me to undress & gave me a bowl in which to put all my clothes.

“For the treatment to be most effective we will start with an enema. Then I shall shave the poarts of your body I wish to.!”

I was led into the bathroom where a fleet enema was administered very professionally & I was offered to shower so that the body shave could be lathered.

It is the strangest feeling in the world having your testicles held & shaved, the razor gliding over my cock & the inner thighs. I am turned round, bent over in the bath & my arse & buttocks are made hairless in no time. Next I am stood and my pecs / moobs are shaved & I am getting hard & aroused by the intimate attention. All the while She is chatting & enquiring & getting to know me & I feel totally understood & cared for. I learn of Her aromatherapy qualifications & am introduced to some amazing smells.

An assisted shower leaves me hyper aware of the areas that have been made hairless and smooth.

I towelled off and my abdomen is massaged to accentuate the gurgling effects of the enema & soon I am ready to evacuate.

There is something very submissive indeed in sitting on the loo while the Domme stands over you & supervises the evacuation, knowing what is to follow.

Having one’s arse inspected and wiped too makes for a regression like no other.

I am led, feeling a bit spaced & heady, back into the Dungeon room.

I am offered the spanking bench by the sweep of a hand, “Lay on here”

“ I need to secure you for the next part of the treatment!”

Straps at ankles & calfs.

Another two at thighs begin to immobilise me.

Across the lower back.

Mistress tells me how the Norwegian slave who arranged for these luxury straps to be installed has yet to feel their grip.

Wrist cuffs in the most soft and supple leather are buckled tight.

Then they are attached to the side of the bench and I am held .

This device is very interesting, I have been strapped into a fair number of spanking benches.

Some had elaborate stretching mechanisms, one had altogether many many more straps.

On even had mirrors under the face hole that allowed the supplicant to see what was being done to their restrained genitals & nipples.

Here I was almost floating. The bench was wide & the straps held me spread, especially the wrist cuff attachments which prevented me getting any purchase or capacity to move. Very clever experiential design & build . I love being in & using things that have been properly designed & built. It’s quite a rare experience these days.

The gag was huge.

“Open wide for me !” gets me every time & I am surprised I am still surprised but the opening of the mouth is automatic to the request & the result always gets me hard. The strap is done up tight. The edges of the ball, round rings pull at the corners of my mouth & my tongue struggles to find room to exist in my mouth.

I see Her place a bin below my mouth.

“It’s OK to drool!”

Swallowing is hard.

I can see myself in the strategically placed mirror in front of the bench.

Then I can’t, as the tight blindfold robs me of another sense.

Hands & nails explore my held body.

Comment is made about my cock dripping precum.

There is a slight indent in the neck area of the bench where I can just about rest my chin & neck.

I can hear furniture being moved including the bench I am strapped to. I didn’t notice if it was on wheels. I still don’t know.

“Flogger first. !”

The multiple straps are dragged across my exposed skin on my buttocks & back.

Between my buttocks & against my hanging balls sack.

I am helpless to influence what happens.

Then the leather fingers expertly thud & stroke & slash & burn & I am gradually shown how my buttock & back nerves respond to stimulation.

The gag is keeping me quiet, but have I any need to make noises.?

Paddles follow, after again the gentle use of hands & nails to caress the welts & the redness.

Gentle stimulation with caresses is still stimulation & it connects the hardness of my cock to the pain & the pleasure , like no other experience.

Harder & harder but never too hard, never too demanding, always just about what I can bear.

I don’t remember if She used canes?

How can I not know?

I was almost somewhere else in my head just experiencing the feelings created.

No choice really.

Just how I like it.

This submission is all about being the canvass on which the artist decides what colours & textures to deliver to the brain of the supplicant. Experts know just how to do this. This is exactly what I had asked Her to try & create & I am almost tearfully garteful.

“We need to milk that prostate!”

Lots of lube & some sort of strapon enters & begins to massage me internally & on the rim & I am transported. Apart from electrical insertable’s while visiting a few medical specialist Dominas, I have never been “pegged” before. This is amazing. I get lost in my head trying to understand what is happening. Her body presses on top of me & I can feeling Her breathing as She uses Her rhythm & knowledge to take me further down the rabbit hole. Her hands are exploring my skin The straps that hold me still. This much attention after all the months of isolation are getting close to overload. Close but never over the edge.

Not yet!

I am subdued but stimulated. A strange combination of feelings.

She undoes the straps & takes off the blindfold & the gag.

A string of blue anal beads is inserted.

I am helped to stand.

She gives me a pair of Her panties to wear to hold the beads in place.

I am offered a glass of water & take a sip.

I am a bit spaced.

“ Time for your facial, slide into this leather body bag & I’ll zip you up comfortably!”

The bag is on the treatment couch over which a scaffold full of leather restraints is hanging over me & underneath which is the cage.

The zips begin to hold me tight. It fits me remarkably well. She tightens the neck collar straps & I hear the familiar singing of my tinnitus. I can barely move in here but She decides there should be ropes around my ankles & thighs attached to the couch sides.

It’s not like I want to run away though so that’s OK.

She undoes the zips so that air circulates round my newly shaved nipples & then She arranges the zips at my hairless genitals & pulls them out of the pants into the fresh air.

The facial is delightful.

Expert aromas cleanse & exfoliate, nourish & moisturise & I fall into a state of bliss & pleasure.

I had asked to be put into the new leather punishment bondage hood She had shown on Her Twitter page, but She found it was slightly too small for my enormous head.

“Never mind, I have many types of Latex Hood which will suffice!”

I am subsumed by the smell & feel of constricting rubber, my breathing severely restricted & She begins to work on my nipples with clamps & some sorts of devices that had me further gasping for breath.

The Electrics on my cock & balls had me dancing to the kind of tune that only a sadist can get from their masochistic instrument. She had the way of all sadists that expertly gets the sufferer to suffer some more, with no choices. Up & down the scale, She delighted in calling out the numbers on the box, enjoying my reactions & ensuring my compliance to suffer, taking me to heights of pain that I endured for the countdown She decided I should suffer. There is something that makes you brave enough to try harder for a sadist to suffer more than you think is possible, to accept that screaming or crying won’t stop the demands or the pain, only time & the countdown will do that.

I think we got up to the mid forties of a maximum 99 & I always worry that I am complete wuss when it comes to my comparative ability to suffer pain.

I always feel a slight regret when it stops.

I wonder if I might one day be taken well beyond my endurance just existing in the suffering & pain at Her choice.

I should be careful what I wish for.

I am untied & unzipped & let off for a comfort break when I take the opportunity for a pee.

I am shown the other bondage room with a large Gynae chair & a bondage chair with all manner of restrictive leather & rubber wear & devices.

“Your body wrap is the final treatment today!”

Shea butter is carefully & sensually applied to my body.

She produces saran wrap which is rolled tightly around each limb & the abdomen.

On top of this She then produces vet wrap bandages which are elasticated & tightly overlapped from shoulder to wrist & from thigh to ankle. The abdomen is wrapped tightly too & the shoulders criss crossed from front to back.

The equivalent of an ancient Egyptian Mummy without removing the brain through the nostrils.

I am helped back onto the bondage frame and my legs are wrapped together.

My hands are then wrapped & secured to sides of the frame.

My nipples & genitals are conspicuously not wrapped.

“More facial treatment”

The wrap up until now was blue, but She produced several rolls of white wrap.

More delicious aromas & even a gas mask delivery of some really exotic smells taking me back to my teenage experiences in the beauty salons of my youth where my teenage acne was treated & my peccadilloes were pricked & nurtured.

Having the face wrapped in elasticated bandages is both delightful & scary. MY hearing & sight almost disappeared & I had only my nostrils & a tiny hole for my mouth, into which Mistress poked her fingers. I poked my tongue back.

Hands & legs are secured. Again.

The blindfold reappeared & the intensity of the treatment escalated as the electrical contacts were re established & I was then on a journey of pain & pleasure where I got totally lost .

I think at some stage another gas mask was employed.

I was edged forever.

Up & down.

I had mentioned in the phone call never having experienced needles before except in vaccinations & blood sample taking, & in no kink related history.


“ Time for needles !”

To say I was tense would be an underestimate.


Right nipple first. Lightning behind my right eye.


Left nipple next.

Sharpness entering my soul sitting on my consciousness.

One Two Three through the skin on my newly shaved balls intensifying the blood pumping through my rigid cock.

When there is nowhere to run or hide from pain then suffering is all one can do.

I suffered.

“One more each nipple “ I heard faintly.

At an angle to the first, through the skin & out the other side, demanding my attention.

I might have sobbed.

I was grateful.

I am not sure what device She used to extract Her sample.

She tweaked the needles as my climax approached from the far distance & I just swam in the melange of pleasure & pain until there was no way back from the Petit Mort.

I asked permission to orgasm.

She collected Her sample & fed it to me through the tiny hole.

I was amazed when She cut off all the wrap. Single use is understandable with wounds & I suppose too with kink but I do worry about the sustainability of this. I loved it, but I will feel guilty.

I was on a high for about the next two days.


We had a cup of tea together & chatted about the session.

I applauded Her completely authentic Beauty Therapy approach & the “treatments” were just beautiful. Just what I fantasise about when I am having real beauty therapy treatments.

I drove home in a bit of a daze.

Altogether a wonderful experience with an expert practitioner.

It was a hot day in the clinic and Chief Consultant Helen Ryder had Miss Kitty Bliss an expert in her field of hypnosis as well as fully fledged in other medical areas in for a second opinion on a particularly difficult patient we shall refer to as Mr Brown.
On approaching the clinic Ms Ryder could hear voices and listened for a few minutes, she could hear Mr Brown not only providing his full medical history but talking about his deviant perversions very openly with absolute glee and on entering the room she saw a big smirk on his face.
“Mr Brown, your deviance is nothing to be proud of, wipe that smirk off your face”
“sorry miss”  he looked down but seemed to be rather proud of himself
“Where is your urine sample? Ms Ryder raised an eyebrow at Mr Brown and looked very stern
“I forgot it miss”
“Well that’s simply not good enough, come with me”
Mr Brown was taken to the toilet and Ms Ryder stood over him with a plastic jug ready to take his sample.
“I can’t seem to go” he looked very embarrassed.
“Back into the room then Mr Brown, we shall continue with your treatments”
“Thank you Ms Bliss for coming along today to give a second opinion on Mr Browns condition, I do believe you really are the best in your field and I think some future hypnosis sessions might get him back on the straight and narrow”
Ms Bliss agreed and between them they came up with a series of tests known as “attitude adjusters” and “Perversion Therapy” also known as PT but not as you might know it at the gym!
Between them a series of nipple clamping took place, being attached for a while and then removed, adjusted, pulled off and reattached at regular intervals as Mr Brown gave every single account of his perverted ways.  They did indeed become very sensitive and sore and rather took the wind out of his sails as time went by and his enthusiasm about his perverted ways became far less.
Mr Brown wasn’t very blessed with his manhood and hasn’t had sexual intercourse for a very long time, we strongly suspect that Mrs Brown simply finds him very perverse and disappointing in the bedroom department and most likely has a lover.  He is known to get an erection at the very sign of a bit of ankle display (how Victorian)  and yet he can not maintain it for very long and also suffers from premature ejaculation, oh dear!
It was discussed that Br Brown might be best off having full gender reassignment to become female and be a much more useful member of society, this would also give Mrs Brown some lovely female companionship.  Mr Brown would become Ms Brown over time but meanwhile could enrol in some training to initially become a cuckold and then fluffer to Mrs Browns lovers.  Meanwhile Mr Brown could also be put into chastity and his cock would be known as a clitty cock, being as it wouldn’t be able to get an erection caged!
An experimental injection of feminisation fluid was then injected into Mr Browns glans, he shrieked as it went in and complained, tut tut, the next procedure would have to be very painful indeed.  Any sign of an erection quickly went away!
Just to be certain Ms Bliss and Ms Ryder each took up a rubber cock whipper and thoroughly administered a series of hits on the glans, shaft and testes, he had to be gagged in order to proceed further.
The whole of the penile/groin area was fully prepared with antiseptic, clinnel wipes, Iodine swabs for the Esim sound to be administered.  Electrodes were attached to his perineum and Ms Bliss expertly inserted the sound into his well lubricated  urethral tract explaining to Mr Brown that this would be the only form of fucking he gets to receive as she pulled the sound up and let it sink down again.  Meanwhile the control box was gradually turned up.
“Tell us about your first panty experience”  Mr Brown gave a full account in graphic detail, which gave him an erection as he conveyed the story across.  The electrics were intensified, as well as the nipples repeatedly tortured to give him the pain/pleasure aversion therapy.  It was a good job he was tightly restrained as he would have been leaping up in the air.
It was essential to also take a sample from him to check for live swimmers in his semen (most unlikely with the injection) the wand was bought out and the shaft of his penis stimulated, this would normally take some time in a healthy virile male but on this occasion after barely being stimulated he cried out that he was coming, no time to catch the sample in the petri dish that it splashed onto the bench and the sample was ruined.
Mr Brown will be attending the Kink clinic again in the near future no doubt!
As Mr Brown was dressing he expressed that he didn’t find Ms Helen Ryder quite as daunting as her red head twin sister Helen Ann Ryder who will be attending his next medical most likely with Ms Bliss, these men never learn!  Ms Bliss shook her head and asked if he wanted to leave fully intact!
Thank you for a great session on Friday.
I booked a session with Mistress Helen and was asked if it would be OK to have another slave caged in the room during our session. That’s fine by me as I do like voyeurs present to witness my pain and add to my humiliation.
On arriving I was greeted by Mistress Helen who is an absolute beauty and a very powerful strong Mistress not to be underestimated.
As I had requested anal training, Mistress administered an enema on my arrival to clean me out ready for what was to come.  On entering Mistresses play room I saw the caged slave bound and wearing a nappy and nothing else.
Mistress informed me that he would be in the cage for quite some time without release hence the nappy.  Mistress proceeded to strap me down over her bench with my legs spread and my arse in a very vulnerable position.  Two or three firms slaps were then administer to by arse.
On went a blind fold before Mistress squeezed my cock and balls with a hand full of nettles that did make me yelp.  She then rubbed the nettles up through my butt cheeks ensuring that my hole was well stung and boy was it.  Mistress instructed me to take her strap on deep into my dirty mouth and worship it like a real cock. I do love cock in my mouth, just a shame it wasn’t a real one this time.
Mistress proceeded to lube up my arsehole, again intensifying the stings.  I could feel Mistress finger my hole gradually adding other fingers as my hole relaxed.  Mistress then gave my arse a real good fucking with her beautifully sized strap on and removed my mask so I could watch in a mirror.  The cage slave was quiet, so I taunted him with the thought that he might well be on the receiving end of Mistresses strap on later in the day.  Mistress then applied some heat cream around the inside of my arse causing me to moan a little before a further hard fucking of my sore hole.
It was a great mixture of pain and pleasure, before Mistress released me and moved me to the top of her cage containing the other slave.  My legs were hoisted wide and high again leaving my arse fully exposed.  Once strapped down Mistress applied more nettles to my cock and balls as well as rubbing nettles hard into my nipples and arsehole.  Clamps were then attached to my very sore nipples, before the chain was hoisted up above me drawing the clamp tight.
The cage slave lying beneath me was still quite and I suggested that maybe he should have some nettles placed in his nappy and Mistress through that was a good idea!
He did moan and groan and Mistress duck taped his nappy tightly back in place.
I did get a buzz from hearing him, quite clearly in discomfort. After all he had seen me in enough.  Mistress proceeded to stretch my hole forcing me to take four fingers up to her knuckles. Work in progress to accepting Mistresses fist.  Mistress did feel that I should book a Bi session as she would love to see both my holes filled as I was spit roasted, sounds amazing and will be happening real soon.  A further hard fucking by Mistress followed before she inserted nettles into my very sore swollen hole. It was very uncomfortable and the stinging remained with all areas of my body for at least 24 hours.  Mistress allowed me to orgasm whilst tugging on me nipple clamp and then told me to open wide as she dropped my spunk into my greedy mouth.
Cage slave was offered some but declined!!
Thank you Mistress Helen and I need to start planning my next session


Before dinner Mistress ordered me to strip, i was then dressed in a very skimpy, bright pink apron, pink frilly knickers, stockings, suspenders and high heels.  A heavy metal collar was placed around my neck and locked into place, before a leash was attached.  i was now appropriately dressed as Mistress’s slave and felt very privileged.


Now we were ready for dinner.  Mistress, dressed in a fantastic smoky grey latex dress which emphasised Her beauty, power and superiority, led me out to the dinner table which was outside, under the stars.  We joined other Mistresses with their slaves and enjoyed fabulous food served by the house maid April, and wonderful company with new friends.


After dinner i was dragged through to the dungeon in the Atrium of the house and my wrists and ankles attached to the St Andrews cross.  my back and bottom were exposed and the skimpy apron and frilly knickers would afford no protection once Mistress got to work with Her implements of choice.  Before she got started a gag was placed in my mouth, after all the other guests would not want to hear the screams of a pathetic little bitch.


Then Mistress selected Her first weapon of choice, a rubber tawse.  Starting gently to warm me up (Mistress cares for the welfare of Her slaves) Mistress gradually increased the force and tempo of Her strikes as She warmed to her task.  She upped the ante, selecting a variety of whips and paddles before working up to the cane.  The sting of this felt amazing, excruciating and exhilarating all at the same time, the sensations made all the more extreme by Mistress gently running Her nails all over my skin causing a tickling sensation and fits of uncontrollable laughter.


Eventually i was released from the cross and secured on my back to a bondage bed in the middle of the room.  My wrists and ankles were secured but this time I was also blindfolded and left to contemplate my fate.  my sense of hearing was heightened by the loss of sight, and i was able to take in the sounds of the dungeon with other Mistresses playing with their slaves and having fun at their expense.  Then, unexpectedly, i became aware of my cock being sucked by another slave at the instruction of my Mistress, this amazing sensation was tempered by the voice of my Mistress in my ear warning that if i dared to have an accident i would be punished most severely.  Although i have complete trust in my Mistress, and She is a wonderful, caring, human being, i knew this was no idle threat.


After what seemed like an eternity i was released from the bondage bed and led, still blindfolded, to another piece of apparatus in the dungeon.  Again i was secured on my back with my wrists and ankles in restraints, but this time i was being stretched, almost as if i was on a medieval torture rack.  Clamps were attached to my nipples with a chain between, and then this chain was pulled upwards and secured to a fixing so that any movement at all pulled severely.  Then my arms were stretched again, by this time any movement was impossible and my whole body was rigid.  i was fearful and excited.


The dungeon seemed to have gone eerily quiet and it became clear the other Mistresses had had their fun for now and were watching my Mistress and how She wanted to use Her slave.  Mistress was boasting of what She was going to do with Her bitch which made me immensely proud to serve my beautiful Mistress.  This went on for what seemed like ages, Mistress chatting away happily and plotting Her next move, me excitedly apprehensive and wondering what was coming next.

“Suck my cock and toes you Sissy Slut.”
I feel the gentle nails, of my Mistress, slide over my silk bloomers, feeling for my hard clitty. I feel her sweet breath on the back of my neck as Mistress pinches my nipples through my blue, satin frock.
Mistress then straps me over her whipping stool. My bloomers slide down my thighs and my bottom is spanked….cropped and caned ( Mistress likes to see the cane stripes when she sinks her strap-on into me ).
Mistress puts a rubber into my mouth and I have to glide it up her strap-on.  I must now suck it to show what a “Sissy Whore” I really am.
I’m released and told to worship the feet of Mistress.   I suck her toes for ages and she seems very pleased. Then she offers her bottom for me to kiss all over.
I’m ordered to lay on my back, on the bed. My ankles are strapped high and wide exposing my sissy hole for a long, energetic fucking.
Your devoted Sissy Slut R
An extract written by Sissy Slut R on a recent visit to The Burgess Hill Academy for Sissies
Come and explore your inner “Gurl” come and be feminised, which can include removal of body hair and be expertly made up.  Imagine the soft caress and feel of nylons as they slide up your legs then attached to a pretty suspender belt, some cute little panties and then dressed as My willing maid or other (slutty or demure) attire before stepping into a pair of high heels and then………………………………….
Well to find out what could happen next you best get in touch hadn’t you!  Book a session today don’t delay your fun at The Burgess Hill Academy for Sissies ….
Some of what you may experience here subject to a discussion to where your BDSM interest’s and limits lie are:
Full make over with wig and clothing provided
Maid training
Violet wand
Pegging  just a few ideas to wet your appetite and there is a fully comprehensive list on My main website
See you soon MY little sluts in waiting
Mistress Helen xXx

Dear Mistress Helen

A quick note to say thanks for the session this morning.  It was great to meet you and the session achieved exactly what I wanted – you were very effective as a rather intimidating Aunt figure!

I would love to find an opportunity in the future to see how you deal with repeat offences…  Based on today’s experience, the threat of a meeting based around your “ivory” hairbrush would be a true deterrent to any more misbehaviour!

Best Regards,  ANON


a sissy slave to Mistress Helen (written by SSR from a sissy slut slave session)
It must have been half way through my session when Mistress Helen put her whip down and released me from the cross. She  commanded me to remove my damp panties and lay on the bench. My legs were strapped high and wide; my wrists cuffed to my sides. She started to torture me with her violet wand – my inner thighs, nipples and the sensitive tip of my wet clitty. I was moaning so she gagged me with my sticky panties and taped over them.  She put clover clamps onto my nipples and stretched the chain – tying it to a ring above my head. .Mistress laughed as she now showed me her collection of strap-on cocks. She slid into my sissy hole and fucked the brains out of me. I squirmed against my bonds, crying out through my gag like a randy slut until I shot my cream all over my chest. How Mistress laughed as she forced me to swallow every drop from her fingers.
Photos taken with clients camera & posted cropped with permission.  What a superb session it was too!  🙂



Always super to hear that someone enjoyed having their fantasy come to life and exploring new kinks in a session.  This one put a big smile on my face thanks Chloe xx

Panty Pervert Meets His Match.
I couldn’t resist sneaking into the garden to steal those lovely frilly panties hanging on the line. Next thing I knew, a voice behind me said “Yes? Can I help you?” I turned in a panic, to be confronted by a gorgeous imposing redhead. “I…I…I didn’t realise you were in” I stuttered. Then a brainwave. “I thought it was going to rain, so I was taking them in for you. I was going to put them through your letterbox.”
“That’s very kind of you.” she said innocently. “You must let me make you a cup of tea.”
I wondered if my luck was in as I followed her into the kitchen. Sadly no! Quite the opposite!! She locked the door and put the key down her bra. “I wasn’t born yesterday, you numbskull” she said sternly. “I know a panty thieving knicker nicker when I see one; and I filmed you. I’m going to call the police”.
“No! Please forgive me!” I begged. “I can’t face going inside again. I’ll do anything you want”
“Oh! Will you indeed?” she said. “You can start by calling me Mistress Helen. Now get your shoes and trousers off. Chop chop!!”
I did as I was told. “You really are a pervert” she said when she saw I was wearing ladies panties. “Now get over my knee! You are due a spanking.” She spanked me hard with her hand, before pushing me off onto the floor and ordering me to worship her shoes and feet. The spanking hadn’t been too bad, but while I was kissing her feet, she started hitting me with a thin leather strap. Much more painful.
“Kneel up!” she said “Hands on your head! Tell me what a pervert you are, and how much you need correction.”
I was forced to beg to be punished and cured of my unsavoury habit. “Haven’t I been punished enough already?” I whined. She just slapped my face and told me to remove my panties. She laughed when she saw my willy was locked into a short curved metal tube. “You look like you’re on tap!” she said. “What’s that all about?”
I told her “my wife keeps me like this. I’m incapable of satisfying her, so I’m forbidden from satisfying myself.” “Quite right too” said Mistress Helen. “She sounds like a very sensible woman. Anyway, I don’t want to hear your moans, so give me your panties.” She wadded them up and stuffed them in my mouth. She then got a cotton bag and put it over my head. “That’ll shut you up” she said. “Before I punish you, I’m going to have a cuppa, so I’m going to have to keep you bound and gagged.”
She grabbed an ear through my hood, and dragged me to the stairs. I fumbled my way up a few steps to a bend. Here, my face was pushed into the corner, and I was tightly tied to the bannisters, with my hands secured behind my back. She then took some photos of my predicament. “You wait there” she said sternly, with a couple of smacks “I’ll deal with you when I’m good and ready. If I want you to say something I’ll remove your gag, but until then, just keep still and keep quiet, or you know what you’ll get! You can reflect on your sins and anticipate your punishment”
I heard her go into the kitchen and put the kettle on, so I wriggled my wrists. No chance of getting free, but I heard her say “I’m watching you! That’s ten strokes of the strap for a start, so keep still!”  I kept as still as I could after that, but still ended up being sentenced to thirty strokes. Eventually, she put her cup down and came over to untie me. While doing this, she told me she hadn’t really needed a drink; she just likes tying people up. “Especially big soft pansy poofs like you” she said.
Once I was free, she grabbed my ear and towed me, half stumbling, half crawling, up the stairs and into the back ‘bedroom’. “Crikey! What’s all this?” I asked, but I was just slapped, and told to shut up and get on the spanking bench. My wrists and legs were tightly secured. “We’ll start with ten” she said, selecting a tawse from her awesome correction collection. I had to count and thank her for each one. “How many more?” she asked. I hopefully said “only ten more”, but there was no fooling her. She buckled a bit gag into my mouth and put the bag back over my head. Then she said “I’m going downstairs. When I come back, I’ll ask you again if it’s ten or twenty more. If you get it wrong, you’ll get another 40; so think on!”
I was defeated, and had to admit it was 20, and these were duly delivered. “Time for some aversion therapy!” she said. I had to lay on my back on the floor, with my head in her smother box, which was locked shut. She proceeded to sit on my face, and I had to kiss whatever bit of her was covering my mouth. It was hard to breathe at times, but she could sense I was enjoying it. It was frustrating to have my hands tied so near to my pride and joy, but not being able to touch myself.
After spitting into my open mouth, she eventually let me out. “You were enjoying that far too much!” she said. “You need to be caned.” I was put back over the bench, and ten firm strokes landed on my already hot, sore backside.
I was then forced to thank her for my punishment; to tell her I was a reformed character; and that I would never misbehave again. “You’d better not!” she warned. “I had a look through your wallet. I know who you are Mr ‘Panty’ Penny, where you work and where you live, so if any underwear goes missing in future, I know who to come to first.” Then she said “Only a big soft sissy loser like you would try to steal underwear from a professional dominatrix. I charge for sessions like this, so I’ve taken the money out of your wallet. Don’t worry. I left you with a few pounds. After all, you’ll have to buy your panties from now on, instead of stealing them!”
She then told me that I am now her sissy bitch and must obey any demand she makes of me. “If I say ‘jump’, you say ‘how high?’. Or else you’ll be in big trouble!” she growled.
She then told me to get downstairs, get dressed, and get out before she called the police after all.
I hope this is to your liking, and reflects what a fun session it was. I’d be happy to do something similar again.
best wishes
Always superb to have a session story received, well done and yes lets play some more soon!