Please be aware that I will NOT play with anyone who asks for me to play without a safe word in place!  I work on body language in sessions so I can 99.9% tell when I am playing with someone that I’m within their safe area of play.  BDSM play is 110% about consent on both sides, but especially the submissive.


LEGAL NOTE: ALL play is with your FULL consent given, safe words/0r safe action in place & they MUST be used if you want an activity or session to completely stop.  I will then stop the session, check if you wish to continue in ANY aspect.  ANY play that took place before you used a safe word or action such as tapping/ringing a tiny bell (pre agreed upon) was legal with your full consent, not coerced in any way!


The sub can withdraw consent at any time in a session, just as in vanilla life with sexual interaction.  If someone express’s the top to stop an activity then it stops.  I’ve heard of quite a few people recently who have had an ex state that they have been coerced in order to cause trouble.

I have never partaken in blackmail style play, where you give access to various accounts etc.  I am very clear on this on my do/don’ts on this website. I try my best to keep my business within the law.

I do not take or post extreme images My X feed (previously known as Twitter) or with filming or other places on the web.

I am well aware that other dommes have far more extreme images out there and I sincerely hope that they do not fall foul of the law.

Phone related: When calling me on the phone lines, please ensure you have read the phone guidance and rules as some play topics or discussions are against the rules!  I am not allowed to encourage you to use any form of intox over the phone, if you wish to use aromas then that is purely on you.  Regarding silent calls, you have to express in the first few seconds of connection your fetish/silent call request and preferably say bye when you hang up.   This is so you can’t say you pocket dialled!

It is also illegal for me to actually blackmail you on the phone, do not ask!  I can weave a fantasy chat along the lines of  “imagine if I were to take pictures of you dressed like a sissy slut & post them”  Not the actual doing of it.

The brain is the biggest sexual organ, which effects the little organ.  Lets engage our brains in a safe sane and consenting manner, without breaking laws!

Over and out for now

Mistress Helen