Have you been thinking of booking for a session and don’t quite know what style of play you might be into?

I often receive emails from new people who have no idea what they wish to experience, where as others have a deep seated fetish going back years.  It’s often the mature gents who are into domestic discipline from their school days of receiving the cane or slipper.  Thankfully the new generation are also very curious about this, so it’s not dying out!

I have a diverse range of fetish interests so whilst I do not cater to every fetish, there is a great scope of range for those who wish to explore several kinks.

One kink that I do not get to live out as often as I would like is “Tickle Torture” Just recently I received some calls from a gent in the US who is very into it, he has the most amazing profile on Fetlife dedicated to it and has shared lots of the images with me where I narrate the pics on our NF chats.  It’s absolutely hilarious and I would dearly love to have him mummified and just his soles exposed to tickle!

I had a visit from my sissy maid recently and decided that as well as the usual discipline and body that they could assist in some tickle clips to go onto my Adult Work profile.  We also did a short “maid gets her revenge on Mistress” mini clip, where maid anna started off with light feather pampering on my feet, then turned into tickling.  Oh how I shrieked!  I did cane her after as punishment 🙂 we also took some up to date pics, which I will include just a couple here, enjoy 😉

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen