I won’t be available 2-12th Jan as I will be having essential eye sight saving surgery, book now if you’ve been thinking of coming to see Me! I should be all seeing again & ready and raring to kick arse from 12th Jan and the double domination date of 31st Jan and 1st Feb with Miss Kitty Bliss is 100% happening in regards My eyes!  In fact if things are still blurry by then Miss KB will be My eyes and it will be a bit like pin the tail on the donkey!  Mwhahahahaha just joking 🤣 🤣 🤣 I will honestly be fine and available again from 12th Jan if not before!


It may well be the end of any prescription specs, I will have some plain glass ones for specs fetish.

One of My chaps was asking what/why so an edit here and further edit for the FULL story:

I have the early stages of a slightly more rare type of cataract in My right eye (caused by trauma) and with a high prescription for long distance and now reading I need a multifocial lens and both eyes having lens replacement cost £6,836.00 and that is with 10% discount given, Ouch………………………

Rather than join the NHS waiting list and (possibly go blind in one eye whilst waiting) and not get the full treatment required for My eyes I have booked this private. 

The NHS will only do My right eye and then only cut My eye open, remove My lens and replace with a monofocial lens. Which will not 100% correct My vision and then I will still need reading specs for close work.  Going private also covers any top up laser treatment.  The NHS won’t do this.  My left eye is also a very high prescription of -7 so it’s not feasible to wear lop sided specs with one heavy prescription and a plain lens with reading varifocial one side or wearing only one contact lens.  The level of My prescription and other complications is making it more complex.  At the end of the day I am having MY eye cut open and lens taken out and replaced so I want it done once only and have the best treatment possible!

Whilst I’m a real time Dominatrix rather than online Findom, kind donations would be greatly appreciated with the high cost of this operation.  Please email if you would like to contribute to My eyes and help Me pay back the finance loan and deposit which are hitting My pockets extremely hard!  Especially with the loss of income whilst I am unable to work.  Another 1K hit to My self employment!

It is after all something very essential to living/My wellbeing and not some daft high end pair of shoes or handbag!

New eyes for 2019 All the better for seeing you with! 😘😘

Mistress Helen xXx

The Lowdown of the person behind it, updated 2020!

I am not usually one to air laundry in public but there are still little rumour’s floating about so here goes.

The woman who caused it was an utter idiot and got confused in a basic exercise at the gym threw a weighted ball in my face instead of simply passing it.  I had been in a laying down position to sitting up so didn’t stand a chance!  My nose was split open on the upper right hand side bridge and I have a scar!  My specs which were only a few months old and cost over £600 were badly damaged.  The eyesight test I had at the time of new specs showed my eyes to be healthy and normal, 6 months after the gym accident showed the damage that had been done. I carried on working on occasions with said person but later on I broke away due to the gaslighting and other weirdness such as ignoring my visits to Yorkshire on social media, doing nothing to promote my visits.  Putting up spiteful posts on Twitter aimed at me stating things like boring and high protocol can play elsewhere.  High protocol because I queried the basic provision of lube or any sterile lube in her premises, she used cooking fat (Trex for sounding) both irresponsible and dangerous. 

She even suggested I wait to get my eyes done on the NHS having rang my partner on return from the clinic the very day of just returning from an assessment! No offer of chipping in at all as she caused it!  My partner was still paying some of her bills at that time as that’s what she does!  Only interested in him for his money.

I tried to be the bigger person and forgive simply for my partners sake as he had been friends with her for many years (she had manipulated him well) but after much shit stirring, general two faced bitching to a friend I introduced her to.  Then waiting outside the loo for me to come out on a group night out to have a word, my patience by then was pretty thin!   She stated my partner thought the air needed to be cleared (this was in fact a lie) as I asked him afterwards.

Another time I’ve had her slag off someone I had admired for her style and hard work in this industry and hoped to maybe work with one day.  In front of other slaves at a BBQ how the Mistress’s photos were all photo shopped and bathroom tiles are not that size.  I’ve now worked with this amazing lady and she is stunning and her tiles are the size in the pics in real life.  Imagine being so jealous bitter and twisted that you have to make stuff up about others…..

Back to bonkers she has no real respect for me or my personal relationship.  Earlier on she had been very friendly and I saw a really nice side of her, but not for long!  She then went on to involve my partner in keeping secrets about something very trivial and told the rest of the word her business.  The other Mistress I was friends with knew it all and slipped up by spilling the beans at an event the other one wasn’t attending. She even sent my partner text messages whilst we were away on holiday being really off to him and disrespectful to me regarding the info being passed on to me. 

I had my friend Jo visiting and bonkers rang to have a go at us because we were doing a photo shoot involving dress’s that actually belong to my friend and trying to tell me how to run my business!  I stood up to her, so did my friend and then she throws a fake wobbly.

Attending a Femdom event, which bonkers came along to just a couple of weeks after surgery and blanked me at first, then chatted briefly.  Was downright rude to one of my friends for something naughty one of her slaves did.  We were all involved in writing up punishments (all in good humour and jest) and she wasn’t having any of it. Ruined the group photo by acting like a fool.  She was really off towards me, to the point of actually giving me some sort of odd Paddington Bear stare across the room, later admitting she had done so because she thought I was giving her funny looks and this other Mistress pointing out I had just recently had eye surgery.  Even at this point I was being polite for my partners sake and knew any friendship was over.  Seriously you can’t make this utterly childish rubbish up!

The other Mistress I was friends with seems to be passing back n forth info so earlier this year Jan 2020 whilst out at a Femdom event in London.  I told her in reply to her offer of visiting her new place that I wouldn’t be able to maintain a friendship built on any foundation of trust.  That the two of them could stick with each other and leave me out of their drama and bitching.  I was sick to death of the interference and negativity and don’t want people like that in my life. 

The funny thing is they have both lied about what each other have said to me, the lady in London felt so bad on her return from a visit there and stated she had joined in on the laughing over Me and had seen a really nasty side to bonkers! That she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go back again (but has) so that proves she is flaky and untrustworthy. The London lady  felt the need to meet with me for lunch and apologise and clear the air.  We did meet and discussed various things that had gone on after that second visit but I was on my guard after that.  I was told how they were all in a group with a slave included laughing about me behind my back, with him admitting I was the brunt of the toxicity at present and it would be someone else’s turn next!  Hmmmmmm well good luck with that friendship as I’m well out of it!

I’ve seen bonkers tear a slave a new arsehole for something she should have taken responsibility for herself.  Having profiled people in the police in a civilian role I am normally very good at being able to see right through people/her where others are taken in.  Suckers!

They do say keep your friends close and enemies closer but I prefer to keep people I can’t trust well away, many miles away and there they can stay!