A fantastic fun roleplay scenario I enjoyed delivering a good while back, My good bitch has just typed up the notes for you all to read, hope you like it!

These are My vows to you – the Five ‘F’s’ of how our marriage will be as dominant and submissive cuckold.

At the end I will ask you to accept them.  If you answer yes, we will proceed with the training.  If you answer no, you will leave here and never see Me again.  Is that understood?

Okay, first ‘F’ – Façade…..

……while you and I will present a perfect marriage in public, behind closed doors nothing could be further from the truth.

I will train you to become subservient in all aspects of life.

Physically you will earn money, do housework, prepare meals, run baths and all other duties that I require of you.

Mentally I will create situations that direct your mind to obsess over Me until thoughts about how to please Me become as natural to you as your own thirst.

Emotionally, you will learn to rise above your feelings and put My desires before yours.  You will show no jealousy when I bring lovers home, nor petulance when what little sexual pleasure you might derive is withheld from you.

Sexually, I will place you in chastity and expect you to go for long periods without relief.  I will revel in your discomfort as I humiliate you with my strap-on and emasculate you emotionally, sexually and physically.  In time, you will come to enjoy it and even yearn for Me to take my lover so that your cravings can be met.

Second ‘F’ – Fidelity…..

…..while you will remain chaste to Me, I will take on as many lovers as I want.  Indeed, I will enjoy the mental angst it causes you when I seduce your brother and best friends….and delight in the knowledge that you are gagged and tied in the bedroom next door, listening in on every moan and orgasm through the night.

In time, I may adapt our marital bed so that you can be bound and gagged in a concealed compartment beneath it so that you can be continually frustrated and helpless as I fuck my lovers above you.  Maybe I’ll incorporate a release mechanism so that you come to associate your ejaculation in terms of Mine and my lover’s orgasm, thus reinforcing your position in the relationship and my dominance over you.

Third ‘F’ – Funding

Away from the bedroom, you will fund My lifestyle completely.  You will sell your property, the remaining shares and all other funds then give them to Me.  That way you will be truly dependent and reliant on Me and there can be no change of mind.  Likewise, I will take photos of you in compromising positions as security that there will be no departure or absenting yourself without consequence.

Fourth ‘F’ – Fantasy

My promise is that I will endeavour to fulfil all of the submissive fantasies you shared with Me.  It’s how we arrived at this situation with Me dominant and you bowed before Me.

However, what we are about to engage in is a life together so it would be remiss of Me not to give you fair warning of what you are getting into.

I vow not to give you what you want but rather what you need – that being, a confident dominant woman who knows what she wants and is fully alive in her sexuality.

Question: Do you want Me to be that woman?

(Yes Mistress)

Good, let’s consider the fifth and final ‘F’ – Fetish….

My promise to you is that I will discover what makes you tick – the thing you crave and which I can manipulate to make you solely determined and dedicated to Me.

…….perhaps dressing up in leather, or latex, or PVC, or suspenders and stockings, or thigh length boots, or stilletoes, or opera gloves or whatever.

You will lay yourself bare to Me.  You will tell Me all your deepest, darkest secrets.

……and once only I know what they are, I will utilise that knowledge to train you to become truly useful to Me.

In time, your role and function will change to that of a slave who lives to serve only Me.

Yes, you will still be my husband but it will be something more amenable and useful to Me.

Now, decision time……Do you agree to submit to Me?

(Yes Mistress, I submit to you)

Good answer!  Let your training begin.

Now put this condom on and rub your cock against my soft leather boot and fill it up with hot creamy spunk!

I laugh as he wanks furiously

Once done, I put on my strap-on and invert the condom over it,  now suck My cock,  taste your semen and swallow it bitch.

……Now you know what semen smells and tastes like for when I return home from My lovers and require you to clean up.