A reminder that I am working in Yorkshire on 10th/11th May as per other blog info With Mistress V and Mistress Helena, so looking forward to these events with such lovely ladies!

I am actually away from real time sessions with My travel re above from 9th to 13th Inclusive!  See below *** Other news

Bank Holidays: Having received EIGHT enqs all wanting a short notice appointment at a very specific time with NO flexibility what so ever, I will ONLY be taking bookings for bank holidays if pre booked a day or two ahead with deposit in the bank.  I will be IGNORING My phone and NOT replying to ANY new emails over a bank holiday from this moment on.  Bank holidays bring out the worst in people that are bored, have too much time on their hands and nothing better to do than contact a hard working Professional Mistress and waste her time.

Expecting Me to drop any plans I have and not show any respect for that or be at all flexible makes Me question if those enqs were at all genuine in the first place.

I suggest to those who have no intention of ever coming to see Me or other Ladies to contact the Samaritans if you need to talk with someone.  Volunteer for a charity or homeless shelter/soup kitchen during the holidays.  Be a worthwhile member of society rather than a leach and utter nuisance on a hard working tax payer!  Remember the Devil makes work for Idle hands.

If you have seen Me before I still require some notice as I do have a busy life outside the dungeon too, when I do not have appointments booked in during the holidays I obviously make other plans!

*** Other news: I will be helping out Madame C in Hampshire on 14th May for a Birthday party for one of her lovely sissies.

I’m available in Sussex from 15th May, I do have some availability today 7th May and this evening and tomorrow.  Thursday 9th May morning is very limited as I then travel to Yorkshire that day.

I look forward to seeing my regular and new play things very soon

Wicked thoughts

Mistress Helen XX