Hope you are all staying warm and cosy now that Winter is here, it’s nice and warm in my dungeon and especially if I’ve made your bottom glow!

I’ve been looking at a custom build suspension bench with a set of stocks included and a gyno style end with a cage underneath to either replace my existing gyno bench (which will be up for sale) or to take pride of place in the massage room instead of the standard couch in there.  The bench top will still have a comfy padded top and can be used for alternate massage bookings.  I’m expecting to have this built early next year, perhaps with Christmas tips or November tips (instead of chocolates) then it may be here sooner.

Mentioning gifts, they are never expected but are appreciated 🙂 take note that I do NOT want any naughty food items such as chocolates or suchlike.

If you wish to gift Me then the following ideas are to give you inspiration



Money……. Getting the general idea now

Garden Pride voucher, I’m working on the back garden.

Lush bath bombs or shower gels, I do not like other brands of bath bombs.

Jo Malone fragrance http://www.jomalone.co.uk/mimosa-cardamom  or peony-blush-suede-cologne, basil-neroli cologne and last off all a collection of them http://www.jomalone.co.uk/product/11563/39908/fragrances/the-collections/floral/peony-blush-suede/cologne-collection

I drink red wine in moderation.

A donation to the charity of My choice.

A reminder about the tone of emails, when writing for an appointment please keep it polite, succinct and all the graphic dirty talk is IN SESSIONS only (on My terms)  If you are a repeat visitor all I require is a variety of times/dates that you can commit and then I will happily book you in.  We can then chat close to the session date or in the session.  New clients to follow the booking procedures link on my rates page.

I’ve recently received lewd/crude emails with no dates/times and do wonder if they are simply written at the time of the person feeling horny and getting off on them!  So I’ve not taken the email that seriously and not replied.

Remember manners maketh the man!

See you soon

Mistress Helen