How to book a session with West Sussex Mistress Helen Ryder.

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and make a booking with a “Dominatrix” which may even me Me! Thank you.

To ring or email?  Well you are always welcome to call but being “New” I am not going to go into graphic detail in a phone call over what may or may not happen in a booking.  A phone call is essential to act as an “ice breaker” at an early stage and the best form of contact is a polite friendly email such as:

Hello my name is ………….. I’ve not done this before/don’t have much experience/or I’ve seen other Mistress’s etc and I am looking to make an appointment for date/time for X duration.  I’m interested/curious in the following….. Pegging, Strap-on, Butt Plugs, Cross Dressing, Spanking, Sensual Domination, Tie and Tease etc.  I do NOT reqire a step by step guide of how the session will go, I decide that!

  • Let me know how long a session you would like to book for
  • Provide an idea of dates and times that you can commit to a session
  • Do not attach photos or any other files unless after speaking I ask you for anything myself

I will reply with hello…..yes those dates/times are possible and let’s have a chat on the phone and the best time to call is…..but if you can’t reach me straight away then please try again.  Please be aware NEW clients are required to pay a deposit & I will explain when we chat.

Good things come to those who wait (and plan ahead) and you will get the very best from your Mistress by showing your respect for her time and her booking procedures.

My booking system works for me and I see some really jolly nice people whom I connect with and that always makes for a great session.