On occasions I can take a same day appointment and will require a minimum 90 mins notice from the point of calling/email and the deposit being paid within 5 mins of contact/agreement.

My preference is a non refundable bank transfer deposit or an Amazon GC if agreed, let me know when you contact me which one.

If you have a live Adult Work profile with immaculate good feedback from current working ladies then contact me via AW so I can view you and may accept a booking form.

I know many of you get the urge and have limited availability to come out to play.

I will be dressed in an outfit suitable for the playtime, no specific complex outfit requests thank you.

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen

If you have lots of questions then please ONLY call Me via any of the following platforms, please read/accept call rates first:


Check out my Profile

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Taking Bookings now for this Double Domme playdate, book/deposit to have your playtime firmly in your grasp and in Our diaries!

One hour from £250

To book

Miss Kitty Bliss (@Miss_KittyBliss) / X (

Any questions or discussion then please call Mistress Helen via her Dommeline when showing available, otherwise just send the deposit first or a call cover fee of £20 for discussion.

Call rates are £2 a min & connection fee on Dommeline:

Mistress Helen Ryder | Dommeline

Or Nite Flirt, call rates apply
Call Button

Typed messaging via a WhatsApp package, message after sending with bank ref initials

West Sussex Mistress Helen Ryder (

Please do not use the Loyal Fans messaging platform to discuss real time meets as it is against the T.O.S on there.

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Miss Helen Ryder’s Official Social Fan Page | LoyalFans

Keep it kinky

Mistress Helen XX


Blog updated

Miss Helen Ryder’s Official Social Fan Page | LoyalFans

Hello peeps, well it has been rather a long time since I have blogged, naughty Mistress Helen Ryder!  I will spank my own bottom thank you 🙂

Rest assured I am well, working, still taking sessions and thoroughly enjoying them.  To be perfectly honest I lost my mojo writing blogs for a while, keep putting it off.  Many an evening whilst logged into phone chat I have had every intention of writing something but having a big fluffy blanket on my lap and a big warm cat on top isn’t really conducive to having a laptop on my lap and typing!  But the kitty is keeping me warm!

The stupid cost of living is hitting us all, how I would love to get the big boss’s of the energy suppliers over my bench and give them a darn good thrashing and make them pay £410 to me to cover my monthly gas/leccy outgoings!!  So on that note I have put a very small increase of £10/£20 on tributes and I was due a raise anyway.

I haven’t added to my clips4sale for a very long time, the law and clip sites keep moving the goal posts with what content is allowed to be posted.  Some Mistress’s seem to get away with posting quite extreme play and then others get shot down in flames.  I’m of the opinion that much of what happens in sessions can stay behind closed doors and I am not prepared to put myself way out there to then potentially bite myself on the derriere.

I do still upload some mini clips to my Adult Work private clip store so that you all have something to wet your appetites and see that I’m still VERY active and playing.

If you haven’t been to see me for a very long time then do book a session as just receiving a hello email isn’t really related or conductive in running this amazing business I’ve chosen to do.  I am answering emails to those who are actively seeking to book in for a brilliant play time.   CP Impact Play, Pegging, Bondage, EStim, Sissy Maids, Cross Dressers, Tie and Tease, Medical Role Play being just some of the interests that I have.  Do check the very comprehensive information within my website.

Over and out for now

Mistress Helen Ryder, West Sussex Dominatrix, Disciplinarian and Fetish Kinkster

Looking forward to seeing my regular players and newbies are most welcome to get in touch, a deposit will always be required within a TWO email exchange.

Keep your peepers peeled for an incoming blog later this week about one of the amazing sessions I’ve recently had the pleasure of 😉



Hi kinksters, subs/slaves, sissies and all

I flew back Monday evening and have been playing catch up on emails yesterday and had my lovely sissy maid Anna over to do some chores to ready the play rooms and house for the bookings ahead.

Some very good boys have sent deposits today, thank you for keeping it simple and giving this Mistress commitment and a busy diary ahead.

Sadly someone contacting me on Adult Work has proved to be a terrible time waster and has got himself on the blocked list! Congratulations and there he shall stay.  The only way to get unblocked is full payment upfront and then send an email to say it’s been paid.

Moving on as I find these silly negatives rather tiresome.

I had a lovely time away, added to my light tan and freckle collection too 🙂 I won’t bore you with holiday pics on here, as I did post lots on Twitter.

I have added sensual massage back to my repertoire of activities for those not wanting any form of BDSM, just looking for a sensual teasing massage with some added stress relief at the end.

Looking forward to the vast array of fun and games I offer to you lucky lot and the fantastic bookings already firmly booked in, thank you.

See you soon

Mistress/Ms Helen  xXx



Check out My Twitter feed for all advertised double domination dates and general news, this link is My ONLY Twitter, there have been several fakes recently, stealing My images and creating Twitter accounts to scam people, they have been reported numerous times but still exist!  Mistress Helen Ryder The Ultimate Sussex Mistress (@MsHelenRyder) / Twitter  The one and only!!!

I’m teaming up with my friend Mistress Amber in Gravesend Kent on Thursday 24th Feb 2022 we will be offering CP/All impact play, bondage, NT, sensory dep & many more BDSM Delights.  Pegging, medical play and HE is not available for this DD date, pop your enq into an email to apply.  StrictLeatherLadyAmber (@StrictLadyAmber) / Twitter

Thursday 24th March 2022 My friend Miss Kitty Bliss will be working with Me in Burgess Hill for a full BDSM experience to include pegging, medical play, CP, bondage, sissy make overs and much more!

The sooner you book and pay your deposit the more likely you are to get the time that works well for you, we are taking bookings now.  Sometimes there are places closer to the date so it’s always worth asking.  Miss Kitty Bliss (@Miss_KittyBliss) / Twitter



I’m always adding to My ever growing collection of kink and thought the grid wall was looking a bit cluttered and it was becoming hard to see where I had hung ALL My wonderful things up.  My lovely friend Joanna Armstrong came to stay Saturday night and whilst I was cooking a Sunday roast Jo was putting up hanging rails for Me and repositioning a mirror, everyone’s a winner 🙂

See pics, this is how the room looks when I’m not conducting a play session, as you can see it also doubles as a guest room for when one of My kink friendly mates visit or if a slave books an overnight and doesn’t want to be in the cage!  All the bedding/mattress comes off for sessions, leaving a wipeable leatherette surface to lie on.  All the atmospheric lighting goes on, curtains closed to keep the outside world away and help you get into subspace.  This is just one room I use for sessions, there is also a medical white room with lots more goodies and the parlour for domestic discipline.

New items are many to include impact play, shibari rope and enfettered aroma play and much more.  Best book a session!

A reminder as usual re new bookings, please send £20 cover charge for a call and email, this is adjusted off the final tribute.  If you’ve been before then send an email as I’m not often answering My phone since Covid came along (it increased TW’s tenfold) I’m only answering to arranged calls, thank you (for My sanity) I also conduct sessions from either Brighton Dungeon or Gatwick dungeon for those looking at a slightly larger commercial play space.  I do require 2 yo 3 days notice to book elsewhere, otherwise it’s 24hrs notice for new people to visit My own play space.

One of My long serving subs has bought a fantastic new toy!

It’s called the Slubb, it has very powerful vibrations, how long can you handle it?!  Book a session and find out!

Who doesn’t love a power tool!

Please note I am seeing both established regulars and new clients for play times with a risk assessment in a phone call and PPE in place. keeping Us safe whilst still having a lot of fun here.

I am a highly skilled multifaceted Domme with a wealth of experience, your boundaries are taken into consideration.  My Fetish interests are vast and listed on this site.  I excel in domestic discipline, EStim play, Pegging and much more.  I also love a good roleplay when it’s called for and certainly do not require or want a script.

I wish I could include photos of the beautiful needle art I did yesterday on the boi who bought this new toy.  I can show you when you attend.

Stay safe n kinky peeps, see some of you soon 😉

Mistress Helen XX



I have availability for the coming week Snap up a wonderful play time Medical roleplays CP from tappity tap to full on whack

EStim/Electrics Bondage/Restraints Sissy service & Maid Training and much more……

Send an email/arrange a chat

Deposit mandatory

Zany face


For the whole month of August the alternate massage will be £100 for an hour.

Book an alternate massage session as a change of play and a form of escapism. It can also be a gentle introduction to BDSM if you are new and a tad nervous!

A gorgeous feast for the senses!  Either tied with soft rope or silky scarves (or left unbound) whilst I tease, stroke and manipulate your body including some very light flogging and massage techniques etc.  We will sit and chat about what can be incorporated into your bespoke massage session and leave out anything that you do not wish to experience.

This will be very popular so book now