For those who are in vulnerable groups or simply wanting to give your immune system a boost to fight off infections the following can all assist.

Get enough sleep

Drink more water

Eat well

Take a multi vitamin and mineral supplement, note that smoking and alcohol rob you of Vitamin C, which we do not store

Use Immune boost essential oils, couple of drops on a tissue when out and about or use an aroma diffuser when at home or maybe at the office.  Lots of different styles to suit your decor. Put both into an Amazon/general internet search or email Me and I will give you the links

Good ESSENTIAL Oil brands available from Amazon : Absolute Aromas and Tisserand, some essential oils are toxic to pets (either use in a room away from them or stick to Lavender which is a safe one)

Take time to relax, unwind and de-stress.  Stress greatly effects Our immune systems.  A massage, walk in the country, some Yoga or visit your favourite Dominatrix :great de-stresser)

I am doing all the above (giving Domination though, not receiving haha) in My personal efforts to try stay healthy!  I am conducting real time and online sessions such as phone chats and web cam.

Stay safe and wash those hands more!

Mistress Helen X

P.S Click on the phone pic below to go straight to My Dommeline profile, if the pic/text is green I am logged in for calls and if red I’m logged out of calls.