I have a couple of rescue cats that I love dearly and one has just had vaccinations today and a health check and I’ve been informed that dental treatment is required under a general for a full scale/polish and maybe an extraction or two (poor puss)

Monetary donations for treatment would be greatly appreciated, either to Me or direct to My vets (email for info)

The other who just had a 12th birthday also had a 6 month health check up and has gone from 7kg in Dec, 6.3kg March and now 5.3kg so puss needs full blood screening to check for thyroid, heart disease etc in case puss has to go on meds.  It’s great that she has lost weight as she was overweight when I homed her but it’s a lot for a cat to lose in small time frame!  The insurance plan does not cover routine type treatments such as this.

UPDATE: I’ve just popped in to the vets to settle my small bill for today and both sets of treatment above will come to just under £700.  I’m booking the boy in for dental work for next month in order to get him on a course of Zylkene capsules first.  Please give generously.

Further Update: One is booked in for full blood tests 28th June, and other puss has operation booked for 23rd July (no sessions available that day)  Plenty of time to raise funds for July bill of approx £486.23 it could be more when the vet is able to fully examine his mouth but this is the goal I aim to raise.

Bank donations as per account details on My website, please ensure you put cat donation as a reference.  A phone call a day after you have done so or an email so that I can personally say thank you.

Thank you so much from Mistress Helen and the kitties XxX