The Lingerie Model & Lingerie Cross Dresser

Heading backstage to my private dressing room I couldn’t wait to crack open a bottle of bubby and have one of my slaves pop by for a nice relaxing foot massage.  I happen to be a mature lingerie model and Dominatrix.  Taking part in a catwalk show always leaves me elated with the pounding music, the cheers of adoration, the vibrancy and upbeat of the show etc it’s always so exciting.

On entering the room I was rather surprised to see Dennis one of the designers I had been modelling Retro lingerie for running his hands over a pile of satin and silky chemises, French knickers and fully fashioned stockings.  Designers sent me free samples all the time so it wasn’t unusual to come back to a pile of offerings after a show.

“Hello Dennis, I’m surprised to see you in here” he hadn’t heard me enter the room as he was so engrossed in what seemed lovingly and longingly touching the garments.

“Oh Helen you caught me by surprise I thought you would be at the after party in the models main changing rooms” Dennis looked rather flushed and slight perspiration was glistening on his face.

I decided to play a game and flung off my favourite Satin robe from What Katie Did over a chair and stand there hand on hips wearing a set of lingerie from Dennis’s new collection.  The sheerest black tulle net and pink lace with a matching thong with a wisp of fabric moulding around my hips and going up between firm round buttocks’.  A matching skirted suspender belt skimming over shapely hips and bra encasing my full breasts.  My pink pert nipples just peeping through the sheer fabric.

Dennis stood there perplexed and his bright blue eyes seemed to light with joy “Oh Helen, you are such a vision” He seemed to be speechless after making that statement.

“Dennis have you ever worn any of the garments you make or tried those styles over there? Waving my arm towards the pile.

“No Helen but I would love to” he looked down at my feet smiling as if not knowing what to do next.

Naturally I took the lead and walked towards him and leant forward gripping hold of his polo top pulled it off over his head “well you can’t try it all on wearing those” I undid the button on his trousers and slowly unzipped them licking my lips suggestively.

Easing on a retro style corselet and then fully fashioned dark grey stockings and a silky pair of French knickers Dennis looked a picture.  I had him stand in front of the full length mirror and lightly ran my hands all over the fabric and at the rapidly growing bulge in the very silky lace edged French knickers.

“Helen this all feels so good but I feel so naughty” Dennis said rather huskily and it was so obvious he was getting off on dressing up with me there.

“Well you are a naughty boy come here” I sat on the dressing rooms chaise lounge and patted my lap.

“Over my knee you naughty boy I think you need a good spanking” well it was a matter of seconds and he was over my lap and wriggling onto my thighs, stockings upon stockings rubbing and a very erect cock just between the tops of my thighs as I placed one leg over his and trapped him in place.

“awwww awwww I’m such a naughty boy, spank me harder Mistress Helen please”

Well I couldn’t possibly refuse, thrashing his buttocks in a flurry of hand spankings and my hairbrush close by I reached for it and used that too.  Bring down the brush a little harder each time and he wriggled harder and harder against my thighs.  Watching his orbs glow redder and hotter I ran my hand over his bottom teasingly.  Followed by a flurry of hard spankings.

“Dennis I can feel your cock humping my thighs you beastly boy, and it feels wet!  I bet there is pre cum rubbing against my silky stockings you filthy messy beast”

He rubbed and bucked harder as my spankings got harder and more persistent and suddenly he cried out with release pumping hot sticky cream into his panties.

“Oh Helen that was amazing” breathless he dropped to the floor and lay on his back.

Smiling and looking down on him I stood legs spread over his face “well I don’t think you have learnt your lesson yet boy” I lowered down onto his face so he would be breathing in my essence as I sipped Champagne and sent a text to my slave that I was ready and to bring along one of my girlfriend models on his way past the main dressing room and an extra bottle of bubbly.  I was felling rather mischievous and wanted to play some more.

Mmmmm yes bring my favourite friend Melissa to the party………………


To be continued………maybe………………………………