Edited blog for the most important info at the top!

I use on all surfaces a clinical ultra virucidul cleaner as standard practice. This cleaner is proven to kill Swine flu, HIV, hepatitis C, MRSA amongst other Virus’s

After every session I conduct here there is a deep clean in the play space along with light switches, handrail on the stairs, doorknobs, taps, all surfaces that could have been touched etc and the option to wear a mask for us both in session (although wearing a mask is not considered to be vital) I am taking My health and yours seriously.

I was on holiday in Thailand six weeks ago, staying at 2 beautiful beach/island locations before a short stay in Bangkok.  During My holiday I was screened by thermo scan approx 6/7 times at airports and shopping centres.  Despite mixed reviews on masks I did wear a mask when out in busy places such as metro, skyline, airport and shopping centre.  Every time I visited the loo I washed and then used alcohol gel on my hands, same after touching lift buttons, handrails etc.  I wore a mask on the 13 hour flight home, changing it a few times, the cabin was sprayed with disinfectant  with everyone on board (sprayed up into the aircon/cabin)

On entering the UK we were held back and then given clearance to disembark by health  authorities. I wore a mask and didn’t remove it until I was in the car.  Entering the UK I didn’t see a single bottle of hand sanitiser anywhere in the airport.  I carry it with Me everywhere and its hanging on My bag ready to use.

If you are booking in for a session or have booked ahead by a week or so and have paid a deposit, if as it gets closer to your session that you feel unwell with any symptoms of cough, temperature, sore throat then let Me know by email ASAP so that we can reschedule once you have been checked out and given the all clear.

You will give your hands a wash/alcohol them when you arrive.

Lets play safe and still have lots of fun, life is for living and not being locked up in a cupboard whilst the rest of the world does its thing.  So many people fall very ill to other types of flu, heart disease, surgery and road traffic accidents.

After each session I carry out a deep clean on ALL surfaces that could be touched such as light pull/switches, hand rails on stairs, door handles, taps, the bathroom sink/toilet etc.

I saw an amusing comment on the statistics of HIV and wearing a condom, so many people still want to have sex without one and there has been more deaths from that then the current virus!  Yet everyone is caught up with the scaremonger of the news and statistics of deaths far lower than the above.

Put things into perspective, be hygienic/wash your hands and carry on as normal!

Mistress Helen