Memorial Post for LSM

One of the best subs and brilliant friends a Mistress could ever wish for has sadly and very unexpectedly passed away recently.

He came to me in April 2016 as he had seen other Dommes previously and I won’t go into massive detail as it’s private as to why but we started doing sessions.  I wasn’t sure if he was enjoying himself as so new to me & we had a good chat after.  I said I liked to hear/see my subs moan/groan and to ensure he expressed himself as I could feed off that.

This seemed to flick a switch inside LSM and over time we had so much fun in the dungeon and became really good friends outside too.  He would come up with suggestions, buy pieces of equipment to use in sessions and birthday/Christmas he was always so very kind and generous.  We started doing little spoof Christmas clips, last year he was My Christmas Tree and the year before a Reindeer.  This year we were discussing what to do and had come up with an idea sadly to never happen.  He will be so greatly missed and was an absolute treasure.

His work was in an area that was very useful so I paid him for some of the bigger jobs/materials that needed to be done.  I would rather give My money to one of My own good qualified bois than a stranger!  He would also willingly lend a hand with odd jobs if required.

I will hold on to so many wonderful fun memories of him, he took part in a couple of the multi slave days on the farm and I know his fet mates will miss him too.

He was in a very happy and loving relationship with this BDSM element/interest missing, that he didn’t wish to impose on his partner for fear of upsetting her and breaking down the relationship.  He had the most utmost respect for his partner and son that to see a professional Mistress that would understand his privacy and respect his home life was the answer to a happy fulfilled life for him.  BDSM is often a big part of a person and it doesn’t go away, the itch needs to be scratched.  Seeing a professional lady is the best option as whilst it will always be a massive shock to the partner to ever possibly find out.  It isn’t an affair, there isn’t the intimacy of sex/kissing etc which would be far worse a shock and sense of any betrayal.

Sadly I won’t be able to attend his funeral and pay my respects to him.  I will remember him on his birthday and raise a toast to him.  I respect his partner and sons grief to not contact her unless she ever wants to get in touch with me in the future.  I thank her from my heart for getting in touch and telling me.  I know he loved them both dearly and was so very proud of his son.  My deepest condolences to his family and other friends.

RIP My dear boi, there isn’t enough superlatives in the world to describe what an amazing person you were.  I hope you’ve found beautiful Melody & Molly and they are curled on your lap purring.

I will carry your memory always, your spirit may visit when ever you wish and please send some good bois my way to get some of the treatments you enjoyed so much.  I won’t lie it’s going to be tough without you!  I can hear you saying don’t cry over me Mistress (but I have) pull your latex socks up and bash some bois.

I will my dear.

Your Dominant and good friend always XXX