Dear all

Well we are nearly there, almost another year under our kinky belts and what fun times it’s been 🙂 thank you so much to all the wonderful players who’ve graced My playroom or hired dungeons and had so much fun.

I am away between 23rd to 26th December inclusive and taking sessions from 27th December and up to 4pm on New Years Eve.  Then I am available from 2nd January 2023  I expect EVERYONE  to read My website & send a polite email with brief outline and dates/times in your first contact, lots of very silly messages this week by email with 2 liners and ditto text messaging, ALL of which I have not replied to for obvious reasons!  If your email is along the lines of My own interests and we are compatible I will ask you to send a deposit and follow up with a chat and get you booked in.  Failure to deposit will result in your details going onto the time wasters lists and life time ban.

Going forward for 2023 I very much welcome new clients as well as my wonderful existing base of couples, females and gents to return.  I will on occasions advertise double domme.  With regards to filming: laws constantly changing and the pain of keeping model release forms, Id and such like I have no set plans to start filming with anyone in the near future, watch my website for updates  for any changes.  I have been filming solo POV clips for AdultWork over the last year.

Lots of talk on Twitter about ladies working in the adult industry being booted off, this could potentially happen.  If it does then keep an eye on my blogs for recent pics/info and any links for any other social media.  If anyone spots my photos elsewhere on the net without a direct link to my website, mobile phone number as listed on this site or my Adult Work link then please let me know as my content does get stolen and when I started out I didn’t watermark images, then I started doing so and then not bothered again as it often spoils the look of a photo.  Always make sure the profile really is me!

Thank you for the kind generous players who have treated me through the year, with meals out, birthday and Christmas gifts and the friendships formed even though it is a paid exchange, dynamics grow, friendships form, sometimes it’s just one off sessions for those with a bucket list of Dommes or kink to do, that’s ok but I do prefer the ones who build a great rapport over time.


Every day I spend working doing what I love is like a visit to Wonderland, please keep this kinky Alice in wonderland.

Sending love, light and many pleasures your way

Mistress Helen xXx