I do love a good role play and have been seeing slave S for some time now that it’s always fun to add an extra twist to a session and keep him on his toes.

Well the session was arranged a week ago subject to the usual confirmation on the day, which was received first thing with a little note about reporting to the heads study for some private PE tuition instead of his usual detention!

I dressed in my slinky skirt and black satin Hawes and Curtis blouse with black hosiery, shiny patent heels, hot pink lipstick and my black framed specs (really looking the Headmistress) and greeted my pupil S.

In the role play he was stripping off for the PE lesson and I walked in to confront him whilst he was naked about the lewd disgusting notes I had found under his chair in the chemistry lab class between S and Robson.  Clearly the boys had been watching BDSM porn after the 50 Shades had sparked their interest.

S denied writing the notes and said he couldn’t read them as the writing was difficult, “filthy little liar” I said as I pulled him by his ear.  I read out the content of the little notes, watching his face go redder and see him splutter flimsy excuses.

“I know your hand writing S, and this is clearly you!  “Well I’m going to train and punish you today and maybe give you exactly what you crave, a good arse fucking” I instructed S to stand up straight, hands behind his back whilst I put on a pair of Nitrile gloves and trussed his cock up in bondage and smeared the Tiger Balm all around the head, blowing on it to activate it even more.  He started to squirm so on with the bondage rope and push him down onto the bed, instructing him to be on all fours with head down and arse up.  “Best I wipe this excess balm all into your filthy little hole” I pushed a finger into his puckered rosy hole and then followed by a generous squirt of lube I eased my finger in deeper.  “Filthy whore, you can take another finger” as I eased in a second finger and massaged his prostrate.

His grunts and squirming soon became noises of pleasure as he bucked and squirmed with my fingers fucking his hole.  Time for my Mistress cock, getting into my strap-on and popping a condom just into his mouth.  “Come on slut rubber my cock up and get it wet and ready for your filthy hole” He rolled the condom onto my cock with his mouth and was sucking on it like a pro, “looks like you’ve done that before boy” I wouldn’t be surprised if the head master has had to keep s behind after hours!?

Spreading lube on my cock up I slowly started to push the tip in, S pushed back onto it quickly gobbling up my big Mistress cock like a filthy whore.  Several good thrusts later and much teasing and easing my cock in and out I then pulled it out and told him to get on his back.

I tied him securely and said “Time to wire up that little worm cock” as I placed ElactraStim pads on his cock and balls.  Looking right into his eyes (I think mine were glinting very mischievously) I started to turn the power up.  “Miss looks so happy” exclaimed S as I turned it up some more “Yes I’m enjoying administering your punishment you naughty boy”

After I felt S had received enough I turned the controls down and removed the pads.  Donning a glove I got some “Liquid Silk” lube which looks like cum in a bottle.  I told him how I had a load of men wanking into bottles and cups to pour into this bottle and I was going to spread cum all over his cock and balls, he quivered in excitement at the dirty thought of it (but knowing he was safe in clean lube) I peeled off my hosiery and pinned him down sitting on his face with my full back black satin panties on.  Letting him have gasps of air before moving away and putting my hosiery just under his cock.  “wank that pathetic little worm cock, I want your cum all into mingled into the pile of stale cum” I told him as I squirted more liquid silk onto him.  A torrent of depraved filth was spoken as I told him what was in the bottle and how I had collected in, lewd and dirty filth that took him closer and closer to the edge, until I spoke the trigger phrase that set him over the edge.  Oh dear all over my hosiery, well he will have to take the item away and suck it clean!

Slave S looked very happy and sated from his session, a glass of water, plenty of wipes and clean up in the bathroom before I sent him on his merry way until next time…………….