Hello My lovelies, I expect lack of Fet and play sessions are becoming harder to deal with as time goes by, if I don’t get to whack or peg some bottoms I can be quite the wicked witch of the South East!

I do have to adhere to the lockdown so I am only offering online sessions via email, telephone chats, Whatsapp packages to chat or video call.  Custom clips only when the requests are possible as I’ve had some very odd requests recently.

I do have plenty of mini clips on Adult Work and Clips4Sale, your support in purchasing these is appreciated.

Mistress Helen Ryder (clips4sale.com)


Please only email if you are paying the initial  £20 fee to cover My time for email/Chat to discuss any aspects of future sessions or filming.

I won’t be replying to any new enqs on Adult Work as so many of you that I’ve never seen or heard from before are currently asking for sessions, even same day sessions.  This would be a £10K fine if I had you here and got reported!  If you want some chat chat then please do the above with a tribute  direct or actually use the AW or Dommeline platforms for chat when I am logged in.

Mistress Helen Ryder | Dommeline

Twitter seem to be having a purge on Mistress’s etc so I had locked My account for a while, whilst I worked on removing quite a lot of posts.  I’ve gone from over 18K posts down to 10K and did try and remove the whole history using a programme but it left 10K behind ??  I’ve also had to stop AW and Clips4Sale tweeting when I sell a clip or go online so My business is being hit hard from ALL angles.

Sadly if/when My Twitter is locked you won’t be able to retweet any of My posts at present, just like or comment on them.  If I am not following you back then you won’t be able to see anything on Twitter that I post!

Some of My chaps have sent emails offering to send funds, gift codes, deposit for future sessions and then not sent anything.  Please do not send empty offers.  I would rather not hear from you if you can’t afford to send or follow through with some commitment.  If you are finding lockdown hard and yet have full pay or your full pension then imagine just for one moment h0w emails of this nature don’t make me want to dance for joy!  It’s fine to not get in touch until I am open for business again if you have no intention or simply can not afford to pay for My time right now,

I am self employed and have received the SEISS grants at 80% and 70% of My last three years tax history.  However one tax year was lower than usual due to essential eye saving surgery from the stupid reckless accident caused by an utter idiot woman in the gym in Leeds when I was away working with the person.  It involved over a month off work, that around £3K of lost income!

I can’t wait for the day that I can open My dungeon/playroom doors and welcome you all back as well as meet some nice genuine new players.  I really want to build up My base of good loyal bois having lost some to old age, new partners or crossing over the bridge (RIP)

When you visit you will see that Mistress has been keeping herself very busy indeed with DIY and a rejiggle again in both playrooms, opening up the space for a better swing of My floggers/canes etc and for the other activities we All enjoy here 😉

Keep yourselves out of mischief but if you get the urge for some mischief then book Me for online/phone sessions.  I welcome your bookings XX

Bank info sort: 20-92-54 Acc: 70468665 Name Ms Rogers, Paying in ref your initials.

Over and out for now…

Mistress Helen xXx