To save any confusion with the newbs here are your instructions for contacting Me & booking a session.

I ask that ALL new clients pay £20 by bank transfer (bank info on the online domination page) or Amazon gift code to email of

Any first contact by phone or email will result in referring you to this £20 payment and no further discussion at all until I have received it.

When you pay in or send a voucher then send over a more detailed email with your likes/dislikes/ideas of what sort of session you would like to book, along with some flexi dates for Gatwick dungeon (from current till 17th May or Burgess Hill domestic play rooms from 17th May when it is legal to go into someone’s home.

  • Note Gatwick rates are more due to hiring the premises and on parr with other ladies who hire it.  I have included this on My website.

I will check payment in/voucher received and suggest some flexi times for you to give Me a call, we will have a nice chat in detail and book you in.  Secure play time with a deposit, the £20 payment then comes off your final tribute when you attend.

Just too many Covid 2020/2021 time wasters who have no real intention of booking and get some warped fun out of wasting time.

Paying £20 and being adjusted on the final tribute doesn’t then penalise the genuine people that do wish to book.

Genuine new clients/players have done their research and read a site through and know they’ve found a Mistress they wish to book. They do not require silly levels of spoon feeding basic information.

The genuine are welcome to get in touch.

Mistress Helen X