DIS Magazine

Merry Christmas 2017 to you all and thanks for all those lovely people who came to see me for sessions over the year and to the wonderful Mistress’s  I’ve worked alongside with for double dommes It’s been lots of fun!

I did take advantage of the Black Friday offers and purchased a few new gadgets for my dungeon, a variety of bits no bobs for EStim and ElectraStim with new cock plugs, helmet wrap and my favorite purchase being a ribbed electric cock (this gives amazing results and is a wonderful new toy for my ever growing collection) A few months back I got lots of new impact play items, canes, tawses etc.

My leather sleep sack hasn’t arrived yet, hope it will be here very soon.  But meanwhile I do have my floating suspension board for pallet wrapping you.  As well as leather straight jacket to keep you fully restrained.  UPDATE LEATHER SACK NOW HERE!!!!!!

I have availability next week and a little the week after, flying off somewhere sunny for a short break from 20th to 28th December.  Book in now before I go and I’m back in sessions from Saturday 30th December.

Much love to you all

Be good and if you can’t be good then come here and I will sort you out 😉

Mistress Helen XxX