NEW Suspension Bench, Cage, St Andrews Cross, Stocks and Floating Board










Sunday evening has been simply brilliant with the arrival of the marvellous Nigel and his assistant from with my new fantastic custom made piece of dungeon equipment.

Requests I have received over the last 2 years of owning my own premises and not having to hire others has been the following:

St Andrews Cross

Suspension Bench

Floating suspension and pallet wrap board

Luxury padded laying area (can be used for massage too)

A robust Cage

Set of Stocks, these fully adjustable

I now have a multipurpose gorgeous bespoke all singing/dancing piece of furniture that incorporates all mentioned!

The floating board, St Andrews Cross are fully removeable and Stocks adjustable for height.

I still have my wonderful bench for CP and pegging from the same supplier and my Gyno bench set up in my medical room.  Also my smother box for face sitting and watersports.

For those not into the dungeon scene the other domestic areas of the house are available for play with OTK spanking on my chaise sofa, the school desk for bending over and general maid training and domestic discipline.  A true bespoke establishment and experienced Mistress that is multi-faceted.

A nice hot shower and fresh fluffy towels along with all toiletries provided available on all appointments.

See you soon

Mistress Helen Ryder