New Equipment

I hope everyone’s keeping well and if you have got into mischief then do book your self in for some corrective therapy ASAP!  My area is in tier two, this means personal care places, retail etc are allowed to be open.

Come out to play safely again with Covid precautions in place.

I am taking solo sessions in My own premises as well as the double domination sessions mentioned below!

We have a treat in store for you! Double domination sessions with the amazing Lady Amber in Gravesend Kent & Burgess Hill West Sussex (just 20 mins from Gatwick)
The type off sessions are ALL impact play, bondage, extended bondage, leather worship, breath play, boot worship & foot worship, leather cross dressing. For anything not mentioned please include a polite request, pegging & venus2000/relief won’t be included in the doubles & we will be offering the style of play listed in Leather Lady Ambers site, so plenty of BDSM & kinky fun to enjoy.
Due to travel double domme dates will be advertised and pre bookings taken with deposits as well as possible booking being available on the day.
With a long booking enquiry and deposit security we can be available together with 48 hours notice.
Read and follow each of our booking procedures to apply, mine are hyper linked in sessions and tribute pages as well as on blog page.

One of My long serving subs has bought a fantastic new toy!

It’s called the Slubb, it has very powerful vibrations, how long can you handle it?!  Book a session and find out!

Who doesn’t love a power tool!

Please note I am seeing both established regulars and new clients for play times with a risk assessment in a phone call and PPE in place. keeping Us safe whilst still having a lot of fun here.

I am a highly skilled multifaceted Domme with a wealth of experience, your boundaries are taken into consideration.  My Fetish interests are vast and listed on this site.  I excel in domestic discipline, EStim play, Pegging and much more.  I also love a good roleplay when it’s called for and certainly do not require or want a script.

I wish I could include photos of the beautiful needle art I did yesterday on the boi who bought this new toy.  I can show you when you attend.

Stay safe n kinky peeps, see some of you soon 😉

Mistress Helen XX



I’m back from a fantastic holiday, after being up 23 hours and travelling I got home, stayed up for another 15 mins and went to bed!  Then up 5am as body clock wasn’t allowing any more sleep.

I spent yesterday catching up on admin, washed all the holiday clothing, collected my kitten from the cattery who gave her lots of cuddles and sat in her enclosure during the storm reading a book with her cuddling up under a fleece (bless them)  I did a food shop and then got back and tackled the dungeon room play space.

I do plan to redecorate in the near future as I fancy a change of colour, meanwhile I did a deep clean and moved the furniture around to free up central floor space.  This enables the vacbed to be used on the floor now and made the room feel more spacious and far easier to wield a whip/cane!  Oh I spoil you all!

Having spent the last 2 weeks in the company and being around some of the most loveliest polite, friendly, smiling people it came as a bit of a culture shock to be back in the UK with so many a misery gogs, I know the weather is foul, what I would really like to see is everyone making the effort to simply be nicer to each other!

I realise I was away over Valentines, if you have no one special in your life then don’t forget to show your Mistress how much she means to you and spoil her rotten 😉 it’s never too late!




NEW Suspension Bench, Cage, St Andrews Cross, Stocks and Floating Board










Sunday evening has been simply brilliant with the arrival of the marvellous Nigel and his assistant from with my new fantastic custom made piece of dungeon equipment.

Requests I have received over the last 2 years of owning my own premises and not having to hire others has been the following:

St Andrews Cross

Suspension Bench

Floating suspension and pallet wrap board

Luxury padded laying area (can be used for massage too)

A robust Cage

Set of Stocks, these fully adjustable

I now have a multipurpose gorgeous bespoke all singing/dancing piece of furniture that incorporates all mentioned!

The floating board, St Andrews Cross are fully removeable and Stocks adjustable for height.

I still have my wonderful bench for CP and pegging from the same supplier and my Gyno bench set up in my medical room.  Also my smother box for face sitting and watersports.

For those not into the dungeon scene the other domestic areas of the house are available for play with OTK spanking on my chaise sofa, the school desk for bending over and general maid training and domestic discipline.  A true bespoke establishment and experienced Mistress that is multi-faceted.

A nice hot shower and fresh fluffy towels along with all toiletries provided available on all appointments.

See you soon

Mistress Helen Ryder

Pegging, I’ve added to my collection of cocks and I’ve been having lots of fun taking many a cherry over the last few months as well as gently stretching and taking my existing clients in varied positions 😉  Ask me about my superb curved GSpot and another that has balls that jiggle inside.

Spanking, I’ve met some fun players over the last year and made many a bottom very rosy indeed.  My hands, hairbrush and all manner of impact play implements are at My disposal.

CP, always adding to my collection of toys and players so if you are thinking of booking then do get in touch.  I’m always on the look out for anything interesting to add to my collection and gifts are warmly welcomed.

EStim and ElectraStim New toys in my collection and those who haven’t tried it, well you really don’t know what you are missing out on!  The most delicious pulsing waves of pleasure (and pain if I crank up the level as desired)  await you.

General news:

I’m still on occasions working with my super mate Mistress Jane for double domme, this usually takes place in Berkshire at her well equipped premises.  On occasions when she visits me for a social, we do offer one appointment on the evening that she travels down to one of my reliable regulars.  Apply if you wish to be placed on the list to contact, or simply keep an eye on My Twitter feed.

I had a trip to Milton Keynes recently to visit my other fab friend Domina Sara aka The Medical Mistress who has the establishment The Practice.  I had the pleasure of a double domme on her subject “M” who was a very good patient into medical roleplay with a circumcision and castration fetish (we did of course leave him intact) so we can all play out this fantasy another day 😉  I had such a fun time and hope to go back again soon.

And finally I got to meet the man behind always great to put a face to the fantastic workmanship in these superb items.  Many a Twitter exchange and good natter on the phone over the years and I met the Murphy too, gorgeous boy 🙂

The FemDom Ball 2016, what a fantastic night that was!  I attended the event with my London Slave Rodda, who ensured I was collected from the station, wined and dined before setting off to the ball.  I met some lovely ladies and caught up with Twitter friends (always great to meet in person) Slave was a gracious host and ensured I was most comfortable up in The Tower overnight and served me very well the next day.

My hair colour, yes it has changed with warmer tones for the Autumn and Winter, I have many wigs too which on occasions I wear in a session.  So those missing the “Blonde Bombshell” look then no problem!

Update on appointments: I do work weekends and it’s best to book a few days ahead at least if this is the only opportunity that you have to come for a session.  If you do not wish to use online banking to pay your deposit then you will need to attend a bank in person to pay the deposit into my account.

Thank you all for a good fun filled few months and long may they continue!