Well here we are again!

My existing clients that wish to enquire about booking in, may email Me to sort out your future sessions.

I wish to say with heartfelt thanks  how much I have really appreciated the very special loyal clients that have continued supporting Me throughout this very tough year, it was great to see some of you when last lockdown was lifted.  Those who haven’t been able to fly over have sent tributes and we have shared stories throughout these strange times.  I am very generous with those who are loyal and that support Me.

ALL new enquiries will only have their emails replied to with either a £20 bank transfer payment or Amazon Gift code sent in the very first instance to My email of helen-ryder@hotmail.com  NOT to My phone, thank you.  If you send any attachments over at all without payment first and permission, you will be blocked!

This is simply to deter the high volume of time wasters that came along last lockdown.  The payment will cover a 10 min chat on the phone and when you do visit in the future I will take that payment off your tribute when you attend.

If however you have really enjoyed chatting and want to chat more then you will need to pay across for more calls or emails to cover My time.

Unless payment is sent then new emails will be ignored!


Bank info, is

sort 20-92-54

Account: 70468665

Name: Ms Rogers

Ref: consultation followed by your initials.  Then email AFTER sending

Meanwhile you can feast away on My mini clips through Adult Work or longer ones on Clips4Sale.

I will ONLY answer My work phone if you have pre paid for a chat or I am logged in to one of the phone chat platforms and you are calling Me through them.

So far since March 2020 SEVEN very flaky unreliable people have got themselves on the TW list and I will NOT be seeing them again.

I wish for My business and success to grow in a positive manner and one of My lovely chaps I refer to as Uncle Stewie said recently, not all business is good business, very wise words indeed!

Stay safe n kinky


Get in touch to book/pay any of the aforementioned.


Mistress Helen xXx