Today I made the decision to not answer my phone in future for a good while unless I am expecting a call from someone who has sent over a polite email introduction or it is a number I recognise from having seen that person before, be aware sometimes numbers are not saved on My work phone so if you are trying to get through and it keeps going to voicemail then pop over a short email with the last 4 digits or your full number so that I will answer if able to, or suggest a time to call.

Despite having written a very comprehensive informative website that covers every base possible I receive calls that will never come to any fruition and I am a great believer in elimination of stress  and not having to deal with toxic people,  ignoring My phone will be a great tonic to My continued success as a multi talented, very experienced and successful professional Mistress that isn’t willing to put up with the  bullshit!

No more silly questions such as today “do I smoke? No and that is covered on my don’t list.

“Do I still offer circumcision and castration fantasy?  also covered on My website!  BTW this is acting it out, going through the motions and using a safe but realistic tool but NOT to cause actual harm or removal, that would be illegal and downright stupid.

We have a saying in this game: There isn’t anyone quite like a time waster that isn’t gonna spend any money that asks a lot of questions.

Genuine new clients have spent time reading My website, they have researched Me thoroughly, they do not ring up asking pointless questions already covered.

Myself and many other Mistress’s roll our eyes when someone ask if they can just ask a question, usually followed by another question and another whilst that person’s other hand is usually wanking away.

I don’t provide free wank fodder at all, you want professional Mistress services then pay like all My other valued treasured good clients, whom I love coming along to play!

ALL My clients were new to Me once, they had the right attitude, the right approach, they emailed Me and we then had a lovely chat, they paid their deposit and came for their session and many continue to re-book time and time again.