For those who wish to session from afar you can either sign up to Adult Work or use Dommeline, where I have profiles.

However if it is more discreet for you to send Me a bank transfer or Amazon gift code to:

£20 min booking for 10 mins  then I will happily accept that.

My rates are £2 a min, with min of £20 chat if booking direct.  We can arrange a mutually convenient time to speak.

Payment must be sent from My one email reply, further emails asking questions such as “how does phone chat work” will be ignored and simply seen as a time waster tactic!  We arrange a mutually convenient time for you to call My mobile after you have paid.

Kinky chats, BDSM sessions or simply discussing a future session in more detail are welcome.

I am not currently offering cam sessions.

I also offer email correspondence, 3 email exchange at £35.00 extra emails are £10 each.

Payment to:

Ms S Rogers

Sort: 20-92-54

Account: 70468665

Ref of: Phone consult and your initials.  There are NO refunds.

EMAIL Me to arrange