Sending Christmas holiday wishes to all my wonderful players and followers

I’ve received a couple of emails asking for a session before Christmas, which I have replied to and can see it’s in my sent items so please ensure you check your spam folder!

I have limited availability from 14th December up to 6pm finish on 21st December inclusive.  Get your booking/deposit in quickly.  I do on occasions receive cancellations so it’s worth asking.

I have just come to the very last day of isolation (officially) but I am taking a couple of extra days to get back into the swing of going out and doing a mega deep clean of every surface as well as spray down and air out the atmosphere before anyone attends.  Yes I succumbed to getting Covid.  I went to Pedestal on 25th November and 5 days later I tested positive for Covid after feeling rough, the PCR drive in confirmed my thoughts and the isolation date started from that positive PCR date to 10th Dec.  So I am well out of any risk of infecting anyone else when I leave the house for the first time this coming weekend!  It’s been like heavy flu and total loss of smell/taste from day 3 and still something that’s not returned.  I’ve been told it may just come back or could take ages.  I am double vaxxed and was due a booked booster on 20th Dec, which will now have to be done in January.  I had a flu vaccination just a day before attending Pedestal so wonder if this lowered my bodies immunity to the dreaded C19.  Who knows…

If you wish to wear a mask in sessions again that’s fine by Me, also LF testing on the day and temperature check.  My temperature only raised to 36.6 during My Covid sweats!  I normally run at 36.2

I won’t be taking sessions from 22nd December to 26th December inclusive.

I will be available again from 27th December and up to 30th December

Unavailable 31st Dec to 2nd Jan 2022

Open for business 3rd January 2022

I may log into the phone chat platforms as and when able to so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks to all the wonderful players who came to visit over this last year, wishing you all the very best in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year.

Mistress Helen xXx