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Good day everyone

My birthday is 24th August, I’m popping down some ideas for those who would like to send a gift.

Bank transfer or cash in person to go towards some further ink to finish colouring my arm, see above Wishtender link (another way to send funds so I can purchase)

All Saints clothing vouchers

Amazon gift codes

I am working on my birthday so any gent who books a playtime and then wishes to whisk me out for a birthday lunch or an evening meal is most welcome to treat me and it will not incur an extra social fee on this occasion!

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen

Phone Chats available every day on Dommeline, Adult Work and Nite Flirt for all manner of kinks:

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On occasions I can take a same day appointment and will require a minimum 90 mins notice from the point of calling/email and the deposit being paid within 5 mins of contact/agreement.

My preference is a non refundable bank transfer deposit or an Amazon GC if agreed, let me know when you contact me which one.

If you have a live Adult Work profile with immaculate good feedback from current working ladies then contact me via AW so I can view you and may accept a booking form.

I know many of you get the urge and have limited availability to come out to play.

I will be dressed in an outfit suitable for the playtime, no specific complex outfit requests thank you.

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen

If you have lots of questions then please ONLY call Me via any of the following platforms, please read/accept call rates first:


Check out my Profile

Call Button

Sending Christmas holiday wishes to all my wonderful players and followers

I’ve received a couple of emails asking for a session before Christmas, which I have replied to and can see it’s in my sent items so please ensure you check your spam folder!

I have limited availability from 14th December up to 6pm finish on 21st December inclusive.  Get your booking/deposit in quickly.  I do on occasions receive cancellations so it’s worth asking.

I have just come to the very last day of isolation (officially) but I am taking a couple of extra days to get back into the swing of going out and doing a mega deep clean of every surface as well as spray down and air out the atmosphere before anyone attends.  Yes I succumbed to getting Covid.  I went to Pedestal on 25th November and 5 days later I tested positive for Covid after feeling rough, the PCR drive in confirmed my thoughts and the isolation date started from that positive PCR date to 10th Dec.  So I am well out of any risk of infecting anyone else when I leave the house for the first time this coming weekend!  It’s been like heavy flu and total loss of smell/taste from day 3 and still something that’s not returned.  I’ve been told it may just come back or could take ages.  I am double vaxxed and was due a booked booster on 20th Dec, which will now have to be done in January.  I had a flu vaccination just a day before attending Pedestal so wonder if this lowered my bodies immunity to the dreaded C19.  Who knows…

If you wish to wear a mask in sessions again that’s fine by Me, also LF testing on the day and temperature check.  My temperature only raised to 36.6 during My Covid sweats!  I normally run at 36.2

I won’t be taking sessions from 22nd December to 26th December inclusive.

I will be available again from 27th December and up to 30th December

Unavailable 31st Dec to 2nd Jan 2022

Open for business 3rd January 2022

I may log into the phone chat platforms as and when able to so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks to all the wonderful players who came to visit over this last year, wishing you all the very best in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year.

Mistress Helen xXx

One of My long serving subs has bought a fantastic new toy!

It’s called the Slubb, it has very powerful vibrations, how long can you handle it?!  Book a session and find out!

Who doesn’t love a power tool!

Please note I am seeing both established regulars and new clients for play times with a risk assessment in a phone call and PPE in place. keeping Us safe whilst still having a lot of fun here.

I am a highly skilled multifaceted Domme with a wealth of experience, your boundaries are taken into consideration.  My Fetish interests are vast and listed on this site.  I excel in domestic discipline, EStim play, Pegging and much more.  I also love a good roleplay when it’s called for and certainly do not require or want a script.

I wish I could include photos of the beautiful needle art I did yesterday on the boi who bought this new toy.  I can show you when you attend.

Stay safe n kinky peeps, see some of you soon 😉

Mistress Helen XX



Ladies and Gentleman  that enjoy CP/Impact play only! (NO other thrills/frills included)

One hour £120

90 mins £150

This rate is purely for enthusiasts of spanking. flogging, cropping, whipping, paddles, hairbrush, tawse, slipper and the cane, no other activity included, sorry no cross dressers that wish to borrow my clothing as this bumps up cleaning/costs, you may bring along your own if you wish.

Straight up spanking fun or incorporated into a roleplay, the wicked step mother, aunt, head teacher, nanny, school bully/prefect or strict demanding boss!

Book your CP now!



In the first instance please write an email to Me, keep it to 2/3 paragraphs max, include the following, your age, any medical conditions, any allergies or past trauma that might affect a session.  Include a very brief synopsis of the type of play.  Any emails that are overtly rude/crude/multiple paragraphs are deleted.

Include the dates/times you can commit within My timings on My website.  Include your mobile number in full or last four digits and I will reply with suggested times to call for a brief chat.  Please also send £20 phone call payment, which comes off the final tribute balance if/when you attend.

Ensure you have read the blog Back to Work Plans regarding Covid19 and about paying a deposit, which is linked on the tribute page.

Pay either the bank transfer deposit (preferred) or Amazon gift code sent to My Mistress email (once I’ve agreed this and the amount)

When you have your play time booked in and deposit securing it we can then chat at greater length if desired and look forward to the time set aside in My diary of deviant delights.

Note: I usually only answer My phone when expecting a call, if I answer without your intro email in place I will not be answering questions and will ask you to email with the requested information above.

ALL New clients to book 24 hours ahead, NO exceptions!  In My area today, you knew this yesterday or further back!  Plan your kink and respect My time.

Existing clients may book a same day play time, with minimum of TWO hours notices from having spoken/agreed.

Example email

Dear Mistress Helen  NOT helen, babe, goddess etc

I’m looking to book a session later this week and from 4pm would be best on the following days…..

I’m fit & well, no allergies double jabbed OR I have asthma, allergic to…

I’m new/experienced and I’m interested in the following: CP light/Moderate/Hard can/can’t be marked, pegging/anal play, medical fetish etc…

Best wishes

Name you wish to use




I have just had the most delightful hour and a bit with a super new spankee who will be coming for play times when we can get back to the hands on really fun side of the business.

Social rates for a cuppa and a good chat in My garden are available from today as per guidelines https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do

It’s a great way to stay in touch, share stories and plot and plan the near future sessions and filming slaves.  Also a super way to continue to support Me as well as spending time together.

The fee is £80 and provided you book for a real time session within 3 months £20 will come off your session tribute.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Mistress Helen xXx


I am planning to see selected clients from Monday 29th June.  Please contact Me via email in the first instance to discuss a date to session.

There will be a few restricted activities (see rest of blog) however with my vast repertoire of interests there will still be plenty of fun and excitement to be enjoyed.  I have an air purifier in My play space too!


  •  I will only be conducting SOLO sessions in My OWN premises.  I will only offer 2 sessions per day to allow for cleaning and airing of premises.  I expect to actually only have ONE visitor a day to start with so may be a bit more flexi on timings.


  • The appointment time will be from 10am, this ensures I have the morning to sanitise ALL areas before you visit and am set up to receive you.


  • We both need to be presenting as fit and healthy on the day, your payment paid 24 hours ahead by bank transfer and cash ONLY in exceptional circumstances!  I do not give refunds.  If you need to cancel at really short notice with a genuine reason then we simply reschedule for ONE  new date/time.  Money will only be rolled to one new date.


  • On arrival, you will either be wearing your own mask (clean/fresh/new) I will give you a thermo scan contactless temp check and offer you a fresh mask if required.
  • Certain activities will be unavailable, such as: Spitting, full face sissy make-up application other activities omitted are: face sitting, birdy feeding.   Think and be sensible about what interests we include in your play times.  There isn’t a way to administer poppers with Us wearing masks!  Some have asked for poppers to be dabbed on the mask but this is not possible as will prevent mask from doing it’s job AND I will be exposed to them. 
  • Vanilla massages will only be offered at one hour £120 to cover extra PPE/Cleaning

At the end of your session, you can have a few moments to adjust with a glass of water or socially distant cuppa.

  • I will carry out a very deep clean after washing everything down with hot soapy water with hospital grade cleaners such as Selgiene Ultra & Varsen, Barbicide and the like.  Towels will be washed in Dettol laundry care and detergent on a high temperature.  Everything from light switches, taps, hand rails as well as kit used in the session will all be completely sanitised.  Lower footfall here and less risk than attending the pub/supermarket etc.

These rules above are not for breaking I will only be seeing those who respect this, thank you.

Stay safe n kinky
Mistress Helen xXx

I am available right up to 31st January and then I am jetting off on holiday somewhere hot and tropical 🙂

On My return I will take a couple of days to recover from travel and be offering play times from 18th Feb

During the above dates My work phone will be left in the UK and emails will be replied to if/when I am able to or on My return on 16th/17th Feb.

If you have been lurking in the shadows wanting to come and play then do so ASAP! It’s best to book a play time into My book of fun before I go away!

For those that attend regularly, you will know that I add all sorts of kinky toys back into My playrooms and this year I would love to add some more London Tanners implements to My collection.  I also want to purchase some more hardcore steel CBT equipment with internal spikes and suchlike.  All the more to make My bois squirm 😉 If you happen to see a new shiny that you think you would enjoy and would like to gift to Me then bring it along with you!

I want! https://www.thelondontanners.com/shop/french-martinet/

and a few others too, CP strap Lochgelly Tawse etc, email to ask Me.

I am planning to do some photo shoots to give My website an overhaul with up to date images on the homepage and scrolling bar, watch this space over the coming months.

For those who wish to continue to support Me financially whilst I’m away and not making money here is the bank info: Sort: 20-92-54 Account number:  70468665, Name: Ms Rogers, paying in ref: Holiday fund.

Don’t forget I have a profile on Adult Work, My private gallery and mini clips have plenty to see so do go along and check them out!  https://www.adultwork.com/1248241

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen




It’s been a fantastic whirlwind months of sessions, socialising, double domme with My amazing bestie Miss Kitty Bliss, we had such a scream with our boi and gurl toys together and carried out quite a sissy make over on our evening booking, who travelled over from Ireland, landing at Gatwick and getting the train to Burgess Hill (easy journey he says) he is also a repeat visitor.  i have a few chaps who travel from abroad for sessions, yet over the years EVERY enq from Chichester West Sussex has rang asking questions and then states Burgess Hill is too far! Laughing My head off!

Other news: I’ve also been settling in a new kitten (whom has recently broken her leg) will come back to this!

Attending the Femdom Ball 2019 with My collared maid and slave, modelling for the fabulous House of Harlot and finally looking at the pics and saving them to post here for you all to enjoy.  This event is something I greatly look forward to each year, meeting up with Mistress friends and meeting other ladies from afar.

I am very fortunate to have My own fully equipped premises at home, this enables Me to offer sessions at rates the average person can afford.  The ambiance here is amazing and every possible luxury is included, My premises are not a vast giant dungeon space, hence My fees reflect this and it’s not to undercut anyone else  Obviously if I were hiring dungeons then My fees would also reflect hire charges and travel. I can at certain times of the year also put on little offers like any other business.  It doesn’t devalue My status as a Professional Dominatrix and I do it to suit Me.

If all is well I will be away in Yorkshire for a few days from 23rd to 26th December and then back here, this depends on My little lady and the care she will require ongoing until her leg mends.

Back to working from home/kitten, so My eyes were off her for 10 mins and I walked in to find her with her leg at a raised angle and crying, thankful to have Miss Kitty Bliss with Me that day so emergency dash to vets and she was examined, kept in for observation and pain relief.  They wanted to X-ray but had to schedule her for the next day as had other even more serious emergency surgery in.  A very sleepless night and the next morning I took her for X-rays, diagnosed with a broken Femur right near her growth plate that it would require pinning by a specialist orthopaedic surgeon in Hove the very next day.

My little kitty has had her op and will have to have another to remove the pins as otherwise it will effect her growth (poor sweetheart) now thankfully being a responsible pet mummy I have her on the Vets VIP plan as well as insured so a lot of the expense will be reimbursed in a few weeks.  The excess on the policy is about £150 and also 20% of ALL treatment.  I’ve also had to purchase dog crates and others bits and bobs to aid her recovery.  So far it’s totted up to just under £3K with the vets and bits n bobs around £120.  She also has to have physio appointments at £75 a pop in Worthing, so more expense, fuel/travel/time. The excess/fees will still be in the hundreds.

The reason I’m stating the above is that it’s still a massive dent to the pocket, rather than any perfume/Gin/gift presents I would be so appreciative of donations to her surgery and ongoing physiotherapy.   Thank you in advance to those who would love to help support a good cause.  I think it’s far more important than some others wanting silly loub shoes, furs (fur belongs on the animal) jewels, handbags etc  I am often asked how you can support Me and show appreciation for the wonderful play I provide, so this is it.

Also if you have been thinking of booking in for play, don’t wait! I am available for session in real time and phone chats and you can support Me with purchases of mini movie clips and photos from My Adult Work profile too.  If you just wish to donate then please email Me for My bank account info. https://www.adultwork.com/1248241

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I’m sure I will be blogging again in a week or two with updates.

Check out My Twitter for all latest updates and news on a daily/weekly basis https://twitter.com/MsHelenRyder

Kinky wishes

Mistress Helen Ryder