This role play idea is from slave m which was played out today in a session (lots of fun for me and I know he enjoyed it too)

In Fantasyland Elite Ladies are entitled to a slave. Boys from “worker” families are taken away in their late teens and sent to a Training Facility.  Here they are toughened up for a life which will be harsh and probably short. Very few reach old age. When provided to a Lady Mistress they serve naked, owe her complete instantaneous obedience and suffer if they displease her, or even just for her amusement!
M was unique. Very luckily for him he was sent to a Lady who defied the system. He was well fed, fully dressed, made conversation at will and never-yes never- punished. He spent a life time in her service until now. She has passed away. Her wish that he should be released is denied. There is a waiting list.
He is now sent to Mistress Helen Ryder as a replacement slave and she is not pleased to be allocated this old man. There is a shortage.  So take him or wait longer. His history with a completely lenient mistress does not please her. Mistress Helen decides to accept the challenge. She will make him serve as a slave, and to the high standards that she requires. He must try to remember things he learnt at the Training school but that was a long time ago.

The session begins as he is delivered to Mistress Helen.

Come in boy, or “old man” I should say and you’re late!  Mistress Helen slaps slave m across the face.

Slave m stutters and stammers excuses for being late, Mistress Helen hisses “be quiet slave, I’m not interested in your poor excuse, you will speak when I give you permission or if you ask to speak I might grant it”

Slave m went very quiet, “well get in then slave, shoes off in the hall and strip off in here” Mistress Helen indicted the lounge “fold those clothes neatly and pop them in that corner” Mistress Helen walked around slave m watching him strip off, she had a riding crop in her hand which every so often she bought down on slave m’s rump to spur him on!

“Hurry up slave, don’t take all day about it”

“Now that you are naked slave, stand up straight! Don’t slouch boy”

Slave m was short in statue and quite hunched over at age 83!

“Kneel on the floor slave whilst I fit your only means of accessories, leather wrist cuffs and a leather collar” Mistress Helen made sure the collar was a snug fit around his neck!  “Now stand up straight, hands on your head”

He looked a little shocked to be ordered about so much within minutes of being in Mistress Helens presence, “Stand up straight whilst I read this little card the slave control centre have sent along with your little dowry further to the deposit I received”

Mistress Helen laughed as she read the note which actually offered sympathy for being the only slave available.

“slave m, think back to your days of training long ago as to how you present yourself and greet your Mistress”

Slave m gave a blank stare and started making excuses that he couldn’t really remember.

“Down on the floor on your belly and crawl to me, when you reach my boots kiss them.  Slither over like a snake or wriggle like a worm over to me” Mistress Helen deliberately took a few steps back.

With much enthusiasm as slave could muster he made it to Mistress’s boots.  “Too slow slave” Mistress Helen raised the riding crop and bought it down on his rump several times.

She explained to slave how she would be greeted in future and what was expected including the correct way to make her Tea and providing drinking water in a bowl on the floor for slave.

“Time for some domestic chores, there are boots to clean” Mistress Helen indicated a pile of boots on the floor along with boot polish and cleaning rags and clothes.  Slave was instructed to select one pair to clean which happened to be the highest heels with shiny patent leather.  She suspected he would choose those.  After some boot cleaning along with the ones she wore, which slave had to use his tongue on Ms Helen announced it was time to play a fun game and simple test of balance and skill.  Slave was instructed to stand very still with his hands on his head with a 50p coin balanced with his nose on the door frame and if it was not held perfectly in place or fell to the floor he would be taken upstairs for 6 strikes of the cane and whatever else she felt like doing.  Needless to say despite slaves efforts he failed the test and the coin was not flat to the frame but sticking over it.

“Stop, hand me the coin and kneel” Ms Helen used the riding crop again, some pretty marks were starting to appear on slaves rump.

“Crawl to the bottom of the stairs slave, you may then stand and walk up them to the punishment room”

Slave M walked slowly up the stairs with Mistress Helen encouraging him with the riding crop, he entered the room and his eyes took in all the canes, crops and other implements that his new Mistress had close to a bench in the room.

“Kneel up on that bench slave” Ms Helen secured rope through the leather cuffs and tied him securely to the bench.  “Open wide slave” she said as placing a large ball gag in his mouth.

It was punishment time and Ms Helen used her bare hands, floggers, crops and finally the cane over slave’s very hot pink striped and welted buttocks.  Ms Helen smiled taking in her handy work as she smoothed her hand over slave’s tender rump and then raking her nails down the hot flesh.

Ms Helen untied slave m and instructed him to get up onto the bed in the room, he was instructed to lie on his stomach and then hog tied and left for a while.  He strained against the ropes feeling his limbs stretched behind him.

Mistress Helen told him to wriggle onto his side thus presenting his buttocks easily and Ms Helen took full advantage of the position in spanking slave some more.

“Get back on to your stomach slave in your first position” Ms Helen then untied slave and instructed him to turn over onto his back and lie across the bed.  She retied the ropes so that he was stretched out and tied down and clearly could not go anywhere!

Ms Helen plugged a device into the wall socket and slipped a condom over the top of it, slave was beginning to question what on earth she was now going to do to him!

He was really missing his easy going Mistress (more of a companion really) but this new Mistress also excited him in ways he had not felt for many years.  He liked her shapely form and long legs and was starting to feel rather pleased he had not been granted retirement.

Mistress Helen eased up her tight skirt exposing her stocking tops and pushed both of his legs together and then climbed up on the bed and sat across his legs.  She smiled wickedly with her face just above his and said “slave it’s time for your final test today, let’s see how long you can last with my vibration wand on that sleeping slug of yours”

Ms Helen snapped on a glove and squirted lube onto slave’s cock and eased the vibration wand along the length of it watching with amusement as it grew harder with every teasing stroke.  Every so often her hand would grip it and squeeze and finally she gripped it in one hand with holding the wand over the tip and moved it up and down, slave m couldn’t last any longer and gave a cry out as he released himself all over his stomach.

Mistress Helen turned the wand off and undid the ropes “Well slave that’s all for right now, time for Tea!”

Until next time……………………………