Good day kinksters subs/slaves and all

My website banner in top right hand corner states NO TEXT MESSAGES REPLIED TO! and yet I still receive text messages.

The main reason I won’t engage a conversation through text is that it may not be an actual adult on the other end.

It is important that an introduction email and a brief phone call to find out what somebody is like in order to progress to a session.  A lot can be said for a friendly polite conversation, I can tell if I want to session with someone that they sound nice and the potential client if they like the sound of the Mistress.  It’s a two way exchange.

Mainly TW’s send text messages, looking for some form of wank fodder and any engagement will have one of their hands busy the other end.

Prime examples of silly texts are:

“Is that Mistress Helen”  well the number is on the site so simply call Me

“Can I call” Simply call until you reach Me

“I’m in a meeting and can’t talk, can we set up a session” Well ring when you are NOT in a meeting, surely you should be paying attention to THAT meeting!

“I can’t read or write” Yet you can send a text, hmmmmmmmmm that’s rather suspicious & surely you would not understand a reply.

“want book tomo” “wan strapon now” and anything else inane gets immediately blocked.

“How far are you from Dorking” Use Google maps or AA route planner and put your location in and destination as advertised on my site if you have bothered to read it of course.

There are many more examples I could give but I really have better things to do with My time, so over and out and hope some of the gorgeous lovely fun playmates clients that I do see found this blog amusing.  The others I know your game!

Best regards

Mistress Helen X