2pm sharp the phone rang “Hello Mistress Helen it’s slave Lenny I’m parked up as instructed”

Mistress Helen looked out across the road and saw the car as described and gave the house number and instructions to come straight across.

“Hello Mistress Helen, it’s great to meet you at last”

“Jolly good to meet you slave now come and follow me up to my special room”

Mistress Helen led the way and slave followed taking in MH’s lush curves, shapely bottom and long legs catching a peek of her stocking tops as she walked up the stairs.

Slave handed over the remainder of the tribute due with nervous excitement.

Mistress Helen walked around slowly instructing slave to strip.

“Mmmmmm slave lenny, you do look rather familiar and we have already met previously I believe”

Standing naked in the room slave gazed down at his erect cock, he was nervous about where Mistress recognised him from and it led to his excitement wondering what would happen next.

“How is Amy? Mistress asked giving slaves erect cock a little slap with her crop.

“Oh fuck!  You won’t tell her I’m here will you?

“Well that depends on how much you entertain me today slave” Mistress grinned mischievously and walked out of the room returning with a large box.

Mistress Helen produced stockings, a very frilly pink and black suspender belt skirt, a bra with false breasts and a tight wiggle dress.

“First of all this clitty cock needs to be kept under My control” a sissy pink gingham ribbon was tied around slaves balls and criss crossed over and around his throbbing cock (it felt rather good) and on went the stockings and very frilly suspender belt, bra and then the dress.

“Look how pathetic you are in that mirror”

Slave walked over and gasped as Mistress laughed at him.

“I have news for you, I used to work with Amy and had many a conversation about how you simply don’t satisfy her with that thing!  I hear you only last about three minutes and as much as she loves her home life and generous income from your joint jobs, she is bored sexually and we have been chatting about cuckolding”

“She hasn’t told you that surely” spluttered slave Lenny

Mistress Helen told SL all about the intimate chats between her and Amy and that being as slaves little 3 minute egg timer would never satisfy her that Helen would be simply helping her friend Amy by training slave up to be a useful entertaining cuckold husband.

Amy worked for an international company and it often involved working away and with her new very good looking boss David who Mistress Helen had recognised from some of the fetish parties she had attended.  She knew David to be a very accomplished dominant and knew him to be into the cuckold lifestyle.  She would encourage her friend to enjoy those trips away whilst lenny kept the house clean and tidy for her arrival home.  He would be hand washing her sticky lingerie on her return.

Mistress Helen strapped into her harness and placed a decent sized cock in it. “Get those cock sucking lips around this slave”

And so began slave lenny’s training as for the next couple of hours he was made to entertain Mistress Helen with stripper style dancing, made to confess his failings as a lover and how he would write a letter to his wife pouring out his failings and how much he loved her and wanted them to have a happy marriage and his wife a fulfilling sex life with David.  He would be waiting on their every need, being fluffer and cleaning up as and when required.

His training consisted off lots of cock sucking, then having his own anal cherry taken over the bench so that he could be a true bitch.  Shoe cleaning and shoe worship progressing on to bare feet which Mistress Helen had deliberately made as sweaty as possible, instructing slave to get his tongue between every toe and lick them clean.  It was only when he was totally exhausted and totally compliant and ready to write the letter to Amy that Mistress Helen made him kneel on the floor and wank his little cock and make him spurt all over the floor.  His face was pushed down into it and he knew what was expected of him.

“That’s right slave from now on you will be on clean up duties, you will be put into chastity in time and only given permission to cum when it suits either me or Amy.  Now get practising and lick that mess off the floor”

Slave licked the floor clean and then had to wash it by hand too, Mistress Helen threw his clothes at him and told him he was dismissed until another time…

Mistress Helen provides training and role plays in person for sissy cuckold husbands with strapon training, sissy make overs and for those not brave enough to attend in person or wanting long distance training there are websites out there such as this one https://www.sissify.com/sissy-training-assignments/  I can not personally vouch for the site so do your homework!


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